Fall Leaves in Vermont + A Life Update

One of our days in Vermont we went to a pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins to carve! Then we found a pretty spot off the side of the road where we carved our pumpkins. Atticus requested a batman pumpkin and Rosie wanted a dolphin! It sure makes me feel proud how much that girl loves dolphins 😉

I would talk more about Vermont but I feel like I already have in the other Vermont posts so I will give you a little update on life! I am in New York right now – just flew out earlier today and I am here for some press meetings the next couple of days. I am excited to be out here but I have been feeling sick and my back has been hurting SO bad. I hate to sound like a complainer but truly my back has been hurting sooo bad this pregnancy. It is almost unbearable some days where I can barely bend over to put pants or shoes on. And sometimes I have to roll out of bed because it hurts to sit up – haha ahh sounds so pathetic but really it just kills! Anything you guys do to help your back? Going to make the best of being out here though and go to my favorite food spots and take an extra long walk around Central Park. 🙂

What I Wore : Jeans (similar here & here) | Sweater | Beanie 

I am going to be totally honest and say that right now in life I feel so unsettled and extremely anxious mostly because of the new house. It is weird knowing we are going to move and feeling so temporary, and the people we are renting from want us out haha because we have been in longer than we said we would be and they want to rent it on airbnb. I feel so anxious for it to be done but it is such a slow process that it kinda stresses me out ha. Especially with a baby on the way. Again not trying to complain but this is a big reason why I have been MIA on social media when we are home – most of the time I don’t feel like I am ever “home” and have been extreeeemely busy with so many projects, the kids and their activities, and the new house feels like a second full time job lately with how much it requires of our time.

BUT I am so grateful to build a house – obviously. Like going to sob when we move in, truly. Also so happy because we just met with A’s teachers and they had the best things to say and he is also making so many new friends that it makes me so happy. I am planning Rosie’s Skye (from Paw Patrol) birthday party – it is going to be all things Paw Patrol and I can’t wait. We are going to Hawaii soon which I am so looking forward to. We are spending Thanksgiving here in AZ which is going to be really fun since we haven’t been with my family for Thanksgiving in like 4 or 5 years. I have somehow gained far less this pregnancy than I have at this stage with my last pregnancies – I will talk more about this in another post but I am excited about that. And lastly, very excited for Halloween coming up and so are the kids – they chose our costume this year and they ask every day if they can wear their costumes yet!

Have a good week everyone!!!

A Beautiful October Day in Vermont

I kid you not you guys, these hills are evvverywhere and are 100 times more beautiful in person!!! One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my entire life. We were on a drive on Lincoln Gap Road going from Shelburne to Warren and we passed this amazing swing hanging from a tree! We saw a home way up above it and drove up to go ask them if we could use it and then had the best time playing on it!

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  1. Hey Amber! I really never comment, but I totally feel your back pain! I’ve been through it with my last 3 pregnancies, and I’ve found that a tremendous help was to go to a women’s health physical therapist. They specialize in many issues, but a biggie is back pain during pregnancy. Even a few visits put me back on track, and made running after my 2 and 3 year old with a big belly feasible again! Good luck and hope you feel better

  2. I had terrible back pain in my first trimester and early into my second. Lower back pain, like right above my butt – some days I found it hard to walk or sit up! I went to a chiropractor (but I could still lay flat on my stomach…..so this might be totally irrelevant…), but he basically massaged and used some sort of tool on my lower back, butt, and hips to get massive knots out and try and get me better aligned. I always felt better after the appointment and the pain eventually subsided. Honestly though, not sure if it was his magic, or just the natural progression of my pregnancy. Hope you find some relief soon!

  3. You don’t need to apologize for venting! Most of us are mom’s with little ones too an no one is perfect.ツ For the back pain, I saw a chiropractor throughout my entire pregnancy… a lengthy comment, but wanted to give you the whole picture. I started going originally for my migraines (back issues never addressed from a car accident when I was 12) turns out my atlas at the base of my neck is constantly going out of place. In my x-rays she discovered I had a tilted pelvis which would make it harder for us to get pregnant (just started trying). After regular visits, we got pregnant within 3 months and my migraines were gone. Since the ligaments loosen up from all of the hormones, I had to continue seeing her weekly versus graduating to maintenance appointments (once every 2 weeks or once a month). Anytime I felt uncomfortable or my back pain was keeping me in bed, I immediately got an appt with her and instant relief. She would be able to feel where I was having issues and explain how it was effecting other areas that I forgot to tell her about. I was also on bed rest for 5 months so I was uncomfortable pretty much the entire time. She moved a couple weeks after I gave birth and I have since struggled finding a chiropractor as intuitive and personable as she, but the pain-relief for you alone is worth the search of looking into one. Another benefit was that she was able to keep my pelvis from tilting through my entire pregnancy which would have made it harder for the baby to travel through the birth canal. It kept trying to go back to its original state before seeing her and with keeping up my regular visits, my son was delivered in 6 easy pushes (second child, 10 years a part), no cone head. I hope you’re able find some relief from the pain soon!

