Barefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde^^He wouldn’t leave the house without bringing his marker and sharpie…. and he didn’t let go of them for the following few hours. And not going to lie – few things terrify me more than seeing him hold a sharpie in our apartment … so I gladly agreed to go outside for a bit and let him keep his marker ha.Barefoot Blonde^^This picture is out of focus but i still really really love itBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde^^How I have to carry him these days! Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

COAT: Canada Goose // SWEATER: BB Dakota // SHIRT: Enza Costa // JEANS: Citizens of Humanity // BOOTS: UGG // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // David – COAT: D-Struct (Sold out simlar here) // JEANS: Old Navy // BOOTS: UGG // BEANIE: Slouch Headwear // Atticus – COAT: Zara // BOOTS: UGG

These are just some random pictures from a walk in the park we took over the weekend! We had a pretty chill weekend … David and I went on a date night to The Spotted Pig and we planned on seeing a movie but made a rookie mistake of thinking they wouldn’t be sold out (and they were) so I talked David into doing some reflexology with me. We went to Norma’s .. watched football .. had dinner at a friends house .. played at the park .. and not much else! Today I am busy getting last minute things ready for baby girl. We have had her bassinet and some other random things in boxes on our balcony to save space but we are finally busting them out today. I go in tomorrow night and I am so excited!! The good thing about having a scheduled induction is that I can plan everything. I was really stressed about going into labor and not having anyone available to watch Atticus during it all so its nice that I have everything squared away for him.     ……………. and that I can conveniently plan my hair appointment … haha.

Last night Atticus kept waking up in the middle of the night wanting to cuddle and I loved every second of it. Not that I won’t be able to do that once baby girl comes but I still am just soaking up my last couple days of having 100% attention on him. It is kind of fun because Atticus was also born on the 18th so they will be exactly 17 months apart. A lot of you have asked if he knows whats going on but I really don’t think he does. I mean, when I ask him “where is your little sister?” he will come lift up my shirt and pat my belly and blow on it (sometimes if I am lucky he will give it a kiss ha) but I can’t tell if I have trained him to think my belly is little sister or if he realizes something is going on in there. Who knows! All I know is I am fully prepared for their first time meeting to be totally anticlimactic. I know I would love for it to be the sweetest thing ever and I am sure it will be in my eyes regardless but I am prepared for him to be 100% disinterested haha. We plan to be verrrrry quiet when he meets her the first time and not get too excited because sometimes that kind of freaks him out and makes him all shy. So we are just gonna plop them next to each other and see what happens. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly can’t sleep at night because my mind races with all these thoughts of having her home with us and spending the holidays together etc.

ALSO – I wanted to post these pics because this coat is the PERFECT coat for if you are pregnant but don’t want to invest in a maternity coat for winter. I mean, my belly is pretttty large and it zips up just fine because of the stretchy sidings. I was looking into some maternity coats for the little bit I would need one but they are honestly pretty expensive for a coat you will wear for a few months or so. So anyways, this is a good option to invest in if you want something you can wear pregnant or not.


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  1. Such a Beautiful family. your kid is so cute. You guys really seems perfect family like every want as happy and small. By the way, thank you so much for sharing such an amazing images.

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  2. Amber I need help finding something similar to this coat! It’s sold out and I have literally had it in my head since you posted this for if I ever got pregnant and would be through winter months. I searched for this post just to find it!

  3. Love that I just stumbled upon such a fun blog! I love all your photos- great quality- would you mind sharing what camera/ lens you love/ use most? Thanks

  4. You are such an inspiration. Love seeing all your pictures. Congrats on your new baby girl, she’s beautiful and I think she looks so much like
    Atticus. Can’t get over how beautiful your family is. How do you do it traveling so much ? That’s something I want to be able to do when I have my own family. Xoxo !!!!

    1. You are too nice!! Thanks so much!! They totally look alike huh?! I love it 🙂 And luckily David and I can take our work with us anywhere so we love to incorporate traveling into our lives and my work at the same time! xo

  5. Congrats on your sweet baby girl! Would love it if you did a post on picture storage- obviously you guys take a lot of pics, but where do you store them? I’m looking at different options, but thought you guys might have some insights.

