Barefoot Blonde fitness So today I am talking fitness! Quite honestly I haven’t worked out much since I have been pregnant, not as often and not nearly as hard as I was before. I believe in being active for mental health as well as physical health and love to be active in some way each day even if while I am pregnant some days it is just taking my dog on a walk and playing with him out back and making sure I park in a far parking spot haha

The #1 thing I get asked to do a post on is my work out so I will be sharing some of my favorite work outs (throughout the year!) and the ones I found most effective (these I did PRE pregnancy) but I will also share pregnancy work outs as I get further into my pregnancy.

Barefoot Blonde fitness

This work out I am sharing today may seem a bit silly because they are really simple moves but to me this is what gets me the leanest and most toned. I usually do this work out three times a week:

CARDIO 60 MIN (I usually do 30 min on the bike and 30 on row machine!)

300 LUNGES (If this seems like a lot, start out at 150 like I did and I worked my way up adding about 20 each day. I usually do 25 at a time walking around an indoor track and walk 200 yards in between and your legs are supposed to shake afterwards 🙂 )

300 REPS OF VARIOUS AB EXERCISES (again I know this may seem outrageous if you are just starting to get working out again but just start doing 100 a day and add 15 or 20 each day you do them.) I will do 25 sit ups, 25 air bike, 25 butt ups, 30 second plank (I count as 25 sit ups) and just pick 4 different exercises and rotate between those that day and then the next day rotate a couple different ones into it.

And after that I am beat. On the two days in between I do various arm work outs and work different parts of my body with weights or I do boxing work outs but I will share those work outs another day 🙂

Also music is huge for me in working out, if I can’t find my headphones or something I will not go to the gym until I have them found! It is so motivating for me and sometimes just listening to a certain song can put me in the mood to go do a really good work out so as I do these work out posts I will also share my current playlist!


Doses and Mimosas by Cherub

Do My Thang by Miley

The Illest by Far East Movement

Do I (Where We Are) by Cherub

Dark Horse by Katy Perry

Big Poppa by The Notorious B.I.G.

Cinema by Benny Benassi (Skrillex Remix)

React by Eric Sermon

Thats all for today! Check back tomorrow to see the Chunky Side Braid Tutorial!! xo

Photos from Fitness Part 1


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  1. I know this post is from ages ago, but its amazing and your so flipping fit!

  2. I just love your blog so much! You are so down to earth and it’s super refreshing!!! Love all of your makeup and workout tips

  3. You should talk about your post-gym hair routine when you don’t wash it. Like how you do your hair while working out so that it’s easy to rescue/style afterwards? (i.e. braid vs. ponytail, do you use dry shampoo before your workout, etc.) It’s so stupid but this seems to be my biggest deterrent for going to the gym 🙂

  4. Staying active while pregnant is so important. Alongside with healthy eating, it reduces the risk of gestational diabetes. Great post. You look amazing! Congratulations on your pregancy. Motherhood is truly like no other life experience xx

  5. I know this is so random…are you doing anything for stretch marks? Anything you have found that is good??

    1. Oh not random at all! Um I haven’t yet.. I know I will get them since I have had them on my booty since seventh grade from growing so darn fast but I am just doing lotion after the shower for now! I will probably get a better cream as my belly gets bigger but for now not really! Do you know of anything that works?

      1. I am also prone to stretch marks (had the same hip/butt marks from teenage growth), so I was pretty diligent when I was pregnant to use a Tummy Butter at least once a day, every day. I know they say that this is 100% due to genetics, but this worked for me. Not a single stretch mark on my belly. Using the butter will also help relieve the dryness and itchiness that comes with growing/stretching skin. I do NOT miss that itchy belly! Best of luck. You’ll be a beautiful mommy!

  6. We have the same workout playlist! I saw Benny Benassi live last year and now I’m convinced he has to dj my wedding 🙂 Im inspired to get back on the rowing machine now. Xx

  7. This goes against all I’ve learned studying to be a personal trainer haha Not that it’s bad but generally you don’t need to do SO many reps (do different exercises instead) or that much cardio. 🙂

    1. Well like I said in the post, I am definitely not a professional it is just what I see the most results with, personally! 🙂

  8. Geepers so many lunges after 60min of cardio… I’m gonna take up this challenge! It’s getting harder to firm up the butt as I get older! Love this post, thanks for sharing…and keen to hear how your fitness routine varies through your pregnancy 🙂 you’re already have in-built weight training now hehe. Will you find out whether the bub is a boy/girl? X

    1. Do it!!! Honestly it is a really good work out and I really feel like it tones me up so quick!

  9. Check out Tone It Up. Awesome work outs and you don’t need a lot of equipment or a gym.

    1. I have tried yoga in the past and haven’t loved it but I am trying some pregnancy yoga and am trying to make myself enjoy it haha cause I hear how amazing it is! xx

  10. Loved this post! I am 36 weeks pregnant right now so I have definitely modified my workouts (run a lot slower, lighter weights, etc.), but I am really excited to get back into my old workout routine after I have my baby girl! I definitely need to incorporate more lunges and I am excited to work my abs and overall core again 🙂

    1. Oh you are?! Yay so exciting!!! Yeah definitely modified versions haha I would pass out if I did this now 🙂 have you done any pregnancy yoga?!

  11. YES! I’m so excited you did a fitness post, I’m always curious what all you do for exercise, it sounds like our workouts are almost identical only you look like a goddess haha. I’m looking forward to the pregnancy workouts, so far I’ve just been doing prenatal yoga and lots of walking/elliptical and weights. I just get so dizzy when working out, it’s impossible to really go hard.

    1. How do you like prenatal yoga? I have just started trying it out and don’t love it but I feel like I just need to keep doing it til I like it haha 🙂 So fun that we are practically at the same place in our pregnancies!

    1. Glad you liked!! And yeah I lovvve working with weights too! I have had a harder time trying to do posts that explain the work outs I do, just trying to come up with a good way to explain haha 🙂

  12. I haven’t been to the gym in a little while but I LOVED the rowing machine also. I definitely need to start back up at the gym.. Music is definitely a MUST and I won’t work out without it either.. It definitely gets you motivated..

    xo Ash,
    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Yes the rowing machine works wonders!! And glad you are the same with music.. it is a must!

  13. I do a lot (“a lot”) of blogilates work outs, but usually I need to tone her versions down a little. Definitely if I haven’t worked out for a while, otherwise I end up straining myself / so sore I literally can’t move like a normal person anymore… I once tried to do the full calves challenge and it took me almost a week to walk without it hurting anymore, so sore!

    1. Oh my heck yeah sore calves are the worst thing on theeeee planet!!! I learned that the hard way too! I haven’t heard of that blog but definitely want to check it out now! xx

    1. Haha it is kind of intimidating huh?! But I love it, it works your arms at the same time so it is my go to! xx

  14. Thank so much for sharing! I’m a runner and I need ideas on how to mix up my workouts and add more weights and strength training! Thanks for the ideas!
    Great inspirational photos too! Pinned them!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

    1. Rowing really is the best work out huh?! So fun that you lived in the UK! I always tell my husband how I wish my boys could do row like they do in the east! Maybe one day 🙂