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DENIM JACKET: ASOS // HOODIE: ASOS // SWEATER: Equipment // JEANS: Anine Bing // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // SHOES: Nike

Atticus – JACKET: Polarn O. Pyret // David – JACKET: Blend // SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban

My ENTIRE life I have gotten jokes about my last name! They started out as silly jokes and around Junior High they turned into the dirty “I will ‘fill her up'” jokes (stupid, I know, 12 year olds I tell ya.) and then in high school turned into every teacher and friend’s parent saying “Fillerup?! Are you gonna start a gas station when you graduate?!” or waitress jokes, etc. I have gotten it all! It was actually such a production meeting people that if I was meeting someone I knew I wouldn’t see ever again I would just say my last name was Bennett because I didn’t have the energy for the “Fillerup? is that real?! no…. you’re making that up! etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.” And I know the fake last name is beyond silly (and I am not embarrassed of my maiden last name, in fact proud of it, I stinking love that last name!!!) but trust me if you were in my shoes you would know what I am talking about, its a full on production at times. Whenever I met someone and I said my name is Amber Fillerup and they just said nice to meet you and continued the conversation I was like……. hi i love you can we be best friends you mature little thing!

Anyways, so needless to say we get asked a lot where that last name comes from … when an old ancestor came to America he changed his last name to the name of the town he lived in, which was Fillerup. So really its not that old of a last name and I have always thought it was a cool story and I have always wanted to visit Fillerup!

It was a three hour drive from Copenhagen and it was worth all six hours roundtrip! It was unreal getting to go there.. I dont know why but I cant even explain how excited inside I felt being there, it was so so so cool. It was a tiny little town, no gas station or restaurant there which tells you how tiny it is haha but it was adorable none the less. The drive was amazing as well, there are these massive, never ending yellow fields of canola that were insanely gorgeous!!  I saw them from the plane scattered around Denmark and wondered what they were.

On our vacations we usually like to pick certain days to take zero pictures and just enjoy moments. Sometimes I think the best memories are ones that don’t need to be photographed to be remembered and it was so nice going on bike rides, walks, and just enjoying Denmark free of a camera. I am a total documenter. I lovvvvve taking pictures and love to go through old photos, but its still nice to have just a few days unplugged 🙂

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  1. Aw I have always wondered about your last name because it sounds so unique, which is how I got to this blog post (by googling). Own your last name, girl! I don’t particularly love mine because it’s SO short. It’s not even unique! With a name like Kim Vo, people ALWAYS say, is that it? Your name is so short… there has to be more to it. GAH so annoying haha. I love the story to your name.

  2. I love those fields! I’m moving to Denmark soon and I’d love to know exactly where to find them as I won’t have a car probably. If anyone can answer I’d be very greatful <3 google doesn't have much info on that

    1. That is exciting for you!! We loved Denmark 🙂 And unfortunately, I don’t know where exactly.. it was on our drive from Copenhagen to Fillerup, Denmark. So somewhere along the way we saw them and then pulled over.

      1. That was a quick reply!
        I’d love to take a roadtrip, hopefully we will.
        I actually started following you because I thought you were danish, and I soon fell in love with your pictures and your babies. Big photography inspiration right here. 🙂

        1. Aww thanks so much!! I appreciate that 🙂 And yes, I am Danish! It was so amazing to go and visit my ancestor’s hometown. I hope you enjoy it there! Thank you for following along Candy!

  3. Hi Amber, I really like your name and I think you should be proud of it – but maybe it’s because I’m Danish and know Fillerup I feel that way 🙂 Anyway – great blog. I always enjoy your pictures and posts.

  4. Fillerup looks gorgeous and reminds me of my 2 years in Germany. I got the jokes with my maiden name Holschuh (whole-shoe) also. Quite annoying really.
    I’m absolutely loving your blog!

  5. That is such a cool story about your name! And ugh, people can be so annoying with their jokes. My last name is “kempe” and it’s German but the French pronunciation is like the verb “to camp” and middle school was filled with camping jokes.

  6. In college I had two friends that were roommates and their last names were Fonck (pronounced “Funk”) and Sexauer (pronounced Sex hour). Needless to say, the name sign on their door never lasted a full day before someone stole it. I suspect the people in charge of pairing roommates thought they were pretty funny when they put them together.

  7. super cute! curious- what brand/shade of lip color are you wearing? it’s perfect! thanks!

