My Favorite Things : Travel

Today’s favorites post is some of my favorite, must have travel items!!! I will have to do a part 2 because the list was actually getting quite long so I tried to narrow it down a bit and keep these as my basic things I always bring. Here we gooo.

My Favorite Things : Lipsticks


Packing Cubes

Free Rhythm

We have used packing cubes for a couple years now and they are the best! I can’t find the exact ones we use but we have tried several brands (because we have gotten sent multiple by PR companies) and they all are the same in quality but you want ones that have a spot for labels! These ones I linked to above have that! I love labeling who’s is who’s. I will have one labeled A’s Shirts or Swimsuits or something. Keeps me so organized.

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Hair Accessories Organizer


My hair accessories used to get so disorganized so now I have this – I put little elastics for Rosie in one, bobby pins in one, big rubberbands, and then I also put Rosie’s bows, my earrings, necklaces, etc! Then lastly I put in my travel size shampoo and conditioner, you can adjust the size of the compartments.

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Makeup Case


This is the best makeup case ever. I promise you! It comes in multiple sizes and I have the small one. It has a spot for your brushes and adjustable compartments. I used to have two bags – one for my makeup and one for my face creams, etc. Now I put them all in this.

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Compressed Pillow

Coop Home Goods

David loves to bring this one and I am always happy he does – it is always nice to also have a real pillow – either he uses it or the kids use it. If you prefer to just bring a regular pillow this is a good option because it compresses so small and can hook onto your backpack.

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Travel Pillow


This is my favorite travel pillow ever ever ever!!!! I suck at sleeping on planes and we have tried a lot of travel pillows but this one I am obsessed with. I can sleep so good with it.

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Down Throw

Black Diamond

These are so awesome! We keep these in our car and we travel with them. They fold up so so tiny so they hardly take up any room but are really warm.

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I got the iPad Pro and love to take it with me! These are my favorite things to do: 1. Adobe Sketch – I have the iPad pencil and love to doodle with it in this app. It looks soo real – I love the watercolor! I actually did one of our BFB Hair prints that was on the box last year with this app! 2. Pigment – this is an adult coloring book app! It is so fun to do on flights. 3. Netflix – you can download shows on Netflix now so I always have a series downloaded that I watch on my iPad.

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Fuzzy Socks


Always always necessary. I am pretty sure everyone knows why this is a must so I won’t say any more.

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Sweat Suit (Sweater)

Dream Scene

I always like a good sweatsuit for the airport – this one is my current favorite. It is SO comfortable. I want it in alllll the colors.

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Sweat Suit (Pants)

Dream Scene

These are the pants that go with the sweater. They are really flattering and don’t get stretched out and saggy on the bum – which I HATE.

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Makeup Wipes


These are my absolute favorite makeup wipes. Sometimes I feel like I don’t get to wash my face on vacation and I have no idea why this is. Maybe because we are so busy during the days I get too lazy ha but I love to use these. I even use them after I wash my face to make sure I got evvverything off.

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Beauty Elixir


My sister and I always have this spray in our purse and especially when we travel! We love to spritz it on during the flight as a refresher and just to use each morning.

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Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Wet Ones

The trays on planes really gross me out – I always have to wipe them down with a wet wipe. These are also just nice to have while traveling – I feel like I am always pulling them out.

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  1. Any tips on flying with a 3 year old and 7 month old on a plane during flu season?

  2. Why haven’t I already been using anti-bactierical wipes already! Lol. I’ll have to try a lot of the other things you recommended too. I always love your travel posts. Keep them coming!

  3. I always make sure to have antibacterial wipes with me when I travel- especially when heading out of the country where I’m not used to the germs! And I haven’t tried using packing cubes, but that is a fantastic idea!!
    Courtney ||

  4. I love the packing cubes! They make life so much easier when you are traveling! That compression pillow looks amazing, I think I might have to give it a try because I love taking my own pillow but there’s never enough room!

  5. It’s so nice to see how well you all balance your work and family. I’m always sharing your ideas with my 2 daughters. I recently bought the travel make up bag you like and one of my girls would like to see your video of how you pack it. Do you still have that video somewhere? I think it was an insta story.

  6. The compressed pillow is a total game changer. My husband and I love to travel and we recently took a red-eye bus trip to NYC. We brought two neck pillows because we didn’t have room for a full-sized. Long story short, our necks were broken and we hardly slept.


