Fall in Sedona

We recently went to Sedona which was my first time being back in a lonnnng time and David and the kids first time ever! It was AMAZING. First of all because it is just a 2 hour drive from Phoenix – it seriously was so quick so it was a really nice staycation. We stayed at the Enchantment Resort which truly I can’t say enough good things about. It is nestled in the middle of beautiful red rock and everywhere you look you’re just surrounded by these majestic red mountains – it is magical! There are soo many fun things to do in Sedona but we mostly took it easy and swam at the pool, went on a hike, played tennis, and just explored around the resort! I also got to go to the spa which honestly is one of the nicest spas I have ever been to and my treatments were really amazing because they tied in Native American traditions which was really fun to learn about to and do with them.

The best part was that Chauncey got to come with us because the resort is pet friendly so he got to come on hikes with us and do all the exploring with us! It was really fun. So if you are in AZ and need a fun staycation – def do this! I have really fond memories going to Sedona growing up and we would always do slide rock and the pink jeep tours! So if you go look into those. My sweater is Free People (out of stock), pants are & Other Stories, boots are Dr. Martens.

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  1. Lovely fammily made from lovely parents! Where do you find the time to do everything? I see all these smiles and i wish you for ever Gods bless!

  2. These pictures look amazing! Loooove your dress! Where is it from and what size were you wearing?

  3. Gorgeous dress (by other stories)!
    What size did you wear it when you were pregnant?

  4. I love how you display your photos in your blog posts! Is that a weird thing to comment on? LOL It is so fun and interesting and, of course, your photos are stunning!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  5. I’m absolutely in love with your look! Pink is definitely my color for this season and so obviously I LOVE this whole outfit! Also your sweater seems like the most comfortable thing ever, and I like that your boots bring a little edge to it all!


  6. I love getting to see snippets of all the fun trips you guys take as a family-I think too many people travel without their kids these days and I’m happy to see yours get to experience these places with you guys ❤️ I also love that you link your styles, but would consider also linking the kids’ outfits? I just love Rosie’s style and would enjoy adding some of these pieces for my little one too!