Barefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

DRESS: Revolve Clothing / SHOES: Chucks / SUNGLASSES: Gentle Monster / PURSE: Chloé / LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Velvet Teddy’

You guys I finally got my hair done and I feel like a whole new woman! That is by far the longest I have ever gone not getting it done. I get so nervous to try new people. And while we are on the subject of hair can I just say how Hawaii has changed my hair routine sooo much?! I felt like NY was actually more humid than here and my hair was fine in New York but here? Nah. I feel like if I don’t wash it every few days it is just greasy and usually I can go at least a solid 5 days! And my curls go flat by the time I walk out the door. I have started pinning them up to set until we get to our destination which has helped them stay soo much longer. If you follow me on snap then you saw me with my curls pinned up so that is what I am talking about 😉

I love chucks so much and especially with dresses. When we came out here I brought a handful of shoes. I left all of my designer shoes and all of the fancy ones and just brought casual sneakers, flats, and sandals. I really really love getting dressed up in heels and nice outfits but its for sure not practical for me. So I have loved pairing casual shoes with my nicer dresses (or just going barefoot) and then I get best of both worlds – I feel dressed up but I can still chase the littles.

After we shot this look I went into Arvo Cafe to get their delicious avocado toast and behind the counter is a woman holding her baby. No big deal! There were three women nursing babies while eating with friends and when I walked outside there were more women with babies on their hip! It was like baby central and made me think how much I love seeing moms and babies! And all the time we see moms carrying surf boards in one arm and a baby in the other. Or biking down the street with 2 kids on their bike and kids are naked and mom is in a swimsuit. I just love seeing mamas everywhere! Especially mamas enjoying their lil babes and themselves.

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  1. I work at a fitness studio inside this building!! Did you meet the owner Dixie and her baby Rosie at Arvo?! They’re amazin

  2. The hair looks great, but I also love that you took pictures at a mural! I used to live in Hawaii and I was hoping you’d shoot with some of the beautiful murals. They’re perfect for your pictures.

  3. I love this look! The mural and the dress and your amazing hair — it all works so beautifully together!


  4. I love this style and I think the chucks with dresses is a perfect way to dress down an outfit! Love it Amber!!

    insta: @rubydraayer

  5. Love this wall, Amber! You’re an inspiration. Can’t wait to see more from Hawaii. How is the house coming? waiting for another house vlog….

  6. Love this outfit and pretty wall you shot at! Your hair looks so perfect! I love how laid back Hawaii is, it seems perfect for you 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark

  7. I am curious, how did you manage to go 5 days without washing your hair in NYC? I would love to wash my hair less and I have hair similar to yours (or at least what I imagine yours might be like according to your pictures. Long, blonde, easy to style, nether thin nor too thick). I can SOMETIMES go 1 day without washing it if I’m lucky but it gets so greasy and dark if I don’t wash it. I live in Madrid which is pretty dry, so I thought I’d be able to go longer without it getting greasy but nope! Could you do a post on how to go longer without washing your hair?

  8. You look gorgeous! Can i just say, your beauty is literally heart-stopping 😉 and you’re so cute and sweet as well. Love all your posts!

  9. Amber you look great! Have you tried the shoreline chucks slip ons? They look pretty much the same and are so convenient and cute!

  10. Your hair looks so great! I love this outfit – especially the bag!
    xxxxx Isobel

  11. Welcome to Hawaiian life! I think it’s funny a year ago I saw your pics Preagned in Paris and I started following you (which I never do if I don’t know the people) and now you are living in Hawaii , like me. You are so pretty and so down to earth that it’s fun to follow you and read your post, keep it that way. Hope to see you around, xoxo Nikki

  12. Life sounds pretty perfect for all those Hawaiian moms! You look gorgeous as always, love the Chloe bag!!

  13. Wow all the relaxed mama-baby relationships sound like a dream! You look super cute! Casual shoes are a must for chasing little ones. Thanks for leading the way in being a stylish + practical mom ! xo Holly

  14. I love sneakers and dresses together, but never feel like I can pull off the look. I’m always jealous of people who can 🙂 Have you seen the movie Endless Love? You totally remind me of that girl in this outfit. And yes, mamas and their babies are the sweetest!

  15. You hair looks AMAZING. I’m so happy you love it too! I just got mine done over the weekend and I feel so much better 😉 Chucks and dresses is just the best combo! Aww beachy babes and moms! When I go on vacation I love seeing that – wish I saw it everyday!


  16. I totally noticed all the mamas with their babies when we were in Hawaii!!! It was so cute! I was 7 month pregnant and all these mamas were asking me what kind of birth I was going to have, if I was going to breastfeed… everything was just out in the open! haha I loved it though. Such a great environment to raise kiddos <3

    Gorgeous pictures, by the way! You're such a pretty mama <3

  17. I’ll have to try pinning my curls to set because mine ALWAYS fall as soon as I step outside. Thanks for the tip girl!

    xx Jenny | DIY + Style

  18. Your hair is looking great! My favorite thing about these photos is the ground! I would love it if you would make a travel guide for around the island, I am planning on vacationing and would love recommendations!

  19. You look gorgeous! Man, Hawaii sounds like such a dream! So glad you’re enjoying your time there, it’s always been a dream of mine to haul my family down there and live the barefoot life! Love reading all your posts <3


  20. I love dresses with casual shoes. They are much more practical for mom life. 🙂 Your hair is so long and luscious. I am trying to grow mine out, but it is so hard to get it reallllyyyyy long. haha.


  21. i love pairing dresses with chucks! i literally did the same over the weekend and blogged about it 😉

    and also, i love seeing mamas and their babies! i also love seeing mamas continuing their lives and including their babies in all the fun. so many women are so critical of other moms, expecting them to put their lives on hold for eighteen years because “now you’re a mom”. i think that’s total bs!! kids don’t stop your life, they add to it.

    oh, she’s lovely

  22. The hair looks really good👍🏻! Thanks for the tips! Hopefully you can post what products you are finding work the best in the HI climate- that would be SO good to know!

  23. I love this look so much, sneakers and dresses are absolutely perfect for running around ! I also love your hair here , pinning it definitely pays off <3 Gorgeous wall as well ! It is stunning !


  24. Love the dress with the chucks and your hair is beautiful! That mural is so pretty 🙂

  25. Little Miss Sunshine! 🙂 Love the dress and chucks and I love the big smile even more. 😛 🙂

  26. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog on

    That is the cutest backdrop! And you’ve just reminded me I’m long due to get my hair done too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  27. Your hair is gorgeous!! I love it! And I LOVE when you the Q&A like you did earlier on Snap. It’s my favorite!! <3