My Favorite Things Series Volume 5 : Sleep Edition

Today’s favorite things are all things SLEEP related. All of my must haves and favorites. Sleep is like the best thing ever (obviously) and I used to have the harrrrdest time falling asleep and it would take me sooo long and was really really frustrating. Not being able to fall asleep is so stressful. Sometimes if I knew I had a lot going on the next day it would take me hours because I was so anxious about knowing how much I NEEDED sleep that it made me not be able to sleep. UGH. So I did discover one thing that was legit life changing for me.

My Favorite Things : Face Masks


Bed Sheet Set


Okay first up is my favorite sheets. Did you see the price on these?! It is actually shocking how cheap they are lol. We have used these exact sheets for over 3 years now! We started using them because they were so cheap and now we just use them because I like them sooo much! They are so soft. And soo comfy. And the best part is if they get stained from the kids or whatever – no big deal because they are so dang cheap. Anyways, I know there are probably really lovely sheets out there that are super expensive and nice but I love climbing into these!!!

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USB Power Strip


We keep these by our beds and don’t ever move the cords so they are always there! We really like
these so we can have multiple things plugged in and we can keep our laptops, phones, iPads, whatever
it is charged up at night.

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Sleep Stories & Sleep Meditation

The Calm App

Sleep stories and sleep meditation! This is what has been life changing for my sleep! If you have a hard time sleeping try these. There are sleep stories where they basically tell you an adult bedtime story haha but they are really nice and always put me to sleep. The next is sleep meditation – you can pick how long you do it – sometimes I do 10 min, sometimes if I am really tired I do 5 min or if I am not tired at all I will do longer like 15 minutes. But it is just a meditation that they take you through and I am literally OUT every single time before it is over – I have never heard how they end haha! I use the Calm app – I bought the year membership like 6 months ago so I have the upgraded version of that. But I have also heard that Headspace is good – but I have never tried it! Anyone feel free to leave your favorite app for this in the comments!

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Deep Sleep Pillow Spray


I randomly got a package full of products from this company (or their PR company) and I decided to try them! I really like this spray. I haven’t really tried any of the other products yet but this spray smells really good and has lavender in it so it is really soothing and just really nice! Not necessary but def makes the whole going to bed experience feel nicer.

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The ones I am wearing in these pics are from Eberjey from their collab with Rebecca Taylor. Ideally I would wear fancy silk pajamas like these to bed every night but it breaks my heart too much when the kids get strawberry jam on them in the morning haha. So I do usually only wear these once in a while. I normally am just in cozy sweats and a big tee or sweater. I LOVE this Brandy Melville oversized, cropped henley that I just got. I always mix it up though. One of my favorite brands to get pajamas from is Splendid because they are soo soft. I just always make sure I specifically put on pajamas. I don’t ever wear my work out clothes to bed or anything like that.

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Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket


I don’t know how many other people sleep with a heater blanket buuuut I LOVE sleeping with one and always have. I just love getting into a toasty warm bed. I have always just had Sunbeam ones that I pick up at Target. I have gone through multiple because when Chauncey was a pup he would chew on the cord ha. Luckily he has grown out of that phase.

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Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane USA

The kids have had these coughs that won’t go away. So we have been using a humidifier and we want to just use it every night because its so nice to have on. We use this Crane one and it is good but I have nothing to compare it to.

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Those are really all the products we use when it comes to going to bed! Although we do have really soft down pillows I love that I just got at Bed Bath and Beyond forever ago but I can’t find them on the website and we do need some new ones because we have had these for sooo long! What are your favorites? I am wanting to try a new brand!

Other things I do that help me sleep….

1. I have to go through our day with David so we are both on the same page and know what the plan is before we go to bed.

2. I always always always wash my face. I HATE the feeling of sleeping with make up. It makes me cringe – I always feel so dirty when I wake up. I also always put on my creams and whatnot.

3. Finish my emails and go through my to do list so I don’t realize I forgot something once I am in bed.

4. Lock the doors. Lol.

What do you love to have or do to sleep better?!


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  1. I love having my essiential oil diffuser on at night with the “good night blend” oil from family doctor kit aromatherapy gift set, it’s not overpowering which I love and it’s super relaxing (the smell and the calming dripping sound of the water inside the diffuser)

  2. I fall asleep to the sunset beach sound on the Calm app almost every single night!

  3. I am a picky pillow sleeper. What’s funny is I had one from bed bath and beyond for forever too and when I went back to get it again it was no longer available. I ended up buying a down pillow from crate and barrel after a recommendation and I love love love it. They also have down alternative and they are both amazing. Another key thing that I learned about pillows that has been life changing is to keep the pillow supporting your neck and head only and keep your shoulders/back off of them. When I follow that tip every night I sleep so much better and wake up without any aches and pains.

