Barefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

TOP: Banana Republic (Sold out similar here on sale) / JEANS: Frame / CHOKER: Baublebar / BAG: Chloe ‘Mini Drew’ / LIPSTICK: bareMinerals ‘Boss’

I haven’t done a make up tutorial in a really long time so today I wanted to share this fall make up look! I hope you like it. It seemed appropriate since the leaves are finally starting to change.

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been trying to do more YouTube videos. I really like doing it but I’d love to hear your feedback on which types of videos you like most? We’ve done a lot of vlogs lately which we love because David and I have so much fun making them together. I’ve also been getting back to my roots and doing more hair tutorials. But let me know which types of videos you like most. Maybe you like instructional how-to’s and tutorials? Or vlogs? Or maybe you’d like to see videos on daily thoughts or messages? Let me know. I’d love to do more.

To all of you who who have been asking, this lip color that i’ve been wearing non stop. It’s bareMinerals ‘Boss’ and I love it;)


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  1. Hi!! I’m just coming across this post, and I LOVE your jeans! The Nordstrom link is not working. Can you please tell me where else I may be able to find them?

  2. I love that the makeup is glam, but not too done up! It really plays off natural strengths, which is a look I’ve been loving recently. Also, that lip color is beautiful!

  3. I love all your videos and posts! It would be really cool if you made a video about the BFB Hair and just talked about them and how it came to be, but also maybe give a tutorial on how to put them in for different hair styles, how to care for them, etc.!

    I’m so excited for you with your new BFB Hair adventure. I’ve been looking into getting extensions for over two years for lots of reasons, including wanting to try more of your hair tutorials. Following blogs/youtube has been somewhat of an outlet/stress reliever for me since I was in the eighth grade (I’m now a HS Senior wow!) ,but for a couple years now you and your family have been my favorite! I totally love your style in regard to fashion/beauty/hair but I feel like you guys are so true to yourselves and honestly love one another and what you do. It is so nice to see that, you just appear to be genuine person in a world that needs them. I’m so excited to have finally purchased hair, and without you doing this I don’t know if I ever would have. I feel like I can trust your product and your opinion on their quality. Your post made it so easy to understand and realize what you were about to purchase. You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways. Thank you 🙂 <3

  4. You are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Loved this how-to make-up tutorial!! I would love to see you do one on your skin care routine. You skin always look so beautiful and flawless!!

  5. I’m so excited you are uploading more videos, I love all of your content!! I would love to see more makeup videos, you always look flawless and it’s fun to learn how you achieve that look. Also I miss your monthly favorites! Thanks for adding the lipstick details in some of your posts, it’s really helpful to include that! I’ve only ever worn nude colors but you’re inspiring me to try some other colors 🙂 Keep up the great work, I love everything you create! 🙂

  6. I love the make-up tutorial! Super cute! I’d love to see your must have products and you’re make-up collection

  7. Love all your tutorials! Thank you for having so many options. I literally look to your YouTube ALL THE TIME for hair ideas. Hair how-to’s are my personal favourite posts from you:)
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the lip color Amber! I went and got it after seeing your post and can’t wait to wear it for a wedding this weekend!

    What lip liner are you using with it? Please share as I would love to match it!! 🙂 thanks so much, adore your blog!

  9. Love this look… almost out of my powder mineral foundation from mac… thinking I’ll tray the bare minerals this time (the second half of pregnancy has been hard on my skin!). I like the coverage without the feeling of being covered in makeup! You look gorgeous. xoxo

  10. I went to Bare Minerals store earlier, they are out of “Boss.” :(. Will try my luck next time. What is the name/shade of your lipliner on this tutorial? Thanks!

  11. I am so exited you are doing more YouTube videos! I look forward to them. I really love the vlogs!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS XOXO

  12. I think that many people follow you (including myself) because of your seemingly perfect family life. It is very inspirational and encouraging and sends the message that having a family doesn’t necessarily equate with a messy home, a chaotic look and screaming children – though that may sometimes be the case. I’m sure many mom’s (including myself) would appreciate some tips and inside glances in how you run your family, routine, travels, etc. without having to turn your blog and vlog into a mommy chronicle. Blessings and love from Germany and keep on with the great job!

  13. Amber you look stunning! I always get exited whenever you post any kind of video but always wondered how you organize your closet! I would think that living in NY you must have a small closet space so how do you go around with that!? Do you have to change from summer to winter clothes and store them?

  14. I love any video you guys post! Literally anything keeping me updated lol. Vlogs are so fun, being able to see what you guys have been up to and the little ones are too cute not share! Keep it up, Amber! Xoxo.