  8. I tell you a little story. A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend stepped behind me while I was reading your instagram feed and he said: “Is her name really Fillerup? Man, must be hard growing up with that name!”. And best part is: we are Germans 😀 Even as not native speakers we can imagine where the jokes are heading. But I think your name is so cute when knowing the story behind it and it’s really cool that you went to this little town!
    And lastly I give you the funniest German family names I have come across: Kock, Ungethüm (which basically means Monster) and Krautwurst; the ultimate German last name because it contains the words cabbage and sausage. Haha. Hope I could make you smile 😀

  9. This is so cool! My grandmothe’s maiden name was also Fillerup! I am told that’s where my family got their height (all except me haha). She was 6 feet tall. Maybe we are related. Love seeing the world through your blog!

    1. No way?! What is her name?? That is so cool!! Wow yes! Us Fillerups are all tall! Thanks so much for sharing that!! xo

      1. Her name was Hester Fillerup – maybe you’re a long-lost cousin lol.

        1. My mother is a Fillerup, with the same story of name changing upon arrival in the US. I’m sure we’re related! (All the Fillerups in my line have short legs, however!) I’ve always wanted to go to Filkerup, Denmark for the same reason! Loved the pictures as they gave me a sense of the place.

  10. I just found your blog and I love it and this story! Your braids are beautiful also how did you do this look?!

    1. Thank you so much!! It was such a neat experience!! We loved it 🙂

  11. Love the photos! I know exactly how annoying it is to have jokes made about your last name! I get them all the time since “Kit Smart” is definitely an unusual name. So jealous of all the places you’ve been traveling to, looks wonderful! Best wishes

  12. haha I hadn’t even noticed what your last name might mean…who cares about surnames though? My last name has the word mouse in it (I’m Greek) and my great-grandfather who had a really normal name got called mouse as he was always getting in the middle of things like a mouse and so it got stuck!

  13. Ok, I really must know how you did your hair!?!
    Just gorgeous. So you have a tutorial for this?

  14. What a great story and beautiful pics!!
    Do you know the what the last name was before they changed it? How fascinating!

    1. Thanks so much!!! I am so glad you liked it 🙂 And the last name before was Stevenson!! 🙂

  15. So lovely to see you and your family had a wonderful time in our beautiful country, and you were able to visit Fillerup. I don’t know if you know this, but Denmark has large amounts of baltic amber or “rav” (in Danish), and is found especially on the west coast of Jutland/Jylland. Today it is used mostly for jewelry but in the past it was also used as payment and if you go to the beach after a storm you will usually see a lot of people looking for amber at the seashore.

    But the point I wanted to make is that in a way both your first and last name have connections to Denmark!
    Louise 🙂

  16. Ok so cool! You guys are the cutest little fam. And ugh yes. Jokes are so bad sometimes. Not like bad bad, but just like not funny. Why do people think the jokes they are making are so unique? Ha I get vegetarian jokes all the time and I’m already sick of them! I can’t imagine having them my entire life! Yo go gurl!

    1. Thanks so much Emily!! I know it!! If people only knew how the teasing felt!! The good thing is I don’t care what people have to say anymore 🙂 But still haha! Go you for being vegetarian!! That’s amazing!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! We had a great time!! I hope you can take a vacation sometime soon 🙂

  17. It’s so great you got to visit the town where your ancestors are from! It’s such an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to visit family on my mother’s side in Gotland – Sweden’s largest island. It was so pretty!! I recommend ya’ll add Gotland to your travel list. Visby is the main town on the island. Go to Visby beach and look for the fossils! 🙂

    1. It was such a great day!! I loved it 🙂 Thanks so much for your nice comment!! xo

  18. Amber, these are so lovely! I have never even thought of your name and all of the jokes!! Crazy, I would have totally made something up as well. Kezar gets lots of questions about origin as well but I have no history on our name, and I wish I did! I am so glad you do take so many pictures and share them but unplugged days soaking up memories and memories alone are so cherished!

    Xo Angela

    1. No way?! How cool!! I hope you can go someday!! It’s crazy how connected I felt to the town 🙂 It was so special!! Thanks for reading!! xo

    1. Thank you so much Carly!! It is definitely unique, I love it! Thanks for reading love!! xo

    1. Yeah!! We researched it and decided we had to go!! It was so awesome!! Thanks for your comment Laura!! 🙂

  19. Well, we could be buds because not only did I not think Fillerup was weird or joke worthy but I feel your pain 110%!
    My maiden name is… wait for it. Cockerham. Yes and I got “would you like Cock er’ ham?” Said to me in a pirate voice many a time. And my last name is a place also Cockerham, Lancaster, Lancashire, UK. Just north of Manchester and Liverpool.