    1. Thanks so much!! 🙂 And that is a great idea! We use a hard drive but I know Dropbox is a great option too.

  6. Are you going to blog Rosie’s birth story? Loved reading about Atticus’ birth 🙂

      1. I don’t know how you do it with SO many comments, but I really appreciate the response!

        1. I try my best but sometimes fall behind so thank you for being patient!! 🙂 xo

  7. Love this! Such a beautiful family in a beautiful place…and smiles all around. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your world with us 🙂

  8. Hi Amber! Congrats on your baby girl, she’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! I found out your blog recently and I have to say that your pictures are amazing, I’d wanna know how do you do to make the photos have that color? The autumn one are so cute and warm 🙂 I’m going to make a trip really soon and i’d like to take some pictures like the ones you take.
    Enjoy your little girl, kisses from Spain 🙂

  9. I feel like this is probably somewhere on your blog, but what kind of camera so you have/use? Your photos are amazing.

  10. Such gorgeous photos in the park and of course you all look spot on! Can’t wait to see the pictures of your baby girl and her big brother. All the best!

    ISA Professional

  11. Sorry if this already posted, it keeps giving me an error message, so here goes haha

    I keep checking back everyday to see if there is a baby post haha I saw on instagram/twitter once you posted and she is so precious! Obviously you are taking some time off to adjust to your new little sweetie and spend some time together so I am not surprised you haven’t blogged yet. Take your time getting back to it and I will be here ready to read how things are going!! Congratulations to you and your whole family!!

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  12. I keep checking back everyday to see if there is a baby post haha I saw on instagram/twitter once you posted and she is so precious! Obviously you are taking some time off to adjust to your new little sweetie and spend some time together so I am not surprised you haven’t blogged yet. Take your time getting back to it and I will be here ready to read how things are going!! Congratulations to you and your whole family!!

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  13. Your blog is wonderful, I’m obsessing over these pictures! I know you’ve stated in earlier posts that you use Lightroom, but what presets do you use? Really curious! Thank you 🙂

  14. Amber!!!! CONGRATS on your baby girl!!!!!!! I am so excited for you guys! I missed instagram (somehow) and got on here thinking she must have had her baby by now! I love that they have the same date of birth. My first and second daughters are (7/27 & 9/27) exactly 14 months apart too! Having the same birth date is such a fun special thing for them to share (and easy for everyone else to remember!)
    xo, tara

  15. You are such an inspiration of mine! I have never seen such a happy baby and I admire you and your husband so much for how much devotion you give your son. It really makes me happy that he gets so much love and attention from you both and hopefully more parents can take a leave out of your book! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl, Rosie, she is one lucky baby to have a family such as your own 🙂

    P.s. I am in love with Atticus’ excited leaf face, I don’t think much else can beat how adorable that is!

    Anna xxx

  16. You are so gorgeous! I love your style and hair and you are such a role model for people everywhere. Also congratulations on your baby girl. She is so precious!

  17. Love your blog! I hope your delivery went as well as possible and you and baby girl are healthy and happy.


  19. Love love these cute photos. Cutest pregnant lady ever! I have a quick question for you ,I know you liked using the Kate Somerville tan towels and I just ordered some and was wondering if u have any tips and tricks u have learned with trouble areas such as hands,feet, knees etc? I typically use a dry barrier oil on these areas with my spray tans but wasn’t sure how it would do with these?! Also how does this fade is it a nice gradual fade off or do u typically have to scrub it off for hours,( ha) after a week or so and ready for it to come off?

  20. Awwww Amber!!!!!! Welcome sweet angel!!!!! Just beautiful! Congratulations to you, David, Atticus and can’t forget Chauncey!!!!! Much ❤️❤️ Always!!!!!

  21. Hii Amber. How are you now? I had written to you earlier. I congratulate for baby. Your baby very pretty. She looks her baby big brother and beautiful like you. I want ask question ‘ where are living you?

  22. Congratulations on little Rosie! She is so beautiful! Isn’t it cool that her and Atticus are 17 months apart to the day?!?! Have a nice relaxing time with your new little baby!

