February Life Update

Happy Friday!!! I am actually writing this on a Thursday while we are at the airport. I am soooo excited to see the kids. We just facetimed them and they were so excited when we said we are coming home right now! Eeeeeeeek! Tomorrow morning the kids have dance and gym class and I am super excited for a 3 day weekend (Atticus has school off on Monday!!!) My brother is coming in town from Utah and my niece, June, is getting blessed so they are having a blessing for her Sunday! We will probably go to this Balkan bakery we found online – its in Phoenix and I am hoping they have my favorite pastry. What are you guys doing for the long weekend?!

We have a VERY exciting meeting this week that I am soooo excited for! It is so hard to not give away everything we are doing at Barefoot Blonde Hair when I want to tell you guys so bad! But in April I will finally be able to show you guys!

The concrete is being poured on our lot and in a few weeks we will start FRAMING!! I am sooo excited. And we have an interior designer coming in to finish our Barefoot Blonde Hair offices this month so I am excited about that. I was trying to do it all on my own but it kept getting pushed down on my to do list and it wasn’t getting finished.

We are going to Whistler next week on a couples trip with some blogger friends and I am excited for it! // not excited to leave the kids again. This is a constant struggle for me!!! As soon as I get to work I instantly am like, “ugh why am I not with the kids, I should be with them.” or anytime David and I go on a trip with us two I feel really guilty. I know I shouldn’t but its really hard not to. I hate being gone when Atticus gets home from school and things like that. Even though I know they are in such great hands anytime we are gone.

This hairstyle I did without a mirror sooo I am slightly proud of it just for that reason haha. We were in the desert and I was feeling claustrophobic doing it in the car with the tiny mirror in there so I just did it outside and I was kinda happy with how it turned out! I really love random hairstyles that have a mixture of braids and twists and messy buns. I love when I get a minute to play around with my hair and try out new styles, it is always so fun to me.

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  1. I feel the same when I have to leave the kids. Who do you leave them with? My parents dont leave close so it’s such a struggle. Do you have a sitter you trust?

  2. I’m obsessed with your hair!! so perfect! could you make a tutorial for it sometime?

  3. so impressed with the hair! Anyways, it must be so hard to leave… but your building them an empire whilst being away on most of these trips, and they’re super proud. You need to remember that! x

    chevrons & éclairs

  4. Looking enchanting and princessy in this outfit! Beautiful photos! Can’t wait to see what you have prepared for us in April! Good luck with your trip and have fun with the blogger friends. Some time off is good for the soul even though you’d love to spend every single moment with the little ones, sometimes it’s more beneficial for everybody to have short time away from each other. 🙂


  5. Go to PureBread while you’re in Whistler!! Hope you love the village – it’s so pretty!

  6. Beautiful pictures and best of all luck on building your home! Can u please tell me where u got ur “A” and “R” necklace u were wearing in one of ur Instagram pics? Does anyone know ?

  7. So excited to see your home!!! Your fam is the cutest! Thanks for always be such a great influence 💛
    Xoxo Jenessa Sheffield

  8. Love this blog post! You inspire me 😍 Was this a Lightroom preset?! If so, how can I get it!? I’m obsessed.

  9. Oh, Amber! I know the struggle with the kids. It is so hard! The make life so much brighter💕

  10. Stunning pictures! I am in love with this braided style 😍such an effortless and chic up-do! You make it sound way too easy! Can’t wait to learn more about what’s happening in April! Looking forward to the post 💗

    xx Tammy

  11. Whistler is about 3 hrs north of where I live (in the San Juan Islands) and it’s BEAUTIFUL! You will love it there! Have An amazing time!

  12. LOVE this, is there a tutorial for this hairstyle? ❤️ Also, I live in Goodyear, AZ & I wanted to know if you’ll be having any BarefootBlondeHair events? I love trying new braids. You are my inspiration 😍

  13. Sounds like a great life update! Adorable dress, and artsy hair!

    Yours in Christ,



  14. Your hairstyles always gives me so much inspiration! Pls do more tutorials on your YouTube I missed those 🖤

  15. I love your blogs posts and I’m so happy for you 2 about the house getting builded, I’m sure it is going to be amazing! Best of luck in everything you do xx