TEE: Shopbop

JEANS: Rag & Bone


SANDALS: Sam Edelman

BRACELETS: c/o Mali Beads

PHONE CASE: c/o Plum Street Prints

LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Snob’ with MAC ‘Cut a Caper’ on top

David, Chauncey, and I went to the Farmer’s Market this weekend! It was so stinkin hot it seriously made me wonder how the heck I grew up in Arizona where it is 30 degrees hotter! Chauncey would never make it in Arizona either haha he stops for shade and water any chance he gets when it is 90 degrees out, poor thing.

Thanks for reading and have a good day! xx


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    1. Ah I actually don’t know.. it was just a color I picked out at the nail salon in California!!

  1. Where did you go for fireworks- Tempe town lake? I’ve found all the people there make it so much hotter! Just a quick question…contemplating getting rag and bone jeans- do they run big or small or about normal? Ps- love that toenail polish!

    1. I think the Rag and Bone’s run true to size! I am always a size 27 unless they run big then I am a 26 but for these I got a 27 and they fit like a glove!! Honestly, best jeans ever!! And we were just in some alley way in SLC ! The photographer had gotten the fireworks from a stand also in SLC! xx

  2. Dear amber,

    first comment here, but i ve been reading you for ages! 🙂
    and, since you found your puppy, i ve tried to resist… finally my fiancé & I will adopt “ike”, europeen retriever (as we live in west french coast), born the 30th of may.
    so, who says girls only love blogs for the outfits & shoes…`thanks to you we are going to have a dog 🙂
    i have sooooo many questions about his education , things we have to take care of etcetc… 🙂 i guess i will figure it out anyway !

    take care

    1. Johannah!! Oh my gosh that is so exciting!! How has it been going?! Ask any questions you want!! Honestly this is the first dog I have ever had! We had a dog growing up but I was too young to remember during the training days! So I am kinda figuring things out as we go, but we are learning a lot so ask away!! So fun that you live in France!! We are going to France in September! We fly into Marseilles and are road tripping along the French Riviera and Italian coast!! Maybe you guys and your dog could come meet us for lunch – if its not too far away that is!! xx

      1. Dear Amber,
        thank you so much for your reply 🙂
        we don’t have the puppy yet as he’s born the 30th of may, we have to wait at least 8 weeks but we already visited him at the farm. the guy who raise them has 50 permanent dogs! when we were there, 4 of his females had babies, so there was 36 puppies… soooo hard to resist right! 🙂
        in france, golden retriever are usually white, so people ask for the whiter but when i saw Chauncey, i immediatly fall in love with his fur, and so we asked for the reder…
        + i’m blonde but for i don’t know what mystery, i have red nuances sometimes, so my fiancé often call me the red blonde girl… now we’ll have a red puppy!

        anyway, i should take him home in a couple of weeks so maybe i’ll write you for advises.. maybe a new idea for your 2nd blog…

        so nice that you are coming to france! i read that you visited already the french riviera so you know a bit already. i spend lot of years on Porquerolles island, have you been there? you definitely have to take your husband at the “mas du langoustier”. thing is, you might never want to leave… 🙂
        if you need me to recommend some places to go, do not hesitate!
        you definitly chose the most beautiful part of france (in my opinion), with Paris of course! 🙂 but you also arleady been there anyway so you know…
        we live in the west coast now, close to the city of “nantes” so it’s about 700 miles but maybe we ‘ll visit my family who still live there so.. who knows!
        do you take Chauncey with you guys?

        have a very nice day,
        take care,


        1. Aww I am so happy for you!! You will love your pup!! We would visit Chauncey when he was still at the breeder’s home and it was always so hard to leave!! We love the red fur so I have to say, good choice 🙂 he will be darling, you’ll have to send me pics!!

          And I will definitely look into Porquerolles Island! That sounds amazing! We are starting in Marseilles and driving all the down to the almafi coast so let us know if there are any must see’s along the way! We have Cassis, Villefranche, Luberon Valley, St. Jean Cap Farat, and a few others on our list so far, for France at least!!