  23. Hi, I am a huge fan of yours and just saw photos of your new precious little girl, Rosie! I just wanted to reach out to you about sending you a blanket and one for your baby as well as a gift. The company I work for would love for you to review them on your blog. They specialize in luxury baby items such as bedding, blankets, car seat covers, etc. I will try to attach a photo of an example of a blanket. If it does not work I will be happy to send you a picture if you get back with me. I look forward to hearing from you! (:
    Posting again without the picture just in case the first did not go through.

  24. Hi, I am a huge fan of yours and just saw photos of your new precious little girl, Rosie! I just wanted to reach out to you about sending you a blanket and one for your baby as well as a gift. The company I work for would love for you to review them on your blog. They specialize in luxury baby items such as bedding, blankets, car seat covers, etc. I will try to attach a photo of an example of a blanket. If it does not work I will be happy to send you a picture if you get back with me. I look forward to hearing from you! (:
    Photo: /Users/admin/Desktop/1492753_10151845284356200_98361343_o.jpeg
    p.s. I tried to post this once before & could not find it, so I apologize if it did work and I posted twice.

  25. Hi, I am a huge fan of yours and just saw pictures of your new precious little girl, Rosie! I wanted to reach out to you so I could possibly send you a free blanket and also one for your baby as a gift! The company I work for would love for you to review them on your blog. I will try to link an attachment of an example of a one of our blankets. If it does not work I will send you an example if you email me. I look forward to hearing from you. (: Picture here: /Users/admin/Desktop/1492753_10151845284356200_98361343_o.jpeg

  26. This is such a cute shoot – and perfect fall outfits – all of you! P.S. Congrats on your new baby girl! So exciting!

  27. Merhaba Amber, ben bir Türküm seni yakından takip ediyorum ileride senin gibi bi hayatim olmasini diliyorum iyi bir insansan hep mutlu ol

  28. Beautiful coat!! Your photos are so cute!! And, so excited for you!!

  29. I just love this blog post. Such gorgeous and sweet photography. Good luck with delivery!!

  30. Hi Amber,
    This is so exciting ! Sending you best wishes and blessings for your easy delivery and you healthy beautiful baby girl !
    Will love to see pic and hear what her name will be.
    I Love following your blog and admire the integrity you have maintained as it has grown . Congratulations on everything !
    X 🙂 Ellen

  31. I wouldn’t be too surprised if little Atticus actually knew what was going on. Babies can be very observant and mindful, but I could be wrong too. I can’t wait to hear about his reaction to your baby girl!

  32. Atticus’ face when he was sitting on David’s shoulders <3 THAT FACE THOUGH!!! 😀

  33. I can’t wait to see your beautiful baby girl and to see what you guys named her! I love the name Atticus, it’s so cute and original, so I’m sure I’ll love baby girl’s name too. 🙂 It’s going to be SO ADORABLE seeing how Atticus interacts with his little sister. I bet he will love her! Good luck with the delivery and I’ll be checking all your medias to see when she’s finally here! 😀 P.S. Good thing you were able to get your hair and nails and everything done right before so you don’t have to worry about it for a while, ha! I did the same thing when I was pregnant. <3

  34. I’m only 15 and I can’t wait for this excitement one day! Any ideas on names yet??! Best of luck! Xoxo!

  35. Hi Amber! My name is Lizzie, and I am a 22-year-old living in San Francisco. I started following your blog about a year ago, but I have never commented before. I just wanted to say good luck with the birth, and congratulations on the new addition to your family. Your baby girl is going to be surrounded by love. I hope everything goes smoothly for you, and I can’t wait to see the photos. You are something of an inspiration to me, and I hope to raise my future family with as much love as you do yours. Can’t wait to follow along as baby girl grows up. All the best from the West Coast! Sending you good vibes.

  36. Good luck with everything and the new baby, I know its happening tomorrow so just wanted to say congratulations and good luck!! Everything will turn out perfect! Sending love your way!