  7. Hi Amber! I’m shopping for my sister in law who is having a baby!! What are your favorite places to shop for Rosie and Atticus?

  8. Hi! Will you put the travel makeup essentials in part 2?! That would be amazing! Thanks! Xoxo

  9. Thank you for sharing! I agree with so many of your favorites!

  10. Hey! I loved your insta story about the makeup tutorial!!! I wish you put it on you blog so I could refer to it regularly haha!
    Love this travel post too, thanks🙏🏻

  11. thank you! I ordered the travel cubes, the makeup kit and the pillow you use – with how much you travel I trust they will all be ace products.

  12. I am traveling back to the states from Australia today and downloaded the pigment app!! Already in love!!! Thanks for the tip!

  13. I love these lists so much! Lately, I’ve really been into reviews on products and hearing people’s opinions on certain items. Thanks so much! Can’t wait to hear more.

    (Also, I hate the standard airplane-neck pillows, so I can’t wait to try this travel pillow.)

  14. Great travel favorites! I definitely agree that a good pillow and bring a few electronics is a must have for long travels. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  15. I’m definitely buying the makeup case! Everything always ends up a jumbled mess in my current one, so it will be nice to have one so well organized. Thanks for showing us more details about everything in your Instastories. That was so helpful!

  16. Love this packing list! I am going to go buy BOTH those travel pillows because I can’t sleep on planes either! And packing cubes are life, I actually use them to pack toiletries too, in case they spill they won’t ruin the rest of my stuff!


  17. Amber I loved this post. I have an international trip coming up at the end of the year and haven’t traveled internationally in a few years so I’m in dire need of new things. I watched your Insta story this morning and fell in love with your makeup bag – those adjustable compartments are what sealed the deal for me 🙂 definitely ordering one! I can’t wait to read part 2 of this post – I want to have a look at those suitcases of yours as well.. I saw on your Instagram post you mentioned to someone that they come with plastic cases over them so they don’t get scratched and ruined as so many white suitcases do. Looking forward to it.

  18. Great list! I am totally going to order that makeup travel bag! Could you recommend a hair extension travel bag? I use Barefoot Blonde hair extensions and I normally just keep them in the box, but it is a little too bulky for traveling. I haven’t had to travel with them yet but I have a trip coming up soon, and I’m not sure how to travel with them quite yet.

    Thank you!

  19. You’ve travelled to lots of places so I’m sure your a pro at picking your travel favourites! What do you do on the plane rides?

  20. I have been loving all your blog post esp this “series” .. This one is def my favorite blog so far of this year!!! Really great suggestions I can’t wait to order them and try it out! Thank you 🙂 keep up the great work

  21. I freaking love those ‘favorite’ posts! Here is so many things that will make traveling so much easier and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Where are those shoes from?? I’m so obsessed but can’t find them in the article!

  23. The germs on planes are the worst! I always get sick after traveling and I’m convinced it’s from airplanes and airports. Those disinfecting wipes sure do come in handy though.
    I really want to pick up some packing cubes for my suitcase – they are so affordable too!
    Have a lovely day, Amber! xoxo

  24. Great necessities! (Yes, the iPad does count as a necessity.) Love your idea of your: favorite things series!

  25. That makeup bag is a dream come true. Literally ordered it after watching your insta story!!

  26. I definitely need to look into a compression pillow, I love that it compacts! Fuzzy socks are life and I have been living in them this whole winter. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  27. your spelling makes my eyes water… you would think that you would double check things..
    “whose is whose” rather than “who’s who’s” which literally is”who is who is “

    1. You would think if someone else’s spelling on their blog caused you so much grief, you would maybe stop reading it? move on with your life? not attack a complete stranger who had no ill harm in mind when making a simple a mistake? or maybe you’re 100% perfect and never ever ever make a single and might I add MINOR mistake? (ps that still would not entitle you to demean someone over the internet. and I know my grammar wasn’t 100% perfect. but neither was yours………) have a good day.

  28. Great list and suggestions! So helpful. 🙂 Thank you!

    Sidney /

  29. Travel faves are so important because you just feel better if you are comfortable and have a little piece of home with you! I need to get those packing cubes STAT. Can’t wait for the second half of your travel favorites!