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These are some pictures Tessa snapped of our fam on the beach in Thailand! Sure love these three a lottt!!! And I love the beach so all of us together on the beach – you know its gonna be good. We would always say this when we were living in Hawaii that its just hard to NOT be happy on the beach. Especially throw in a sunset and it gets all the feels going! Atticus was showing off his tumbling for Tessa – he has been taking this superhero tumbling class that he loves so any chance he gets he shows off his moves!

Over the weekend we celebrated Rosie’s second birthday and it was the best. We had a little party for her at my moms house last night and she felt like such a princess. She knew she was center of attention and she was loving it! It was the happiest I have ever seen her! She loved each present she got from people. I was laughing because she is such a sweet gift opener. She has such good reactions and gets so excited about everything.. she kept pulling the tissue paper out and saying “awww!” because she thought the tissue paper was the gift hah! It was so cute. But she would hug each gift so tight! She especially loved this little doggy that my grandma got her.. she slept with it last night and hasn’t let it go since.

This weekend Atticus ran a little Iron Kids race which was really fun and I took him to see the play Madagascar and he absolutely loved it! This theater in Phoenix has lots of fun kid friendly plays – its nice because they are pretty quick, about 35 min till intermission and then 30 min after. So perfect amount of time for littles and he just loved it. After it was over he was begging to watch it again 🙂 He really loves the one on one time. He can tell its special time and he gets really giddy.

I am just so excited for everything the rest of this year has in store. I feel like the months of November and December are sooo fun. David and I just booked a cooking class where we are going to learn to make Chinese takeout food — which if you know David you will know how excited he is because he lovvvves Chinese takeout 😉

Hope you guys had a good weekend!! I am off to do visiting teaching, work, then we are going swimming with cousins! xoxoxox

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  1. How did you like Thailand compared to order beaches?! I’m looking for a beach to visit on my honeymoon in May and would love suggestions!!

  2. Hey Amber,

    I am so in love with these pictures!! They really represent a happy family life and I am so exited to build my own little family one day *-* you really make me dream about that!
    Rosie is looking so so cute with her dress and her long hair and I can’t believe that she is only 2 years old!! Some kids don’t have any hair at that age 😀 haha!
    Are we going to see pictures from Rosies Birthday ? Really would love to see her as the big birthday girl <3

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  3. These pictures are so carefree and magical! Do you know what lens Tezza used for these pics?? Xmas is coming up so I want to add it to Santa’s list! Haha.

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the year…that cooking class sounds amazing!


  4. These pictures are gorgeous!! So so pretty! And that Chinese takeout cooking class sounds so fun 😉 Also, I have to know who you use in AZ for your spray tans! They look so natural and pretty all the time!


  5. Oh my, I hadn’t read your blog in quite a while, and was soooo shocked when I saw how big Atticus had gotten !! What a wonderful family you two have <3


  6. These pictures are just precious!!! How is Rosie already 2!?!? Last night I had a dream that you were pregnant with another baby girl

  7. Amazing photos! Do you know which lens (and camera) did Tessa used to take these shots? Hugs!