Barefoot Blonde ^^Went to take pictures in my new work out clothes and thennnnBarefoot Blonde

LEGGINGS: Nike via Macy’s // TOP: Nike via Macy’s // SNEAKERS: Adidas // SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban

And then I started jumping up and down and doing really weird things because I was FROZEN. So we ended up with a ton of pictures of me looking like a cold bird trying to pee like a human haha! Not cute. BUT I wanted to do a post on work out clothes because it is almost the new year and I REALLY want to set new fitness goals for myself because I have not gone to a gym since before I had Atticus! I have always been very into fitness and love lifting weights and just being active and this is BY FAR the longest I have ever gone and hopefully the longest I will ever go again because I am turning over a new leaf and going to tone up again. I don’t know what my fitness plan is going to be yet – probably boxing and pilates but whatever it is I will share it on here.

Before then I figured why not get some new work out clothes?! I am getting rid of ALL my old stuff and starting fresh so here is some work out inspiration and/or gift guide (almost Christmas eek!) for the fitness lover. Macy’s has the cutest workout clothes!Barefoot Blonde

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  1. You should totally check up the tone it up girls! I found them on instagram and the community is so supportive!

  2. Funny pics! 🙂 BTW did you work out during your pregnancy? I could not find any post on it in your blog. Thank you.

  3. Amber I do love your zebra pants so much! But I am afraid that my legs would not look as darling as yours in these lol!

  4. Ha! I can definitely relate to the jumping around trying to warm up but looking crazy thing. 😉

    I love the striped leggings, those are way cute!

    Lauren | Disco Daydream

  5. You are too cute! I love your description of yourself posing, lol. Good luck with getting back to working out 🙂 I have tried a few times and haven’t been able to get back to a routine since I had my little boy. I actually have lost more weight than I gained while pregnant, because of breastfeeding and was worried about working out and losing too much. I love the Space-Dye capris and the Under Armour sweatshirt, great picks!

    I love your blog and IG so much!! You really are too amazing! Thanks for sharing your less than perfect self along with your perfect self 🙂

  6. Thanks for making my day with this pic- so hilarious! I agree with Sam- Equinox gyms are sooooo nice and I worked at the Columbus Circle one, so it’s got my vote as well. You should also try Soul Cycle- I never got the chance, but I’ve read about them and they look like so much fun. I’m really more familiar with NYC food, so after you get done working out, make sure you eat at Cascabel Taqueria- seriously, best Mexican food you’ll EVER eat. They have one on the upper east and west side. I have tons of food recommendations, so let me know if you want more 🙂 Enjoy every minute of living in NYC!

  7. Since you’re moving to NYC I’d recommend the following gyms: Equinox – pricey but totally worth it as the facilities are Ah-mazing and the locker rooms are like spas. My favorite location is Columbus Circle in the Time Warner Center! For a great, value, no frills gym – BLINK is also great. It’s owned by Equinox and costs next to nothing. But I’ll always vote Equinox 😉 happy Manhattan workouts to ya!

  8. Ugh story of my life. I am so irregular with fitness /gym. and I dont’t have a child .I need a workout buddy!

  9. Amber, I highly recommend Barre! I was into fitness as well prior to my first child and needless to say these classes helped me tone up and lean my physique. Low impact classes but they are truly a great workout. Give it a try! You wont be disappointed.

  10. you’re totally right! buying new cute workout gear ALWAYS motivates me to hit the gym! and Nike is by farer my favorite!

    xoxo hails.