    And here is the kicker. My married name is Fisher. So I went from Amy Cockerham to Amy Fisher. And if you don’t know who Amy Fisher is. You should look it up. It is a quick 2 min. Read in wikipedia. I ordered a birthday cake for my 2 yr old a few weeks ago and the person making the custom cake is friends with one of my fiends and didn’t know it and said “a woman named Amy Fisher ordered a cake. I don’t know if I should put razor blades in it or poison”

    Luckily the cake turned out great and my friend made sure she knew I wasn’t the Amy Fisher 😉

  20. These photos are just amazing!! I love that you got to visit your namesake town!!

    1. Thanks so much Lindsay!! It was so awesome, we loved it 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! It was so awesome to see!! Thank you for following along Kelly!! xo

  21. I ALWAYS was made fun of my first name because it’s unisex. I can relate to wanting to come up with a fake name when I was younger 😉

    I’m so happy you finally got to see Fillerup, Denmark! It looks so beautiful

    1. Totally!! It’s sad how unique names somehow get made fun of when in reality they are the coolest 😉 Thanks for reading Quinn!! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much!! We loved it and felt so connected to the town, it was so neat!! Thank you for reading Hayley!! xo

  22. Ambie

    Love the pictures. Baby A in front of the Fillerup sign is going to be a wall hanger. You all look good now come home I miss you.


  23. Hi Amber!

    OMG. I can’t believe you have been to Denmark. I’m from Denmark and I absolutely love love love your blog and youtube channel.
    You’re so beautiful and your hair is to die for 🙂

    Also congratulations on your little baby girl. I’m sure she will be as adorable as Atticus – at least!

    Fillerup is really a nice, cosy town. So glad you was able to visit it.

  24. It’s absolutely wonderful that you got to visit! My last name is Van Breda which is from Holland and it was really fun to visit the origin of my last name too!

    Love from South Africa

  25. Totally get the name jokes!!! My last name is Schauer and people always make jokes “like taking a shower” it makes me so happy when I tell people my last name and they don’t make a comment about it. Love seeing pictures of your travels and of course baby A!

  26. How sweet! The town sign is so adorable. When I was in Austria I really wanted to visit the town where my family name comes from, but I didn’t get the chance. Maybe next time!
    Diamonds to Sand

  27. Omg I know exaclty what you are saying about your last name and people making jokes!! My name is Virginia so not only the fact that my name is not common (at least where I live) so that everyone to whom I say my name give me a weird look and some are are like seriously? but I had people in high school making jokes about “virgin” – Virginia!! And add the fact that they think they are original and funny when there are like a thousand other people who said that before them. Anyways, I’ve been there too haha!

  28. Funny that people would make fun of your last name it’s not even that weird/different. Love the pictures especially the ones of little A in the flowers. So cool!

    Stay Styled,

    Instagram: stay_styled

  29. Årh so beautyful this is!
    I am from Denmark and I love living here. Nice to see you loved it to. 🙂

  30. That is such a cool story about where your last name came from!! And those fields are to die for. So gorgeous!
    I’m excited to see where else you guys visit to have a base of an itinerary for when we jet off to europe someday.


  31. That’s awesome that you got to visit the city where your last name originated! So cool 🙂 And those flower fields are beyond gorgeous!!


  32. Such a cute family story, and a fun little adventure for you guys! I’m dying over the photos of you and David and then you and baby A in the yellow flowers! I wish I could leave the little heart eye emoji in my comment, because that’s how I feel about how perfect those pictures are!


  33. Aww so happy that you got to visit this little town 😀 My dad is named Kanonenberg (I got my mom’s maiden name because they wanted to go easy on us growing up in the USA) and he was sooo excited as well when he visited the Kanonen Berg (Canon Mountain) in Germany 🙂

    I agree with the no photos thing, I make days like that too whenever I am traveling. You can really take a break and just enjoy things for what they are 🙂


  34. These pictures are gorgeous and what a fun experience! My married name is Rinderknecht and I can’t go anywhere without getting questions about it, so I know what you mean.

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. Thanks so much!! It was so neat!! We loved it! And I know it!! Long last names are so hard for people to understand!! I am glad you can relate 🙂

  35. Your pictures are always so beautiful! What kind of camera/Lens do you use? And do you do any post-editing? So gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks so much Anna!! I usually use a canon 5d mark iii with a 24-70 2.8 lens 🙂 I use several lenses though, so if you want more info you can email me!! I edit my pictures using Lightroom! xo

  36. My maiden name was Bouffe so I totally understand your pain haha, and living in a non European country no one ever said it right, seriously imagine a person with a heavy Afrikaans accent trying to say Bouffe hahaha.. I still loved it, though being Mrs King has made my name life easier:)

    1. Exactly!!! It is so frustrating when people don’t pronounce it the right way! In Denmark everyone said Fillerup so beautifully! That’s the hard thing about having a foreign last name 🙂 Now we both have easy last names! Yay hehe!