  4. Remember to take a deep breath, focus on the present moment, and take more time for rest. You are hardworking, powerful, and a constant source of inspiration for so many of us. I hope some of the tips in the comment section help alleviate your back pain.

    By the way, I love all the shades of orange in the photos above. Fall will always be my favorite time of the year.

    Happy Thursday

  5. So sweet and honest! Can totally relate on so many fronts. Having little kiddos/being pregnant on top of the uncertainties of moving is a lot! I am glad you vented because…it’s real and relatable! We moved when I was 9 months pregnant with my second. Almost a year later we are still waiting to move into our long term home. Thankful for happy healthy kids and will also be thankful for that home, when it comes 🙂 Wishing you all the best. xoxoxo

  6. You should check out Expecting and Empowered- pregnancy/postpartum exercise guides created by 2 sisters (one is a women’s PT). Their Instagram has a lot of helpful info for dealing (and preventing!) common preggo pains!

  7. I have scoliosis so I deal with back pain all the time and especially when I was pregnant. Biofreeze was my best friend and I bought one of those pregnancy belly braces that took a lot of the weight off my back. Maybe it could help you 🙂

  8. oh i’m so sorry to hear that your back has been achey! i so relate!! i have to say… a body pillow [or at least a pillow between your legs while sleeping!] has helped me, as well as visits to the chiropractor! he taped my belly and back a few times for support and that was AMAZING!! you can leave it for a week or longer! i also reluctantly got one of those belly support things off of amazon and also felt like that helped when i was going to be on my feet doing chores or something! i hope you get less achey soon!
    xoxo b | http://www.lifeofcharmings.com

  9. Currently a week and a half over due and the back pain is real!! The biggest thing that helps for me is wearing really supportive shoes, prenatal massages, and stretching my entire legs out, like calves quads hamstrings and everything. Good luck!!

  10. Hey Amber! I love this post’s pictures. This is so beautiful and just puts me in the fall spirit looking at them. I definitely need to travel there. Only one question, what lipstick are you wearing? It is stunning. 😍

  11. I want to a prenatal/postnatal chiropractor during and after pregnancy because my back hurt sooooo bad. I couldn’t even walk up the stairs or pick up my toddler. The chircopractic adjustments worked like a charm. I was a little nervous doing it because of the pregnancy, but the woman I went to specialized in pregnant women with back problems. Look and see if there is someone in your area!!!

  12. Hi Amber! First time commenting here since the post really spoke to me. During pregnancy, a magnesium deficiency can be super common which can easily affect our joints, muscles, and cause some cruddy pain. I used magnesium spray from awholesomehome.com and it saved me with my twins! Plus, they have amazing products that are geared for baby. All natural and holistically minded. ❤️ Hope that helps you!

  13. I can’t wait for your post on staying fit during pregnancy! My husband and I are currently trying for #3 ourselves and my last pregnancy, I gained more weight than I wanted to. I was nervous about being too active since my first baby was early. So excited to see all your pregnancy and family posts! Vermont looks amazing!

  14. For back pain during pregnancy go see a chiropractor. For real life saver, also acupuncture for nausea. I pray you don’t have back labor it is the worst! Good luck mama love following your journey.

  15. NOT a doctor but could be how babe is positioned. In my own personal experience chiropractor was a life savor for back pain. Some days I couldn’t walk but chiro literally changed that! Good luck mama! And don’t forget to take time for yourself. Xo

  16. So sorrry about your back pain! When I was 18 I was t-boned by a drunk driver – my femur was broken, pelvis was shattered, and my tailbone and two lowest vertebrae in my back were broken. I was so worried that it would be too painful to carry babies, but my ultimate dream is to be a mommy. So when I became pregnant with my daughter (she’s almost 2 now!) I found an amazing chiropractor who specialized in pregnancy and newborn/child care. I got adjusted twice a week. My two best friends were pregnant at the same time and they had bad aches and pains like you’re describing but I had none! I went three days overdue with her and felt like I could have stayed pregnant forever. I was never “uncomfortable” like women describe. So I can’t say enough good things about prioritizing chiropractic care to any pregnant woman! I also needed it after birth since the birth caused my pelvis to get very out of alignment. I can’t imagjne the chronic pain and misalignment I would be living with today if I didn’t keep up on my adjustments during and after pregnancy. I would try that for your pain!

  17. Would love to hear how you are keeping the weight gain down? I work out and am thinking of having a 3rd. Also how much did you gain with your other two. Thanks!!!

