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We are back from our trip and the high was 72 degrees in AZ today! The good weather has arrived and I am so happy!! Our trip was so fun, it was really awesome to spend it with family. The kids lovvved having their cousins. Our trip started off kinda rough – we got to Hawaii for a layover and our brand new (very expensive) double stroller that I just bought came broken when they brought it up to us! We had just landed and I got some stressful work emails and things that needed to be resolved right then and then the broken stroller so I was in a NOT good mood about that.. mostly because I was thinking, how are we going to do Japan without a stroller now?! The lady was telling us “it came like this.. this is how we found it.” and the wheel was completely broken off – it couldn’t be fixed so surely we didn’t BRING a broken stroller lol. Anyways we finally got it worked out and on our layover I had to run to Nordstrom and buy a new one. It doesn’t sound stressful now writing this but for some reason in the moment things feel so stressful. I need to remember that all things CAN be fixed. Then when we got to Japan we had forgotten our international driver’s licenses so we had to do public transit into Kyoto – it was going to take 2 hours but ended up taking just over 4 hours eek! After that it was smooth sailing and everything was good and fun!!! Atticus is begging to see his cousin Drew – every minute its “Mama, I want Drew. Mama, where is Drew?”

The day I wore this I tried to do a hairstyle I saw on pinterest and totally FAILED like so bad haha (see the pics here on twitter). Then I was trying to catch a cab and I know how to spot the open ones in Japan but for some reason the open ones weren’t stopping for me.. I must have looked confused because this big group of high school aged Japanese boys came to my rescue and caught me a cab! It was so sweet.

I seriously just LOVE Japan though! The streets are SO clean and everything is so quiet and feels so safe. Its a place I would love to go live in for a year. Each time we go we don’t cover even half of what I have planned because there is so much to do. So happy to be back though and back to our normal routine. I was actually going to possibly cancel our trip so Atticus wouldn’t miss school but when I talked to his teacher about it we agreed it would be really good for him to be with cousins and do some exploring. We brought her back some Japanese treats and Atticus is very excited to take them to school tomorrow! And Rosie and I are excited to go to Target. And Trader Joe’s. And get a car wash 🙂

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  1. Ok we have thought the same thing about moving to Japan! My husband served his mission there and is fluent. We went to Tokyo last winter and I felt like it was so safe! I was researching it too and it actually really is super safe. Such a difference compared to New York lol. I have been searching for therapy jobs there but I feel like I would need to speak Japanese to get any lol.

  2. I love both of the outfits!! So colorful but without being overwhelmingly so. Gorgeous.


  3. The stroller stress!! Ahh I feel it and I’m reliving it as I write this… deep breaths.. I had the same thing happen but it was on our way home so we had our two incredibly heavy britax car seats. We have this awesome dolly for one and the other we just toss on top of your uppababy vista and the stroller came out destroyed.. no joke it looked like it got run over.. that was the only way to explain the black tire marks all over the bag. I was LIVID!!!! I need to stop thinking about it because I still get a little heated when I think about it haha

  4. these photos are gorge!! i am so glad you guys had a great time in japan! i bet it’s incredible there. and you guys handle stressors SO well! that stroller thing would’ve gotten to me for sure! and ahhh isn’t it so funny how after spending time away, the usual stuff like target and carwashes suddenly sound amazing. 🙂 little home comforts!! xoxo brittany

  5. These photos are insane! Absolutely gorgeous. And I know what you mean about those stressful moments where everything seems to be going wrong…definitely had my share of that this past weekend.

    Briana |

  6. What are your top places to visit in Kyoto or Tokyo area with your kiddos? We are planning to go next year and will have a 3 year old and a 20 month old… any tips would be awesome!

  7. I love Japan, and I’m glad you experienced the help that the Japanese always seems to be willing to do. I was often helped on my trip; it’s so nice to experience. Love these photos – it makes me definitely want to go during the fall.

  8. Omg I really need to know where your friend/sister got her thigh-high boots in your pictures?!

  9. Love the photos! Are you able to do a Guide of Japan? We are thinking of going there so it would be so helpful. 🙂 x

  10. I would love to go to Japan one day! I used to have a lot of Japanese clients and they are by far the nicest and most polite culture I’ve come across! Your pictures are gorgeous with all these fall colors…but I totally understand how nice it is to be back in a routine at home 🙂


  11. Just like the spring in japan with all the pink blossoms, the red and orange fall looks so so gorgeous!! I love it <3
    I love your outfit and how you mixed black with these fall colors 🙂

    Lovc from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  12. These photos are gorgeous and looks like you had such a great time! But yes, sometimes coming home is the best part of the trip…routine and being back to normal is always so nice!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  13. This outfit!!! These pics!!! I’m dying!!!!
    Also I love seeing you and tessa together, or you with all of your friends. Family pics are magical but there is something special about friend pics.

    Love you amber.
    Fondly, Emily

  14. love these photos amber!!!! always love hearing of your fun adventures! xo

  15. Awww, Amber, these photos are gorgeous! I’m glad you had a great time despite your stroller problems. Travelling makes even the smallest situations feel monumental!
    xx, Lauren |

  16. That definitely sounds stressful! I feel that airports double the amount of stress any given situation already has. But these photos are gorgeous and I want Tessas boots!


  17. This trip looked absolutely amazing – but those moments did sound terribly stressful! I’m glad you ended up having such a blast, those are the moments that will stick with you. The coat you’re wearing here is gorgeous, especially in that beautiful scenery!

  18. Aw! The stroller thing is SO stressful in the moment. I have the same stroller and thankfully UPPAbaby has amazing customer service. They have always found a way to fix the problem so that I am not paying out the nose. So worth getting the travel bag that comes with insurance. The one time we forget he bag, it looked like the stroller had flown tied to the planes wing. It is so hard to stay calm and listen to people at the time of a problem though. I get tunnel vision about how I think things should be when things go a little wrong and then I don’t listen to all the possible solutions. I’m glad you figured it out though.
    Beautiful pictures! I love seeing all the awesome places you find to take the kiddos. Makes me look forward to taking my boy there someday.

  19. I just put in my BFB extensions alone on a Sunday night just to try that hairstyle hahaha (PS I failed too, but my extensions looked fab lol) I’m obsessed w all your travel pics! xoxo