My Favorite Things : Car Edition

Back with another Favorite Things post!!! And this time I am sharing my favorite things that I have in my car that keep me organized or things I consider must haves. I went a while without a car when we were living in New York and it is so nice to have a car again.. especially with kids because I feel like its our home base. So here are my favorites…

*These photos were taken by Jaci and Tessa!

My Travel Favorites

What's in my center console?

Okay not going to lie the new mini vans have a very nice set up in the front seat .. I guess its hard to explain without seeing it but I love how it is set up. I have my center console where I keep stuff like my headphones, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and any cords. Then under the middle console there is a drawer that pulls out where I ALWAYS have the following things that I never take out.. 1. deodorant (because truly nothing is worse than arriving at the gym realizing “I forgot to put on deodorant!” haha) 2. sexy mother pucker lip gloss (my fav) 3. an eos balm 4. lotion 5. powder sunscreen for my face and hands. I find myself using these things all the time because I will forget to bring chapstick or forget to put on sunscreen or something!


DVD Case


I know this is kind of an obvious when if you have kids.. and I never thought the day would come when I was buying a CD case again haha.. it totally reminds me of high school with all my cd’s with songs I downloaded from Limewire ;). But we had so many dvd’s floating around I finally got one and it is so much easier.

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Car Charger


My car has an outlet and two USB portals in the front seat but somehow I am still finding myself needing more USB ports?! Like when David and I are both wanting to charge our phone and our headphones on a road trip or something. Anyways, can never have too many USB ports right?

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Car Sun Visor Organizer


I LOVE having this! I keep my pens, some cash in case I forget my wallet, any loose papers or receipts, and some post its. I absolutely hate having receipts floating around my car.

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Car Essential Oil Diffuser


I got in someone’s car recently and it smelled like eucalyptus – it was amazing! She just had used some lotion or something but it had me wondering if there was anything for your car that could make it smell like that. Then I found this! It opens up and has these little absorbing pads and you can drop essential oils on the pads then you hook it on your air vent. And your car will smell amazing!!!! Especially so nice having something minty in the morning when I need to wakkkke up.

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Car Seat Gap Filler


Totally saw these on shark tank and ordered them because I am always dropping stuff in between my seats!!! I thought this was so brilliant and I love having these.

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Cleaning Wipes


Obsessed with these things for doing a quick clean in my car to get rid of the dust!

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All Weather Car Mats

Lloyd Mats Store

I Just got these and I wish I would have gotten them when I first got my car. My sis in law’s have them and its so nice with kids because you don’t worry about spills and its so easy to clean stuff up. Especially with a. dog because Chauncey’s hair really sticks to our cloth mats.

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Trunk Organizer


In this I keep: change of clothes for both kids, diapers and wipes, Clorox wipes, swimsuits for both kids, and sunscreen. I think it is SO nice to have with kids because so often we are already out and then realize we want to go to the splash pad but we don’t want to drive all the way home. Or instances like that it is always nice to have back ups for the kids. Clorox wipes I use all the time in my car to clean up spilled smoothies or whatever it is.

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Cell Phone Holder Kit


This is a must have!!!! It is a magnet that you stick wherever you want in your car – then you stick a magnet on the back of your phone and you can easily have your phone in front of you for directions without having to use any of those annoying clamps. Does that make sense?!! Going to show you this on insta stories.

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Cup Holder Trash Can


You know when you have an empty cup in the car and you go around and pick up all the trash and put it in the cup? This is basically your “always empty cup” haha and it is actually so nice to have. We always have little pieces of trash like straw wrappers or stickers from the kids.

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Emergency Escape Tool


I once read an article from a mom who told a story about her toddler playing in the car after she got picked up from school while she chatted with some mom friends just outside her car. The daughter somehow got tangled in the seatbelt and it was basically wrapped around her neck and choking her. The more she tried to get it off her the tighter it got. She frantically looked for scissors everywhere and was asking everyone at the school. They finally got some but she was urging all parents to keep scissors in their car in case of emergency. Since hearing that story I have heard of more just like it. Its weird because I would never think that could happen but that is why I so appreciate people sharing their stories so we can all be prepared. This tool will break windows and cut seat belts so it is really nice to have in your glove box.

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  1. Instead of using one of the cupholders for trash (we always have too many water bottles and stuff), my family uses a plastic bag. We basically hang one of the handles from the back of that center console between the two front seats. So there’s always a plastic bag hanging between the first two rows in the middle, and anyone can reach it to throw stuff out. Then you just swap out the bag once it’s full!

  2. QUESTION! – How do your chapsticks and deodorant, etc. not “melt” in the hot car?! I always want to keep those things there too but they get all mushy … 🙁

  3. OMG I’ve never seen a “gap filler” before!! Definitely will be getting one some of those since I have a baby on the way! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. My car is the messiest part of my life. I need every organization tool I can get, especially the seat gap filler. I drop my phone every other day and I have to move my entire seat to get it out!

    Thanks for another great post <3

  5. I love all of these!!! I am big on organizing and I’m definitely investing in some of these items.
    Love the pictures, too!!

  6. Love this post! I was looking for all kinds of these little things that I didn’t even know existed! Thanks again!

  7. I always keep a neck pillow to travel with in case I need to sleep. Love the magnetic thing

  8. Thank you so much for this post, Amber! So helpful! I’ve always wondered how it’s possible that I accumulate so much junk in my car, despite considering myself quite a neat freak… I put all of these items on my Wishlist and can’t wait to start getting them one by one. Up first are the trunk organizer and CD case for all my daughters music! Can’t wait to “organize” my Audi better with those 😉 XOXO

  9. Love this post!! Just got a new car and put pretty much everything you suggested in my Amazon cart! 😅 Question, how do those floor mats compare to WeatherTech’s laser fit ones? Love all the favorite things posts!!

  10. Honestly just bought 4 of these and need to get the all weather mats! Love seeing what other people use I just got a new bigger car and always need tips! Also amazon makes everything so easy to buy!!

  11. I love this post a little too much. I am so fanatical about having my car organized and with two little ones it’s hard!
    Great picks! They are all now on my amazon wish list.

  12. These are all awesome things to have in your car! I’m gonna have to go purchase some of these😍Thanks for sharing😊 And beautiful pics as always💜

  13. omg love the phone magnet!! I totally need that and will be buying it soon. Thanks!

  14. Great ideas! I have some of these as well bc my vehicle did not come with many cubbies (not even a closed center consol) !! Love your posts and loved your goals before 30!!!! *you can do anything you set your mind to*
    ~also, what’s this powder sunscreen?! Tell us more

    Now….what is the book for April ?!?!!!

  15. Hey Amber!
    Love how organized you keep your car! My mom and I have a product in our Etsy shop that I think would be perfect to add to your car organization! It’s called the Karlucci Purse Pocket. It’s a pocket that hangs between your two head rests and keeps your purse safe and sound when driving. No more purse being stepped on,kicked, or dumped over from taking a quick turn! I have linked our Etsy site and would love to know what you think. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
    Hope you like!
    Federika Franco

    Instagram:@ karluccipursepocket

  16. A great list. As someone who doesn’t like ‘clutter’ I try to keep things out of my car but now with kids that seems impossible!

    What type/brand sunscreen do you use for your face? Also wondering what kind you use on the kids? I’m researching more natural/less harmful brands so I’m curious what other people use and what they think of it.

  17. I loved this post! The seat gap filler is something I totally and completely need! In Southern California I drive so much so I keep a ton of stuff in my car as well. I always have a beach chair in the back that has come in handy for park or beach hangs.