  37. So close!!! Just wanted to drop a line to ya as a faithful follower and wish you and your family all the best with the addition of your new lil baby girl. Such an exciting time and we all cant wait to hear the birth story and see pics- and holy heck how do you do it? you look amazing!! Much Love from Seattle

  38. I am soooooooo excited for you guys and I cannot wait to see what she looks like and to find out about her name! I also know she is going to be the best dressed baby girl in Manhattan! Good luck with your delivery and I hope everything goes very smoothly! 🙂

  39. Amber, I am so excited for you and your family with the arrival of your baby girl! I wanted to make sure you knew that you are in my prayers for a safe delivery and that you and baby girl will be so healthy and happy as can be! Also, you may have noticed that for a good while now I have been MIA, but I promise you that no matter now busy this life of mine has been lately ha ha, I have still made sure I would read your posts and as always I enjoyed all of your pictures of the ever so BIG BOY Atticus and you and David! I have told you in the past, but I wanted to remind you that you are my Favorite Blogger and I love seeing how far you have come in this blogging world since I started following you a few good years ago! Continue being you and being real as you have been and I know you will always be Blessed and so Happy! Again, you are in my prayers for tomorrow, and I am just so stinking excited to see your baby girl and hear the birth story!!!! Seems like yesterday I had my baby girls, but Man they grew up way too fast!!!! Have a great last day being Pregnant Amber and Best wishes!!!! xo from NC!!

    1. Thank you SO much Michelle!! I loved reading this!! You are the absolute sweetest!! 🙂 I appreciate the positive words!! We are so excited to meet her!! And I just wanted to say it means the world to me that you follow along and take time to write such a thoughtful comment. I feel the love from NC!! YOU made my day!! xoxo

  40. I love that you have planned exactly how the intro is going to go. Sounds like a great one!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Best wishes for tomorrow!!

    Random question – When you guys are out as a family, how do you take family pics? Do you bring a tripod or ask a passerby?

    Sara Kate Styling

    1. Haha totally!! I couldn’t help it 😉 And thanks so much!! I appreciate the well wishes!! Oh and to answer your question, we do both!! We have used a tripod/self timer, and asked strangers!! Whatever works!! xo

  41. I’m just so excited for you guys. I so enjoy following you and the pictures/genuine narration that you share. You’ll be in my prayers today! xoxo

  42. I don’t know why but I’m sooo excited for you guys!! It kinda feels like I’m a part of this all and I love it!! Can’t wait to see the little baby girl and Atticus together ???? I wish you guys the best of luck 🙂 hope it all goes well! ????????????

    1. Thank you so much!! And I love that you say that because I can’t wait to share our little angel with everyone!! 🙂 Thanks again for the sweetest comment!! Love ya! xo

  43. I’m so excited as well! Baby girl is almost here ????. I will be praying for you so everything goes perfect.
    I have a 10 months old and I’m planning to get pregnant really soon. I’m definitely getting all your outfits since last time I didn’t really put much effort on how I looked and I regret it so much right now. I don’t have many cute pictures with my belly.
    I loved the coat! As always you look amazing 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks so much!! That means a lot to me!! I am hoping everything goes smoothly!! Ahh I am counting down the hours 🙂 Thanks again!! xoxo

  44. I’m so happy that it’s finally here 🙂 And she will also share my Birthday on the 18th! I’m going to miss seeing your pregnancy style – You totally rock the ‘having a baby’ look!

    Good luck Amber, I hope everything goes well and I can’t wait to hear baby girls name! xx

    1. Me too!! I can hardly wait!!! Thanks for the well wishes! It means a lot to me 🙂

  45. Lots of prayers for you and your family. Hope everything goes smoothly! I probably won’t be able to sleep thinking on Atticus and meeting his baby sister. Can’t wait to read about new baby girl!!!

  46. Eek! So soon! Hoping everything goes perfectly and that you make a speedy recovery. Good luck girl! Can’t wait to see some pics and find out the name!!!