  18. Aw mama, you are just killing it! I can only imagine how stressful the home building process must be – especially pregnant and with two babies and a hub already. You’re doing such an amazing job – love your positivity as always. Gorgeous, gorgeous xx


  19. We have so much in common right now, so I totally get how you feel, Amber! I have JUST this weekend moved into our new house which we have only partially completed a full renovation on, as our landlord wanted us out! I have spent the past few months feeling like I have no roots & desperate to start nesting. I’m 5 months pregnant with my 1st baby & suffered from really bad morning sickness for the 1st 4 months. Still habe nauseous periods on occasion, so I’m right there with you. Amber, it will all be worth it when you bring your new baby home to your beautiful new home. Sending love & encouragement from the UK 💕

  20. Aw i know this is your 3rd pregnancy but when i was pregnant with my second i had the worst back pain. I hated complaining cause i felt like i was being a baby but no..it was bad and on top of having other children, a business to run(we own a construction business so i understand being a working mother and also having kids around whike working!) It was all really rough. I figured it was the way i was carrying him, since i didnt get that kind of pain with my first! And to be honest the pain never quite went away! Ill be sending prayers that this pain will pass, cause just thinking qbout it makes me hurt for you!!! Good luck and cant wait for youer family to be settled in your new home. Also im sorry you feel like you gotta put that disclaimer in everytime you attempt talking about anything slighty un positive! Its ok to be stressed and uncomfortable and to talk about it ! But i know there are always ones to jump down your throat about it. I like it cause i can relate to alot . Sorry for the ramble but good luck and i really hope you start feeling better!

  21. Beautiful pictures!! Seeing a chiropractor helped me a ton with back pain and pelvic pain when I was pregnant. Not all chiropractors are created equal, so go to one with a lot of recommendations. Also, yoga helped as well. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed, even if you have an amazingly blessed life. It makes you human. I have a two month old (and three others!) but I had the hardest time being positive when I was pregnant, but as soon as my baby was born everything was immediately normalized in my body and I didn’t have the pregnancy blues anymore. Instantly. Hoping time will help. You look amazing, and your getting to the end of it!! ❤️

  22. Hi,
    I have been following your blog since you started. I have always found so much inspiration in the way you and your husband are creative on your blog through photos/outfits ect. I admire the way you parent your children and lead your family life. It sounds like this pregnancy has been hard on you. I hope you feel better soon. Can’t wait to follow your journey. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Literally you have to find a prenatal chiropractor. I am 35 weeks and since I’ve been going, zero back pain!!

  24. I’m super interested in how you are staying fit this pregnancy and keeping the weight down. I’m pregnant with baby #4 and have terrible lower back pain too booo. I’ve been working out consistently for about two years and thought that’d help this time around but this is the first time I’ve had back pain like this. Hope you’re feeling better mama!

  25. I had horrible back pain during my pregnancy also and tried everything until the chiropractor healed me! It took about 5 adjustments but it was a miracle couldn’t recommend it more!! I’m mad I waited so long lol

  26. I can completely understand you’re feeling of not being “home.” In the last 10 years of being with my husband, we’ve moved 7 times! Being a military family really makes you feel like you’re never truly home. I can’t wait for the day my little one can finally feel a sense of permanence. I’m so excited for you guys to get into your new home (just in time to truly nest) and I’m sure everyone can’t wait to see how everything turned out! 💜

  27. Beautiful photo’s of your time in Vermont! And thanks for sharing a little update! It makes me feel good (not that I want you to be stressed, just nice to know you’re human too lol) to hear you get overwhelmed and stressed with things too, makes me not feel so crazy lol. I’m sure you’ll feel SO much better once you guys are settled in the new house. As for your back, girl you NEED to start doing Pilates on the reformer!!!!!! I’m an instructor, with my focus being on pre/postnatal clients, I can’t tell you how amazing it is for the ever changing pregnant & postpartum body!! If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask me, or check out my Instagram @emilyjpilates I’m always posting/answering questions there.


  28. These fall photos are so beautiful. I can relate to how anxiety inducing it feels to never feel “settled at home”. After college graduation I moved like 6 times in one year, it was crazy and by the end of the year I just wanted to stay in one place and really unpack my things. You will get there soon enough and all the anxiety and stress will have been worth it! I hope Rosie’s birthday party is so much fun, your kids are ADORABLE <3

  29. I had horrible back pain with my first and then it later was worsened by a botched epidural. One of my many reasons for going med free with my second. One thing that helped erase all my back pain was the “superman” exercise move. Obviously pregnant you can’t really do that but I think arching your back as much as possible would probably help. Bad posture and being slumped over would probably make it worse. You can also see a chiropractor to make sure your hips are in alignment which is also very helpful for childbirth.

  30. I’m sorry about your back pain! I just had my first in August and I used pregnancy insoles called “Mommy Steps” throughout my entire pregnancy, which really helped keep back pain at bay. You put them in the stove at the beginning of each trimester and they mesh to your foot shape for added support. Prenatal massages don’t hurt either 🙂 I hope you feel better soon!

  31. I think it’s normal to feel unsettled, even if you weren’t pregnant. I’m sure that if people simply tell you to calm down or relax it’s useless because this is how you’re feeling right now but at least, try not to let this feeling overwhelm you. Meditation helps so much. Even just 10 minutes a day of stillness will help keep you in the present and stop you from feeling overwhelmed by so many thoughts. Good luck!

  32. Hang in there Mama! I know that you are grateful for all that you have and it’s ok to still have struggles and to feel lows at times. You are an amazing Mama and pregnancy hormones are real. I just had my 3rd baby too so I totally understand! All the love.