I had a quick trip to NYC for Fashion Week and we were all hit with Nemo the huge BLIZZARD!! It was the reason for my messy undone hair. I curled it that morning and it looked good right? Then walking to subways and from subways to destinations for the shows, it blew all over the place, got wet, and looked like this in the end. A ratty mess. But I pretended I wanted it that way, although truth be told I absolutely did not. Everyone else took taxis so they didn’t have the same problem I did, but as some of you know I try to be frugal when I can and I don’t see the point in taking a taxi all the time when a subway is much cheaper! Although when I got there I did get a free taxi ride from the airport to my hotel, so that was nice 🙂 blessed New Yorkers.
Friday night during the blizzard my friend Sadie and I walked blocks and blocks to Times Square and it was so refreshing for some reason. I can’t explain it but right now my husband is helping me describe it and he says the right words are majestic and blissful 🙂 haha but seriously it was all white with all the city lights and not many people were out so it was quiet and I loved it. And everyone who WAS out was so happy. In Times Square there was a huge snow ball fight and we were watching everyone throw snowballs and we would hear an occasional giggle followed by a “so where are you from” “I am from England” or where ever. They were all just making friends and playing and it was so cute.
Anyways, the city just felt happy and alive and I loved every second of it.The winner to the chicnova.com giveaway will be at the bottom 🙂

see those two little brunette heads in the corner? that is Naomi (taza) and her husband… they were sitting right in front of me but I was too scared to say hi. I was star struck and googleyyy eyed and I hate to be the annoying fan 🙂
pants: ShopBop (50% off!) / top: zara / coat: zara / necklace: c/o ASOS / shoes: c/o ASOS / bag: c/o Rebecca Minkoff / Lip stick: this in ‘Vicious Violet’ with this in ‘Baby Pink over top

and of course I was FaceTiming my sweetheart during the shows so he could be there with me

To see Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall/Winter 2013 look book go: here

The winner to the giveaway for the $30 giftcard to chicnova.com is.. Kinsey!

Email me to claim your $30 🙂

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  1. Hey,
    may I ask how you do your eyebrows?
    Maybe a tutorial or some tips..
    sorry, if you’ve already covered the topic, I’ve just missed it probably
    anyway, love your blog, so inspirational ^^

  2. that must have been an amazing moment in times square! Your outfit is so edgy and beautiful. you are a huge inspiration 🙂

  3. The snowball fight sounds like such a fun time! I would love to experience that type of random fun sometime…you know, in a giant city : )

    All the pictures look so fun and exciting!