  4. I love to meditate before bed too! If I don’t, there is a definitely difference in my quality of sleep. I haven’t tried the bedtime stories though, so I’ll give that a shot!

  5. Maybe it’s bcs I’m European, but I can’t go to bed without showering first. Showering and putting cream or oil all over my body is what makes me fall asleep. If I skip a shower I have a hard time falling asleep. Also, freshly washed sheets work too. I wish I had someone for just washing my sheets every day 🙂

  6. I limit screen time, no phone, no computer, at least an hour before bed. Studies show the screen actually stimulates the brain, so no apps! I also do not keep phone or charging station near the bed either. Also I have my phone in do not disturb mode after 9PM until 6AM.

  7. Love bedtime routines! It is much needed to keep my sanity during the week! I agree with pj sets, i always wear matching ones. The most recent discovery found that has seriously changed my calmness at night is using aromatherapy body wash, they have it at bed bath &beyond. There are multiple scents, sleep is the one I use before bed and in the morning they have an energy one. Life changing!

  8. Love this post. I also snagged that humidifier on my baby registry (my son is now 3) and its cool looking does the job but it’s kind of a pain to clean and add water to because that top half doesn’t sit upright when you fill it. I recently picked up some extra TaoTronics humidifiers on Amazon because they were smaller for our car travel over Christmas and they are awesome and cheaper!

  9. That is so funny – I used to do the same exact thing where I got stressed out about how tired I wiould be the next day since I couldn’t fall asleep – which just makes it way harder to fall asleep! It’s the worst cycle ever!

  10. I like the humidifier but what I don’t like is the light inside it, it’s bright blue, just wish it could be turned on or off

  11. Any recommendation for pillow cases? My stylist suggested I get a silk one for my hair but I HATE it.

  12. I love the Calm app too! The bedtime stories are the best. For pillows try “COOP”, I got the travel pillow after you recommended it and loved it so much I got the full size and love it too! So cool that they are customizable and the foam is not toxic.

  13. Totally ordering the sheets! My toddler is in a potty training phase of sleeping and expensive sheets do not stand a chance of survival. 👀

  14. Hi Amber! Love this post and your IG story. If you don’t mind me asking, what program or app did you use to make the polaroid video story? Thanks!

  15. I love these sheets! I am ordering these and the humidifier lol. I’d also love some good pillow recommendations. We were just talking about replacing ours and I have no idea what to get.

  16. Yes to sleep meditation and that humidifier! I love doing a quick meditation before bed as part of my routine. I’ve also noticed that an air purifier helps the air in my room feel fresher which in turn helps me to sleep better! I have pets so keeping my room pet free and keeping the dander out has been a life saver! I’ll have to try those sheets you mentioned, I’ve been looking for a new set:)

  17. I was really hoping there’d be a pillow recommendation on here! haha! I have yet to find a pillow I love! I need something hotel soft!

    1. So i was on the same hunt and ordered the mediflow pillow off amazon, it’s water based on the bottom and then stuffed on top. It’s life changing!!!! It’s not like a feathery soft hotel pillow but after sleeping on this for a week I have NO neck or shoulder pain and I surprisingly fall asleep a lot faster!!!! Hope maybe that helps! Also it’s not crazy expensive and I’m sure if you hate it you can return because…. amazon 🙂

  18. We always sleep with a humidifier every night in the winter! Also, I have to write things down before I get into bed otherwise I end up going through it all in my head and jumping out like 5 times to write it down! Haha! I also have this thing where I hate getting into an unmade bed.. and the thing is, I’m usually trying to make it at night once my husband is already in it.. that’s a big pet peeve for him for sure! If only I would just make it every morning!! I brush and floss, wash my face, wipe my face with a cotton pad soaked in witchhazel, take a probiotic with a big glass of water, lotion my hands, put on chapstick and change into pjs and finally hop into bed! My husband always teases me that I take FOREVER to get ready for bed! I just can’t rush it tho! Feels good to have a little bit of a routine!

    xoxo, Hannah

  19. I’m so sleepy right now reading this, LOL. Cannot wait to take a nap! I also hate the feeling of sleeping with makeup on – no bueno. That powerstrip is a must! I need to look into that. I always wake up with only one of my devices charged because I never feel like getting out of bed to go plug something in if I’ve forgotten. Your PJs are just too cute!