  37. These pictures are gorgeous! It’s so awesome that you got to visit your namesake town! To be honest I never even thought of all the things you mentioned with your maiden name, people can be so annoying with stuff like that though! Also I love your sunglasses!

    Crumbs & Curls

    1. Thanks so much Kristin!! It was such a great day!! We loved it 🙂 I appreciate your comment!! xo

  38. My last name is Aguilera and every time someone finds out what it is they automatically jokingly ask, “Is Christina Aguilera your cousin?!” Like, no, please stop, I’ve heard that joke for years. I don’t think I can fake a laugh and say ‘no’ any longer, haha. Ohh people with common names…
    On a side note, I know right!! I love taking pictures as well but sometimes I think I’m too focused on taking pictures that I don’t actually enjoy the moment. Its sad. I’ll try what you said next time. A day of mental pictures!
    Much love,

    1. Oh yes!! Last name jokes get so old huh?! It’s like really?! haha I am glad you can relate!! And I know what you mean, it is so nice to just sit back and relax without feeling the need to capture everything!! Thanks for your insight!! xo

  39. Amber I just wanted to thank you for posting so many pictures of your vacations, they are so beautiful and inspiring!

    1. Aww thank you so much!! I appreciate your sweet comment 🙂 xo

  40. Haha, my husband’s last name is a super long, hard to say/spell German name and he gets teased and asked about it ALL the time. I know how frustrating it can be! That is so special that you were able to visit this little town. I totally agree that it is SO important to have those times when you are just completely unplugged. Easier said than done though, especially on vacation!

    1. Ahhh yes!! If only people could just bite their lip 😉 And thanks so much!! It was so amazing!! We loved it 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xo

  41. Oh my gosh how cute! It must have been fun to get in touch with a small piece of your heritage!

  42. Loved reading this and seeing all the photos. I’m so happy you took the time to drive there, wonderful memories! Love you xo

  43. Hi 🙂 what a sweet story ! Easy to understand how you have felt it . I was actually embarrassed by my middle name Doreen , when I was young. Fillerup is a delightful little town , I have been there a few times. Be proud :-)) Hugs from Norway

    1. Thanks so much!! I think Doreen is a lovely name 🙂 And no way?! I am so glad you have gone to Fillerup!! That makes me happy!! xo

  44. I recently traveled to Prague with my parents and we took a trip around the Czech Republic countryside. I’ll tell you, those canola fields are BEYOND GORGEOUS! I know exactly what you mean when you say you wondered what they were from the plane, I thought the same thing! Your trip looked amazing, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Wow!! What a cool trip!! I am so glad you can relate to how amazing the fields are!! Seriously the coolest thing!! Thanks so much for reading Natalie!! xo

  45. Okay, I did laugh when you said you were standing in a field of canola! I love it! But, you are in a field of rapeseed. Which is used and highly processed to make canola oil…”can” stands for Canada. Anyway, I lived in Berlin for 3 years and rapeseed fields are amazing.. So bright! Anyway, just thought it was funny….no offense!

    1. Also, commonly known as canola fields, such as in Washington state in the U.S. FYI

    2. I didn’t literally mean canola obviously haha but referring to them as canola fields!! Thanks for the clarification though 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xo

  46. I am super impressed that you drove 6 hours round trip to get to Fillerup! It must have been so cool to go to the history of your name! I love that kinda stuff. I totally agree about not taking pictures on vacation on some of the days. I bet it can be hard when you have your blog and stuff, but I totally agree sometimes it’s good to unplug and soak in the moments!

    1. I know it!! We were debating on going or not the night before, and I realized it was a once in a lifetime chance to go!! SO glad we did 🙂 It was so awesome!! And yes! Unplugging is so good for the soul! Much needed here and there. Thanks for your comment Beth!!

  47. 0;What a beautiful way to reconnect with your origins. Love this family pics! So natural and full of energy 🙂
    Ps: Those sunnies are to die for!

  48. That’s so cool that you were able to visit the place where your last name is from!
    My maiden name is Dudley and I would always get teased in school because of the show Dudley the Dragon that was popular at the time.

    Kristi | Be Loverly

    1. Thanks so much!! It was such a great day!! Kids are so silly, teasing is the worst!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xo

  49. I know about funny last names. My married name is Lords.. so we get every joke in the book about it.. We had to take our phone number out of the phone book (who has landlines anyways.. ha) due to prank callers being dumb.. “Is this the Lord’s house?” 😉
    Looks like a beautiful place though! The yellow flower field is breath taking!! Fun for you to be able to visit it!

    1. Oh yess the prank calls haha we got those too haha! I am glad you can relate!! It is not easy huh?! I love that last name by the way! Unique names are the best! Thanks for your sweet comment Lauren!! xoxo