    1. I know!!! I am counting down the hours at this point!! Thanks for the well wishes!!! xo

  47. haha the sharpie!! there can be a pile of washable markers and crayons but it’s ALWAYS the sharpie!! –

  48. These pictures are sooooo adorable I mean Atticus’s facial expression in them is just priceless. My little girl is just a few days older than him and I see her learning exploring and going through similar things and doing some of the same faces????
    I am one if the people who purchased a Leesa mattress after reading your posts about it and how easy it was to get and set up. Well you were 100% spot on it was so so easy and much better then going and hauling a mattress and it is so comfortable. My boyfriend and I have been sleeping better than we ever have! ( we had a king size pillow top before, and purchased a king this time as well) this mattress blows our old one out of the water! We are even planning on purchasing 2 more for our girls! Thank you for turning us onto this mattress we love love love it!
    Good luck on Wednesday I can’t wait to see pictures of her beautiful face!
    Take care❤️

    1. Thank you so much Jessie!! I am so happy you like the pictures 🙂 And aw how sweet!! I wish they could meet!! I bet she’s a doll! And YAY!! I am so glad you love your new mattress! We were so satisfied with the whole experience so I am happy to hear that!! Thanks for sharing your feedback!! And thanks for the well wishes with baby girl!! It means a lot to me! xo

  49. You’re making me so excited for my little girl to come in February! I wonder what name you picked! She will be such a doll, and I hope you have a pain-free safe delivery! Xo

    1. Aww yay!! How exciting for you 🙂 And I can’t wait to share her name so soon!! We are so excited! Thanks for the well wishes!! xo

  50. Eeee!!! So exciting! Little does that sweet baby know how many people are anticipating her arrival. 🙂 I hope everything goes great! You can do it, mama!

    1. Yay!! Thank you so much!! I can’t wait for her to make her debut into this world 🙂 xo

  51. I’m so excited that tomorrow is the day the baby girl is going to be born. Absolutely stunned how amazingly beautiful you are when you are and aren’t pregnant. Hope everything goes well tomorrow ! Best of wishes <3

    1. I am literally shaking of excitement!! Yay!! Thanks for the kind and positive words Emily!! xoxo

  52. So happy and excited for you! I was induced with both of mine and quite honestly, I was scared to death and beyond excited both times. It’s different with two and I was a little sad that I wouldn’t have the same snuggling time, etc.. but it truly is amazing. And you can see the love each other. And I’m just excited to see when other people have that too. It’s really amazing.

    Good luck in there babe! You’re a wonderful mama and going to be double when your baby girl arrives! Congrats, thinking of you and sending lots of love!


    Sarah |

    1. Thank you so much Sarah!! I can’t wait for her!!! 🙂 And aww I am so excited for that! I know Atticus will adore her!! Thanks for the well wishes! It really means a lot to me. I love feeling the positive vibes!! xoxo

  53. YAYY!!! So so so happy for you and your family! Can’t wait to hear about baby girl’s birth! 🙂 I will be praying and thinking of you tomorrow!

  54. My birthday is November 18th! It’s a great day to have a birthday! So happy for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it and her name.

  55. So excited for you and your family!!!! Such beautiful pictures!!!! Can’t wait for that beautiful angel to arrive!!! ???????? your are truly stunning and amazing Amber!!! Atticus is so so darn adorable!! ❤️????❤️????

    1. Thank you so much Lori!! You totally made my day!! I appreciate the well wishes with baby girl!! 🙂

  56. You are such a wonderful mom! I’ve been following you on Instagram and every time I look at one of you photos I just think to myself wowww you must be the luckiest person ever, I mean you got a great husband and the cutest son ever and soon to be the cutest daughter. I wish love and hope for everything to go well tommorow❤️❤️
    Ines (_ines_33)
    Ps: Right me back, I would love to hear about you????

    1. Thank you so much Ines!! That is so kind of you to say 🙂 I appreciate it!!! And thanks for the well wishes for baby girl!! we are so excited to meet her!! xo

  57. My goodness it is finally here! Im beyond ecstatic for y’all and your newest addition to your beautiful family! Will be praying for nothing but a safe and easy delivery for baby girl! Cannot wait to see photos of her and I just know that Atticus being the ladies man that he is will be an amazing older brother!

    1. I can’t believe it!!! She will be here tomorrow yaya!!! So excited 🙂 Thanks for the positive words!! It means a lot to me! xo

    1. Thank you so much Olivia!! You are so sweet!! I am so happy you are following along 🙂 xo

  58. EEEEEEP so excited for you guys!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see that little beauty! xooxoxoxo

  59. I can’t even contain my excitement for your family! I thought about you all weekend long, and will continue to do so until I know your little girl has arrived safely. Blessings on this amazing time! I can’t wait to hear about the first meeting between your two little ones. It’s going to be so precious, no matter what!

