IMG_3681IMG_3752IMG_4093IMG_41161^^kinda fuzzy but its the only pic we got where you can actually see my dress! I wanted a plain black flowy dress and this ASOS dress is pretty cheap and fits super cute!IMG_3852


Remember when I said for each post I was going to put what make up I am wearing? That didn’t last long because I literally wear the same make up every day haha. I only switch up my blush and lipstick! Sometimes I put on some shadow but I think no shadow flatters me best. So if you missed what I wear everyday – here it is! Foundation: Revlon Photo Ready / Powder: Bare Minerals Matte Powder / Mascara: Covergirl / Blush: (today) MAC ‘Peachy Keen’ / Lipstick: MAC ‘Snob’ / Eye Liner: Covergirl – I am going to try to switch up my make up routine so I will let you know what new products I try and love but for now (and the past couple years) those are what have worked for me!

For those who saw my tweets about our little pup, here is an update. Chauncey got really really sick the other day and was throwing up and wouldnt eat anything. He just laid there all day long which isn’t normal for a puppy who usually bounces off the walls all day. We took him to the pet ER at midnight and had him tested for parvo which ended up being negative. The vet was really concerned though so we then had him put on an IV since he was so dehydrated from throwing up so much and not being able to eat or drink. By morning time he was a bit better and is slowly coming back to his normal self! It was so sad to see Chauncey’s sad little eyes when he was sick! We took him shooting and fishing tonight and he had his own little shooting ear muff things to block the sound of the gun and it was quite hilarious seeing him with giant ear muffs.

Have a good day everyone!



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  1. I have been eye balling that dress on ASOS for weeks and this post made my finally buy it! Love ASOS and all of their inexpensive midi dresses 🙂 Your gorgeous!

    1. I know isnt it great how cheap they are?! Love it!! Thanks girl! xx

  2. Aw – he is such a cute little puppy – so glad to hear he is feeling better. 🙂 Love all your photos with him – I need to have some photos like this with my puppy!

  3. Obsessed with your bracelets Amber! You look gorgeous and I’m so sorry to hear your sweet puppy was sick. It’s sounds like you guys had a great day yesterday to make up for it though!

    Chelsea & The City

  4. Oh, and btw, almost forgot! Giardia will often hide under the microscope – so a vet will often say “it’s negative” – when it’s actually not. You often have to test 2-3 x to get an accurate test. There is one giardia test that has better specificity AND sensitivity, so maybe ask for that one.

  5. Didn’t you have him by a lake? If I have that right, I’d get him tested for giardia asap. It’d be more likely he’d have diarrhea along w/ the vomiting if it was giardia – but sometimes the diarrhea comes later. The incubation period is usually a bit longer — but perhaps the lake was actually several days ago, I don’t know…?

    Best wishes for your precious pup — it’s so very scary when they’re sick and you feel so helpless! Please update us on the little guy.

    1. It really is so scary!! It could have been from the lake? He has been a few times though and has been fine, and we have a stream in our backyard he plays in so who knows!! But thanks so much for your sweet words and we will definitely keep giardia in the back of our minds in case we see any symptoms again, thanks!

  6. I NEED that dress right now!! Do you mind me asking what size you ordered? I think we would be about the same size and I hate returning things online! ugh. thanks!

    1. Yes you do it is my favorite dress! I ordered it in a size 2 🙂 xx

  7. you look so good!! i love this 🙂 i was curious to where you took these? im always looking for new places to take our little girl. she loves exploring new things now that she’s walking!


    1. We took them up Hobble Creek Canyon!! It is beautiful up there and I am sure your daughter would love it!! 🙂

  8. You look beautiful Amber! I love the length of this dress and how it fits high at the waist. Very classic and feminine. I also adore the flower crown! I’m sorry that Chauncey has been sick. I hope he’s on the road to full recovery. He’s such a cute little pup!!

    1. Aw thank you so much for this sweet comment!! So nice of you thanks! xx

  9. Do you fly free because you work for an airline? If so, what do you do for them?

      1. Cool! I work CS for an airline as well 🙂 Maybe check to see if Chauncey has giardia, my puppy had that and she was lethargic, throwing up, and kept having potty problems.

  10. Oh my goodness, adorable pictures! They look straight out of a magazine. What kind of camera do you use? I’m glad the pup is starting to feel better, he sure is adorable 🙂
    Have fun in San Diego!

    1. Aw thank you!! I use a Canon Rebel T3i with a 50mm 1.4 lens! xx

  11. What face makeup are you wearing in this post? Your face is flawless!!

    1. Jennifer! I just posted the face make up on my blog – so look there!! It is basically my everyday make up! 🙂

  12. oh no I didn’t know wee Chauncey was sickies 🙁 I know that feeling of helplessness for your puppy…and all you want him to do is speak so you can know how he is feeling. Hope he gets back to being 100%. I still can’t believe my eyes when I see how he’s grown! check out those legs of his!
    Have a great trip lovely! X

    1. Yes it is the saddest thing!!! 🙁 And I know he is growing SOO fast its absolutely insane!! xx