Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

Barefoot BlondeCOATMaje (Similar Here)  // BOOTSSorels // JEANSAG // LIPSTICK: Sweet and Sour by MAC // BEAR SUIT: Gap // ATTICUSGLOVES: Gap // DAVID’s COAT: Similar Here) DAVID’s JEANS: J Brand // DAVID’s BEANIE: Forever 21

What are the odds that when we finally move here, it doesn’t snow?! It actually snowed in Arizona and stuck before it did here! My sister was sending me pictures of them making snowmen in ARIZONA! Like what?! I feel like every time I’ve come to New York in the winter, there is always SO much snow! I remember Facetimeing David one night on the way home to my hotel when we were first married, he was in Utah and I was here for fashion week. I was in Times Square and spontaneously, someone just started a snowball fight! It was like something out of a movie. All these strangers just pushed pause on their busy lives and had this magical moment and it was like a dream. So I’ve been waiting and when we got home from Christmas, we woke up one morning to snow!!!!!!!! We threw on our snow gear and walked to Central Park and had thee best day. Atticus loved his first real snow storm. He was so wide eyed and curious. And Chauncey, the wild animal that he is, just ran in circles chasing snowflakes and scooping up mouthfulls of snow. It was pretty great. When you don’t have to plow the side walks, scrape the ice off your windshield, or walk out to your car 20 minutes before you leave to warm it up, snow is a very good thing! We just can’t wait for our next storm. Especially with a good pair of boots! These Sorels are a dream! I have the worst circulation (remember how I tell David how cold I am) and these are my solution! If it drops below 40 and the ground is the least bit wet, chances are I’m wearing them. Now we just need more snow……… fingers crossed.





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  1. I love these photos – especially the colour combination. Even your lipstick and Chauncey match! And don’t get me started on that coat! If it wasn’t sold out I would definitely be buying it.

  2. I’m loving how you and lil A have matching fuzzy outerwear for the snow; so cute! I remember when it snowed in Vegas and my dog was just as confused as I was!

    xoxo hails.

  3. OMG you guys are so cute!!! I just love looking at your photos and being amazed by how good you look together! It’s like a magazine’s family… U are all gorgeous! But I am sorry, Atticus steals my attention every time! He is so darn cute! Love love love

  4. Wow Amber, I can not remember the last time I saw snow! Atticus is so cute in his little teddy bear outfit- but you look stunning too, as always! Kisses my dear, Sissi

  5. Can I just say I love your blog! And thank you for actually writing blog posts instead of just taking pictures and posting links to your outfits. It’s refreshing.

  6. i love your photos! All the time. I assume you don’t always have a photographer and would love an article on how you get such great family pics and great editing!!

  7. Your coat looks soooo snuggly, I love it! So many great pics of you and your adorable family, it’ll be really nice to have all of these moments captured to look back on some day! Have a great weekend!

  8. I love the boots! They seem comfy and warm. You and baby A are so cute together 😉

  9. Ahh this looks like such a blast! I know I was just saying to my husband last night how disappointed I am that we haven’t had any real snow yet! We live in CT on the water so even when it snows, we don’t get much because of the warm, salty ocean air. I think it’s supposed to snow tonight and throughout the weekend though, so let’s hope! Oh, I have such bad circulation, too. My fingers and toes go numb so fast even when it’s not that cold! It’s such a pain when we go snowboarding. Def checking out these boots! Thanks 🙂 xo