  15. I’m obsessed with your hair and seriously cannot wait for your hair extensions to be available!

  16. Amber,

    First off, YASS to this makeup tutorial! I think powder foundations are so much manageable for a day to day basis. Also I looooovve the lip color – so pretty on you! Second, I think that any video you post is enjoyable to watch, butvogs are definitely my favorite!!

  17. Love this!! Also I was wondering how you got your hair to look so much thicker at the roots in this photo series! Thanks 🙂

  18. Love your blog! I’ve only discovered it in the last month…where’ve I been ha?!

    I watched and loved the bathroom tour you did showing the products you use every day. I do get a little disappointed when I see ‘sponsored’ even though I appreciate you only work with brands you love..still the bathroom tour felt a little more real so would just love to see more of those kind of posts. Your photography and editing is beautiful 🙂

  19. Amber, I love your positive energy and sweet spirit. Thanks for the tips.

  20. I would love vlogs (together with david), and also discussions about daily subjects and thoughts <3

  21. I love videos like this that teach me how to try and do your amazing looks.

  22. I absolutely LOVE all of your videos!! I like your hair tutorials the most, but all of your videos are amazing and are GREAT quality! Thanks for taking the time to share your tips, tricks, and lifestyle with us! You are such an inspiration to me! I hope to have your lifestyle one day 🙂

  23. I love all your videos! Vlogs, hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, you should do more Q&As and challenge videos!
    P.S, so excited for your extension line! I’m sure you put in a lot of work and they’re going to be amazing!!

  24. Lots more how-to’s please! If I could recreate all of your hairdos I would everyday!

  25. You should keep doing the vlogs! It’s so cool to be able to see what your days look like adn you’re such an inspiration! I’ve been debating making a blog as well for some time but I’m still not sure!

  26. Hi! Who shoots your kids’ photos? They are amazing and I’m looking for a great family photographer.


  27. SO PRETTY! I love this look & your makeup! Also, your hair looks AMAZING!!! Are you wearing your new extensions?! I can’t wait to get my hands on some!! 🙂

  28. Your hair in these photos….. A DREAM.
    And on that note, my favorite videos are hair tutorials 🙂 Really any “How-To”

  29. I honestly love all the videos! My favorites are your family vlogs and your hair tutorials, but I get excited whenever you post a new video! I also love when you post on your morning and night routines with and without the kids. Day in the life and knowing the products and things you use is so fun. What about exercise videos? I remember the one with Atticus as a baby and Chauncey running all over while you worked out! ???

  30. Please do a video on how you organize your closet! Do you have a special system? You have such beautiful clothes and so much of it, that I always wondered what your system was to keep it all organized and neat.

  31. Hi, Amber!

    I really liked your interview video with David, that you made after the fashion week!
    It was so fun and also made a great inside in the activities that you did that week!


  32. Hi amber!
    I remember you have mentioned getting some brown spots on your face after having babies. Have you found anything that lightens them. I have recently gotten a few on the front of my face and though I can cover them with makeup, I don’t like them 🙁

  33. So beautiful Amber. I have been loving your vlogs recently, I’m really looking forward to all of the house vlogs! But I always love a new hair tutorial to keep my ideas fresh!

  34. I love all of your videos but if I had to choose I like the vlogs the best! Thank you for making more they are so much fun to watch!

  35. Absolutely love this look!! And keep up the great work with your videos. Love them all!

  36. Hey can you do videos that aren’t sponsered? Like maybe a haul of things you bought yourself? I feel like all of your posts are sponsered and it’s hard to tell if you actually like the item…

  37. LOVE all your family vlogs!! I live to see when you post them. I also like the hair tutorials! I can’t wait for your extension line to come out! PS, your lip color is TO DIE for!!!!!!!!! I am crazy about it!

  38. More videos of your family! I get ideas for things to do and fun little games to play with my 8 month old from your blog and videos! And your family always seems so happy, upbeat and adventurous, it’s inspiring!

  39. I have been reading your blog for as long as I can remember and I absolutely love it! I just wanted you to know that you are such a beautiful person both inside and out. The positivity you shared in your snaps yesterday was something amazing. I had the same scare last year while breastfeeding, and I only wish I could have handled it as graceful as you are. Sending love and prayers that everything turns out as we all hope.

  40. Such a glam and striking look! The hair makes it even more amazing! Great tutorial!

  41. Your hair looks amazing Amber – I’m super excited for your extensions!! I wanted to let you know the kind of youtube videos I would love to see from you: monthly favorites!! I would love to know what clothing pieces or cosmetics or candles or perfumes or books or apps or whatever you have been loving! I think it would be a great video. I would also love to see a gift guide video – like what to get your man, your inlaws, your girl friends for Christmas – which is in 71 days!