    Also, I just love these beautiful photos. You all look so happy!!

    1. You are the cutest!! Thank you so much!! I am counting down the hours 🙂 xoxo

  60. This is so freaking adorable! I’m super excited for you and your family to have the little girl to come! I can’t wait to hear the story of how Atticus meets his little sister, but I’m sure it’s gonna be the stinking cutest thing ever! <3

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  61. You guys look SO cute and happy and wonderful! TWO MORE DAYS!!! That’s so sweet that they will be so close. My husband and his younger sister and the same age gap and they have always been so close! And watching home videos of the two of them growing up together was just the best thing ever. Atticus and baby girl will be BEST friends, for a lifetime!! That jacket is super cute as well!

    xo Angela

    1. Thank you so much!! And YAY!! SO CLOSE!!! I can hardly wait!! And aw how sweet! I am happy they will be so close in age too 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!! Love ya!! xo

  62. How exciting!!! I’m expecting a baby girl too, turned 38 weeks today 🙂 I love seeing all your pregnancy pics/outfits they are adorable and I thought it was pretty cool it was throughout the same seasons as my pregnancy because I definitely got inspired by a lot of them. Since this is my first pregnancy it gave me great ideas of how to dress my bump! Wish you and your family the best!

    1. Thanks so much!! And yay for you too!! You’re right behind me 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! xo

  63. I loved this post! The photos are lovely (your hair looks amazing like that btw!!), and the post is so thoughtful and inspiring. It must be really exciting being so close to the birth!! You’ll probably read this afterwards, so I hope it goes/ went really well! xxxxx

    1. Thank you Amy!! You are too kind 🙂 I appreciate the well wishes with baby girl!! xoxo

  64. I know I speak for all of your blog readers and fans when I wish you good luck tomorrow! Cannot wait to hear how Atticus reacts to his new baby sister! Sending lots of love from Rhode Island. xo

  65. You are such a lovely family! I just love reading your posts and looking at all of your sweet pics! I wish you the best for the birth of your second child. I can´t wait to see your baby girl 🙂

    xxx, Lena

  66. I’m not going to lie …. I lay in bed when I first wake up and do my usual social media searches and I’ve been looking at your insta and blog to see if there’s anymore baby news. I am waaaaaay to excited to see your beautiful baby girl! From being a viewer since Atticus, it’s so exciting seeing your family grow!! Looks like the wait will be over shortly! Love you, your posts, and your family!

    1. Ahh you are so cute!!! Thanks so much for the support Emily!! It means a lot to me!! Love ya!! xo

  67. Amber, It really does feel like yesterday when you announced you were due in November, and i thought on man that is so far away. And now the day is finally here! I can’t wait for her NAME!!!!!! OMG, so excited! I’m praying for a healthy , happy baby and a safe delivery for you! Babies bring so much Joy and love and I know Atticus will not know what to do but i think he is going to give her the biggest smile. He will have her now to go through life with and there is nothing better than that. BTW – you look amazing! xoxo (GOOD LUCK DARLING)

    1. Seriously!! I can’t believe the day is finally here!! We can’t wait!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for the well wishes for baby girl!! It means so much to me! xoxo

  68. I was a little confused at first when I saw the coat zipped over your belly (wondering if it was maternity) and then I saw the side panels! How perfect is that! I will pass this along to my friends who are due in early spring! Good luck with your delivery!! How incredibly exciting!!


  69. Hi Amber! These photos are the cutest????

    Since you mentioned your hair Appointment it reminded me to ask you – did you color your hair throughout pregnancy? I want to color mine so bad but not sure if I should wait!


    1. Thanks so much Shannon!! I am so glad you liked them 🙂 And yes! I colored my hair throughout my pregnancy! It is totally safe for the baby if that is what you are worried about! xo

      1. Thank you so much for answering! Seeing your family photos and bump pics makes me so happy and so excited for you! Love and positivity to you and baby girl tonight! Xoxo!! Can’t wait to see her!

