so you know how in relief society they will interview the elders quorum and ask them what they dont like about girls and all that and then report back to us what they said and tell us what we can improve on?
yeah okay so thats so great and all, we need to hear what we need to improve on.
ive heard “the girls just think church is a fashion show” one too many times.
like……im sorry we are so fashionable and have such great outfits at church and always look so good…but that doesnt mean we think its a fashion show.
you know?
i mean i get that some girls take it too far and maybe seem like they are being competitive about “who is wearing the more expensive skirt” whatever. but for most of us we just like clothes and happen to put together some good outfits. i dont know what boys expect us to do?
we come for church. we come to feel the spirit, take the sacrament, and learn. and it just so happens that we like to look good while doing so.
is that such a crime?

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  1. I completely agree. I’ve heard this SO many times about the Arlington ward..and I’ve been in this ward for almost 3 years now! Whatever. We’ve been told by prophets to take care of ourselves and to make ourselves appealing to the opposite sex, right? Duh. Sorry that we’re super stylish boys.