My Favorite Things : Face Masks

There is nothing I love more than getting into pajamas, washing my face, and putting a face mask on. I love ending my day like this. I watch a show or finish up work stuff with my face mask on then rinse and put on my creams and serums. So today I am sharing some of my favorites that I have used in the past 6 or so months!

My Favorite Things : Travel


5 in 1 Bouncy Mask


I  love trying First Aid Beauty and love a lot of their products. I recently got this mask.. it is a gel and leaves your skin looking really even and bright.

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Clarifying Clay Masque


I have mentioned this skincare brand a lot because I love them and really trust their products. I love this clay mask and it will help unclog any pores.

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Honey Potion Mask


Do you remember about a year ago when I did a post about this mask?! I have since restocked, I love it! This one feels really moisturizing.

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Purifying Mask


No secret that I love Caudalie by now! I really really love their products. Their masks are some of my favorite! The purifying mask is perfect for oily or acne-prone skin.

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Instant Detox


The instant detox face mask is amazing for clogged pores. It helps clean out all the toxins in your skin and helps make your skin feel refreshed.

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Glycolic Peel


This mask helps with tightening pores, which is a big problem for me.

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Moisturizing Mask


The Moisturizing mask has gotten used the most, just because I love feeling moisturized after a mask but I also love the others.

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Firmarine Lift Face Mask System


I LOVE ERNO LASZLO MASKS!!!! This mask is a two step system. It comes in a powder form which is really unique and fun.

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Firmarine™ Hydrogel Mask


 I absolutely am obsessed with their sheet masks – hands down the best I have ever used! I ran out and didn’t get new ones in time for taking these photos but trust me, they are soooo so so good. The regular mask I love too, but the sheet masks they make are next level.

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Miracle Pad®+


I know this isn’t technically a mask but I wanted to include it because I like to bring these when I travel and kind of use them as a super quick treatment. You just wipe them on your face and the glycolic acid helps with acne, wrinkles, and dark spots. So if you don’t have time to do a mask or don’t like masks these little guys are a good and super quick thing to do

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Japanese Matcha Tea

The Body Shop

I really wish I liked to drink matcha because I know a lot of my friends swear by it! But I do love this mask – it is soo refreshing.

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Cilantro & Orange Extract


This one is also really refreshing and I did exactly what it said to do and took most of it off but left a tiny layer on overnight and my skin felt so good in the morning.

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Rose Face Mask


 I know some people don’t love the smell of rose but I love it! I have done DIY rose facial masks on the blog before and this one is similar but probably a better consistency than the homemade one ha. I love all rose facial masks!

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  1. girl you have to try out Lush fresh face masks!! they are to die for!

  2. have heard amazing things about the Farmacy face mask! obviously now have to buy so we can discuss.

  3. I love masks too and have used many of these ones. Living in Arizona, California & British Columbia I have a lot of climate changes & air quality changes. The problem I found using so many different products and ingredients I never found out which ones worked. SonI wanted to ask you Amber how do you use so many different products and not have reactions or know if any of the products really do what they are suppose to do. Thank you & enjoy Alberta. You should really consider going to Vancouver, squamish & Whistler. So much beauty in the Canadian Rockies ❤

  4. This is great list! Thank you for sharing. Can you post whats your daily routine? Do you use any oils, serums, cream? in which order?

  5. I got given the Farmacy – Honey Potion Mask as a gift and I have been obsessed with it! I am almost out thou and I have been dying to try the Fresh Face Mask. I am almost 9 months pregnant and totally need to spend as much time relaxing with a good face mask as possible! thanks for sharing, I’m totally buying myself a few or all of these.

  6. So sad to hear you had to delete dat WTF mom moments post because of nasty comments! I so agree with you on being more real on social media! My account isn’t big at all or anything ( ) but I really try to be as real as possible, no cleaned up house or anything 😉

    I also think it’s so easy to think; OMG I would NEVER do that” when reading a real-mom-moment, but I always try to take a second and realize I’ve been in a comparable situation with my kids myself. And if I haven’t; so what. Every mom is of course doing the best she can. So why ever judge that?

    I really hope you feel comfortable enough somewhere in the future to share those WTF mom moments, because I think it’s hilarious! And it’s ‘good’ to see someone like you, who I look up to as a mom, entrepreneur and what not, having the same moments as I do.

  7. Love this amber!! How many times a week are you using a mask? Your skin is flawless

  8. These masks all look so luxurious! I’ve been obsessed with face masks lately and I definitely want to give some of these a try, especially the Fresh ones! I love that brand 🙂

    Mia |

  9. I really need to start using face masks. My mom has always encouraged me to use them because she’s a strong believer in face masks and lotions. I need to try these out; especially the Honey Potion.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Karina |

  10. Really love what you said on your instagram story today. The judging is honestly what’s held me back from pursuing my blog and it’s only been since I met my now fiance (we’re getting married next Saturday!! eek!!) that I’ve felt so much more confident and finally dove into blogging. I wanted to start a blog for almost two years before I finally bought a domain and went for it. Immediately after starting it though I just got so self conscious and only posted like a few times for the first couple months. But January 1st I decided to just go for it and do what makes me happy cuz seriously I looooooveeee blogging and modeling. I just greatly appreciated what you said today and took it to heart. There are quite a few “trolls” out there lol


  11. I know this isn’t directly related to this post, but I was wondering if you would do a Valentine’s day post…about possible apparel and makeup options!?

  12. Rose products are my hands down fave. Definitely snagging that guy for my next night in!!

    Also, your insta stories today were just so honest and I just want you to know that “you can’t own other peoples crap” 😉 You are doing so well and there are so many people who learn so much from you and look to you for inspiration! And karma will come around to anyone who thinks its acceptable in any form to attack a stranger about their appearance or parenting styles when they see one picture from your entire day. Keep sharing your light!! xox

  13. The Caudalie Instant Detox mask is my favorite! It always makes my skin so glowy.

    briana |

  14. Hi Amber, I just saw your Instagram stories and I just wanted to say that I love your pictures and please do not stop being yourself, and do not start to be afraid of what some people might say about your posts. You and your family are amazing and I love reading your stories and stuff!!
    There will always be people, who aren’t as happy or cute as you ;)) Never let them break your self- confidence
    lots of love-
    (sorry for my english, i’m german)