  42. love this tutorial! I would love to see more vlogs and hair tutorials. maybe an extension and a topknot tutorial?

  43. Any vids including Ro + A! Love watching them grow up- living vicariously as a mom through your vids haha xxxx

  44. Your hair, your eyes… just so gorgeous, Amber!! I’ve been thinking about trying bare minerals for a long time and now I think I will!! ? P.S. Can’t wait till your extension line is available! ??

    Also – jealous of your beautiful skin! Has it always been so clear, or do you use something??

    I LOVE the videos you post! Vlogs, beauty tutorials, house updates, all of them!!! Keep em coming, girl! I’m always excited when you post a new one ?


  45. I love the makeup tutorial how-to. I can never find the list prouducts on you tube thought for some reason!

  46. This makeup tutorial is so very wonderful. I was just thinking of how I love your videos in particular – no kidding! So this is very exciting news for me. I love to see glimpses into your daily mama life and routine with your babies. Also makeup looks and quick beauty regimens or how you get ready. Maybe some videos of your favourites. Also LOVED your eucalyptus leaf tutorial you made for Rosie’s room. Can’t wait to see more. Take care of yourself, precious mama. We all love you so much ❤️

  47. ‘Getting back to my roots’ I laughed, because hair, get it? Not sure if that was intentional or not but it was punny! Get it? Funny? I should stop. Anyway, love all of your videos, love seeing your vlogs, but I’m pretty good at braiding and I love your hair tutorials they really give me some new inspiration!! xoxoxoxo

  48. So pretty! & I would love more hair tutorials! Maybe a go through of your new extension line and how to use/put in extensions and how to style them! ☺️☺️

  49. I love all your Youtube videos! I am 15 and me and my mom love to bond by watching your hair tutorials and she tries to do the styles on me. It has brought us even close so thank you for that! I also love your vlogs, your family is so cute and you are such a role model to me and an inspiration. I have always wanted to live in New York and do fashion and seeing your vlogs and how you balance everything is literal goals!

  50. I love your vlogs!! They could honestly be about random thoughts and I would love to hear them! I think when you and David go on little random adventures and make a vlog out of it is my favorite! I am also really hoping you take a Halloween vlog like you did last year with Atticus! It was so cute and you were glowing!!

  51. I personally would love to see more hair tutorials! I go on YouTube to learn to do things, particularly hair. And on that note …. how to you do that hair flip? I want to try that so perhaps a tutorial? ?

  52. I love the hair and makeup tutorials!! I love learning new ways to braid my hair especially:-

  53. Loved the video! I love your hair tutorials and this makeup one! Also would love to see some cooking/heathy food videos!

  54. It would be so cool to watch a ‘where are you now’ type of vlog in which you look back at old post or even talk about your favorite outfit you’ve blogged about etc and talk about your blogging/vlogging journey.

  55. The vlogs are my favorite videos – I like seeing what you guys get up to in NYC and on your travels, I hope when you move you will keep exploring and share!

  56. Vlogs are my absolute favorite! I also would like to see more cooking videos. And I love your mention above about doing daily thoughts! That would be so interesting to watch. Just like talking about things going on in the world.

  57. Honestly I love any video you make! I love your parent/pregnancy tips and have been researching them so much since I just found out me and my husband are expecting our first! 🙂 I look up to you so much! & daily thoughts and messages are awesome too! Prayers for you and your family! ❤️ Love you amber!!!

  58. you are so pretty and i really really love your vlogs – they are so fun!!! you were talking about filming a tutorial about how you scrunch your hair – i would love to see that and any other hair tutorial of course, but i love all your videos! 🙂


  59. The vlogs are so sweet and I love the makeup and skincare related videos too! The Q&A’s are also fun to watch. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  60. Oh and I also enjoy the fun Q & A’s….maybe you all could do like a top 10 every few weeks or something. ?? You’ll for sure have to do updates on your new home! I so so badly want to order extensions from your line – congrats on that BTW!!!!! xoxo!!

  61. I love make-up tutorials and your VLOGS. I love seeing bits and pieces of you all doing fun activities. Such a great video! Keep them up 🙂

  62. I really liked when you did vlogs and brought us along on your house journey. I also love watching travel diaries, if that is something that intrests you!! But whatever content you make, I will always read/watch it as long as you love!! Hugs to the family!!

  63. Amber you are so beautiful! I love how simple your looks are but always so glam at the same time. Also, you’re one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to blogging, travel, fashion, family life etc. Thanks for doing what you do and inspiring others. 🙂 <3

    Check out my blog if you have a chance!

    Love you!

