Barefoot BlondeIMG_0384Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeIMG_0401 IMG_0366SWEATER: Jenni Kayne // JEANS: Current/Elliott  // HEELS: Alive + Olivia // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // BAG: Chloé via Fashionphile

Photos by Jessa Kae Photography

This sweater is another favorite color combo of mine (blush pink just goes so good with anything!) and I also have a slight obsession with anything Jenni Kayne. Her pieces are so fab and are all made so well.

I wore this fishtail combo a lonnng while back and finally made a tutorial on it! I was sort of just experimenting with braids one night at Fashion Week in 2012 and randomly came up but it really does give your fishtail an extra little something so if you want to learn a new little trick then watch! And if you recreate it, be sure to tag me in your insta (@amberfillerup) I love to see your pics! Anyways, hope you enjoy and be sure to switch to HD for better quality! 🙂 (watch, here, or scroll down)


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  1. So I actually tried to recreate this look after you first posted the picture at FW 2012, and it kind of worked, but I’m so glad for the tutorial, now I know to add an extension to the small fishtail :). It’s a beautiful hairstyle, I’m excited to try it again!

    1. Oh yay I am glad you tried it out! It is such a fun style! I bet it looked adorable on you! xx

  2. Ok, it’s official- you are the most adorable pregnant woman! I love this outfit! And the heels are gorgeous!


  3. I am obsessed with your blog and all your hair tutorials! Could you tell me what brand and length of extensions you are using because I’m looking into getting some and yours are PERFECT. xoxo

  4. This is pretty easy, right? Just looks like its complicated. I’ve post it on my Twitter 🙂


    1. Aw yay!!! That makes me so happy to hear! I bet it was so adorable on you!

  5. I also Love your looks, check your blog daily but I am also saddened by the high end pieces used that’s so far out of most people’s budget.

    1. I am really sorry, I try to have a good mix of price points! This sweater I happened to get 30% during the sale and most of my more expensive things I wait til Shopbop has their flash sales or Nordstrom has theirs! But I will definitely keep that in mind for future posts and try to mix it up more!

    1. I think you would be surprised!! Some of my favorite hair styles on pinterest are styles on brunettes 🙂 but thanks so much girl!!! xx

  6. such a beautiful braid. thank you for your hairstyle tutorials – they are the best!!
    I am growing my hair longer and can’t wait to try this once I have a few more inches in length…

    1. Thanks so much! And girl you should totally get extensions in the mean time! they work wonders for braids! 🙂

    1. When you take pics daily and sometimes you don’t know the photographer and just don’t feel like forcing a smile 🙂 doesn’t mean I am not happy!

  7. I love a good fishtail. Everyone thinks you’re sophisticated because you know how to do it but it isn’t that hard! 🙂

  8. $500 the top? Do you use your money for something else than clothes? like helping animal shelter rescue for example ?

    1. Just because you only see material things on this blog that does not mean it is all I spend my money on. I will never publicly share which charities I chose to donate to because that defeats the purpose in my mind, service should be done silently. xx

  9. I love this tutorial!! It would be great if you did a make-up tutorial as well, love your makeup!

  10. I am loving all the hair tutorials!!!! —and those shoes are amazing!


  11. You win for most beautiful pregnant woman ever! And most fashionable! I love it! You now have a new follower 😉

  12. I always LOVE your looks! I look forward to seeing them and check your blog daily however, I’m always saddened when the pieces you use are so far out of my budget :/