          No we can’t bring Chauncey 🙁 we are so sad to leave him! He is staying at my husband’s sister’s house so he will get to play with all their kids and probably won’t even realize we are gone!! 🙂

          Keep in touch!!!
          xx Amber

          1. Hi!
            It s tonna be an unforgettable trip that you are up to..
            So, have you book your hôtels/ b&b already?
            You absolutly have to visit “les calanques de cassis” + excellent vineyards, Marseille city (just the heart of it and do not spent to much Time there…),
            Maybe bandol but definitely the small village called le castelet, it s mainly a very famous race circuit, if you are lucky maybe you could enjoy old cars race…+ the village is so cute
            Then if you have Time, take a boat to enjoy a day in porquerolle island or if you like it wilder and uncivillized port cros Island + amazing diving place in the last one
            Before arriving in villefranche, have a look at the small high village of bormes les mimosa. You should also stop to eze village, maybe the big lake of sainte croix (and try the “boatbike” or à very funny bike on water…, or canyoning)
            There is also a inexpected city called port grimaud (don t go to grimaud, it s port grimaud that you are looking for but both are close)
            Maybe have a look in saint tropez… But it would be crowed for sûre…
            Then before crossing the border to italy, you Can spent Time in antibes and Juan les pins, grâce (the city of natural perfume factory)

            As you CAN imagine, there are plenty of other beautiful places but you CAN keep some for you next Time 🙂

            Hope i helped, if you got questions, feel free to ask. I spent 25years there so, it s kind of like my country 🙂

            Have a sunny day,

            Take care


          2. Oh my gosh this a huge help thank you so much for all the recommendations!! I have some of those on my list already but some of them I have never heard of and am definitely adding to our itinerary!! I lived in Annecy, France last summer so we may try to road trip up there too!! Thanks again girl it really helps so much to hear from a local!! xx

          3. Ho and the luberon is soooo beautiful too!! Fields of lavender everywhere and small villages as moustier sainte marie!

  3. which farmers market is this? i go to the one in peoria but i’m looking for others. i just realized you live in AZ as well. the weather is killing me too. LOL

    xoxo kerri

    1. Hey Kerri! I am actually in Provo and went to the Provo Farmer’s Market!! I don’t live in AZ anymore 🙂

  4. What fun! Loving this post Amber, isn’t the farmers market such a fun weekend activity?! I bet you’re dying in the heat with your hair down. It’s in the 90s today in FL (and humid…yuck) and I’m seriously considering chopping it all!

    Chelsea & The City

    1. Thanks girl!!! And yes I was! I put my hair up after these photos actually!! And I don’t know what I was thinking with the jeans! Let me know if you end up chopping your hair – scary!!! I am sure it will be so cute though

  5. Amber your dog is so cute! You should have a meetup for all the dog moms in the greater Salt Lake area. We have a 6 month old German Shepherd/Husky mix and she LOVES to play!

    1. Aw thanks!! And thats a good idea!! Maybe we will do that this weekend! Will you be in town?!

      1. Yeah that would be awesome! Anytime after 4 on Saturday will work for me since I work until 3:30. I actually work at Ruff House (doggy daycare/boarding/training/grooming place in Orem) so I always look forward to your posts with Chauncey.

        1. Aw so fun!! K well how about this Saturday at 5?! Do you know a good dog park in SLC or Provo?! I don’t know any!! Sad to say this will be Chaunceys first time!

          1. There weren’t any in Utah County but one just opened in Lehi! They still want to make it prettier but you can already bring your dogs. Want to just meet there? The address is 9800 W 8570 N in Lehi.

  6. That tee is amazing! And seriously, how the heck were you wearing jeans?! Haha I was dying all weekend in SHORTS! It’s been way too hot lately! But of course you look gorge as always!


    1. Jody!! Yeah no idea how I was wearing jeans – that was a bad idea haha! xoxo

  7. Hi Amber, yes I am so so happy that I bought them when I did! Girl, I absolutely love them!!! Hope you have a fabulous day pretty girl : )

  8. That tee is so great! + I love a good farmers market on the weekend! Looks like you enjoyed 🙂

  9. Such a fun summer tee & that puppy of yours- oh my god!

  10. Oh my goodness I love your phone case and your nail color! Do you know what it’s called?

    xx Alexandra

    1. You have the same ones!? I love them! Glad we got them before they sold out! 🙂

  11. cute sandals.
    And what nailpolish were you wearing?
    xx Stephanie (

  12. Chauncey is growing up so fast! Can’t believe he is so big already!!!! Looks like a lovely afternoon at the farmers market! Lovely as usual.
    Stay Amazing —

  13. oh poor wee pup, he is so precious. How did you even wear jeans in that weather lady!? :O You didn’t even look sweaty at all! if that was me my face would be melting and fringe will start separating haha Love a good farmers market…did you buy anything spesh? X

    1. Ahh I have no idea how I wore jeans haha that was a bad idea!! And no we didn’t buy anything.. we only had card and hardly anybody took card I was so surprised! Thanks for commenting!