  64. hi amber!! I think the videos are amazing!! The editing of the blogs are really impressive & they’re always so fun to watch :)) I would absolutely LOVE to see some makeup tutorials of yours, because I’ve seen when you talk about your makeup products on snapchat & I always try and go find them so I can test them out myself! You’re the best!! xoxo

  65. I absolutely love your hair tutorials and vlogs! I always watch your hair tutorials to mix up my hair-stlyes each week. Also love your vlogs, I think it is so fun to see how life is in New York city. You are so inspiring 🙂

  66. I loved the make up! It’s pretty and simple 🙂 And about your YouTube videos I hd actually noticed and was thrilled about it! I love it when you do hairstyle tutorials, though vlogs are fun too! I am excited to see more about your moving away process (it was a fun idea to make videos about it). Q&A are cool too!!!! I think the best is to vary because it will be the only way for you too show your different habilities 😛
    I hope you have a lovely day xx

  67. I would like to see a tour around your house… I love your blog and your kids are so sweet and beautiful!

  68. I love the vlogs! It’s awesome to see how yalls lives are, and to feel more of a personal connection!

  69. Love this tutorial! What do you typically do to prep your face before you apply your make up?

  70. I’m SO glad you’re doing more YouTube videos I’m obsessed with them! I LOVE the vlogs so much and I hope you guys keep doing them because they’re so cute but I also love your tutorials! I’d also love daily thoughts videos because I look up to you so much! 🙂

  71. Looks gorgeous! It’s so simple, but put together 🙂 I need to get back to wearing foundation again!

  72. Loving all of the videos across yours and David’s channels! Definitely vlogs and hair/makeup tutorials (obviously travel diaries which are always beautifully done!) I’m looking forward to following along on your house building adventure too 🙂

  73. Hi Amber! Love your blog, and have followed you for years! 😀
    I really enjoy your and David’s vlogs – would love to see a day in the life, or a morning routine, or exercise type video 🙂

  74. I love your travel videos most! Your vlogs are fun too but my short attention span/the fact that I watch at work never make it past 3 minutes… Lol! Love your snaps!

  75. Aw I LOVE when you do videos. My favorite was last summer when you did a day in the life. That would be fun again since now you have Rosie. I’d also love to see videos of maybe some wavy hair tutorials, and maybe a travel video where you give advice for traveling to the places you’ve been. My husband and I are going to Italy in the spring and I’d LOVE advice on your experience there…and other places you’ve been. 🙂

  76. I love all of your videos! It’s so sweet watching the vlogs with you, David, Atticus, and Rosie! (those are my fave)
    I find the hair and make up tutorials very helpful, especially hair! Its harder to figure it out through pictures.

    I really love getting to watch your family grow and love, it is a beautiful inspiration! 🙂

    <3 Abby

  77. I love your vlogs! It would be so fun just to see like a “day in the life” video. Maybe one before you leave NYC?

  78. Hi Amber! I love the tutorial! Could you do a video all about your eyelash extensions and talk about the process, where you got them done, the cost, etc? I’ve been thinking about getting them but I’d love to see a review from you first. Also I love watching your vlogs, you and David are so cute!! I’d also love to see a full NYC apartment tour before you move! Love you !

  79. Love that I’ve been seeing more videos from you!

  80. Hey Amber! I absolutely enjoy watching your vlogs! They are just so cute and on repeat for me! I also love your videos you made like, 5 ways to have a good day!

  81. I would love to see more makeup tutorials also! you did a great job! 🙂

  82. Loved this tutorial! Honestly, I love all your videos! LOL I really enjoy your VLOGS (your family is just so sweet) and your hair tutorials. 🙂

  83. You are always looking so fabulous! Love your videos! Especially hair tutorials. Also, I was wondering a while back you talked about no.7 stay perfect foundation.. Do you still use that one? I am wanting to try it. And congrats on your hair extension line! So exciting!

  84. Love watching all of your videos! Your vlogs especially 🙂 Love this make up look for fall. Thanks Amber x

  85. I love your hair tutorials! And I’m super excited about the vlog series about your lot/home buying process.

  86. I love all the videos you do. How to ‘s, vlogs, tutorials! Love the vlogs especially!!

  87. I love your Youtube videos too, you guys are so good at editing them! I would love to see more videos on makeup/hair tutorials, a home tour, fitness/diet, and Q & A’s 🙂

    xx, Hannah

  88. I would love to see more hair care videos and hair how-tos. Also, I would love to hear more about your new extension line! 🙂

  89. I love that you are doing more videos! Your makeup always looks amazing, so it nice to see you do it! Plus your matcha vlog was adorable ❤️

  90. I love all of your videos but especially your vlogs!!! Hope you have a great weekend xo