  70. oh my goshh!!! so many crazy things to consider when you have a second child!!! I am so stoked for you and your fam!!! She is lucky to have mama like you, I bet she is just as excited to meet you! ps that picture of A on David’s shoulders.. A’s face LOL that face kills me!!! what a sweet boy he will make a good big brother!

    1. Ahh I know!! It will be so different we are so excited!! 🙂 Thanks for the positivity!! You are too kind!!! xoxo

  71. Just FYI inductions can sometimes take several days! So depending on when things get started on Wednesday, and how quickly everything goes, your baby girl might not actually be born on that day. She totally could, but it’s just possible she would be born the next day or the day after. congratulations in advance!!

    1. Thanks Sage!! And I know that 😉 It does take quite a bit longer! I was induced with Atticus so I am prepared for it!! xo

    1. Thank you!! We are so excited for her 🙂 And SO READY haha! Thanks for the love!! xo

  72. adorable pictures!! such a beautiful fall background – your walls must just be covered with all the amazing frame-worthy pics you guys take!! I am so excited for you and your growing family!! good luck with everything over the next few days!!

    xoxo Stephanie

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie!! I am so glad you like them 🙂 And aww thank you!! We are so excited!! xo

  73. Hi Amber!! I just wanted to say that I am praying for you and hope all goes well tomorrow.
    I pray that you will have little pain and that your baby girl will come out safely and easily!! I am so happy for you and your family!! much love xo

    1. Thank you so much Hannah!! That means so much to me!! I appreciate the positive words!! xo

  74. These pictures are the sweetest! I’m so excited for you that your baby girl is coming so soon! I ended up being induced with my first and it was so nice! I’m pregnant again, and although I only 3.5 months along I am already worrying about who will watch my little girl ha, so I know exactly what you mean. Congrats again! You seem to be such a good momma!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. Thank you so much Rachel!! You are so sweet!! I love hearing from other mamas! The support means a lot to me!! xo

  75. Loved your blog and also the pictures! Hope your delivery goes great. Such a beautiful family!

    1. I think so too 😉 I can’t wait to see them together!!! Thanks for sweet comment Lauren! xo

  76. So excited for you! I have 2 boys, both born on July 21 three years apart. It’s easy to remember! II will check your posts this week for pictures and her name!

    1. Thanks so much Pamela!! And NO WAY!! That’s so cool!! And yes! Stay tuned for her debut 😉 xo

  77. These pics are so cute! I would be scared having a sharpie in the house too! Haha. So excited for you guys to all meet your baby girl! I am sure Atticus will be the best big brother! All the best tomorrow Amber!


    1. Thanks so much Danielle!! And oh I know!! I was terrified haha! And aww thank you!! We cannot wait!!! 🙂

  78. LOVE that coat. It would be perfect for Chicago winters! I am so happy and excited for your family – I’ll be sending lots of happy thoughts and prayers your way tomorrow. I hope you spend lots of time snuggling and relaxing… as much as I want to see a thousand pictures of your perfect little baby girl! It’s been so fun being able to follow along in your pregnancies and watching your family grow. Here’s to praying everything goes just as it should and you have a very healthy baby girl in your arms soon! Best wishes to you, David, Atticus, Chauncey, and baby girl!!

    1. Thanks so much!! It is definitely my go-to coat lately 🙂 And aw thank you!! We are so so excited!! I appreciate the well wishes so much!! xo

  79. Ah these pictures are so cute and beautiful! Your baby girl will share my mom’a birthday AND Mickey mouse’s birthday!!! Can’t wait for her to be here! Excited for you and your family xoxo

    1. Ahh I know!! I can hardly wait!!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment Carly!! 🙂

  80. Seeing all the love in your photos makes me so happy. It also makes me focus on the fact that there are more wonderful parents than horrible. All the news reports about child abuse breaks my heart, so it’s nice to see you guys and remind myself that there is more good than bad. I mean, I look at my family and realize that also. Ok, now I’m not making sense. Anyways. I love your cute family, and I am excited for you to meet your baby girl!!! (Hopefully I don’t come across as a stalker lol.) 😉

    1. Aww thank you so much! That is so nice of you!! I am so glad you liked the post 🙂 And no, you totally made sense!! I loved hearing from you!! xoxo