Face Steaming and Blackhead Extraction 101

I recently showed on my insta stories that I had steamed my face and then done some serious blackhead extracting and wow I have been overwhelmed by the amount of DM’s about specifics on this and links for things. So I hope this answers everyone’s questions.

What you need:

Facial Steamer (or take a long shower)
Extraction Tool
Cotton Sheets 
Magnifying Mirror


1. Cleanse your face
2. Steam or exfoliate to open your pores
3. Extract
4. You can do a clarifying mask after if you want (optional)
5. Use a toner
6. Moisturize

How to Steam and What I Use :

Facial Steamer


I ordered this facial steamer from Amazon (it actually comes with the extraction tools I will talk about next!) and I love it. It is really simple you just fill it with water, set it on the counter and sit on a chair with your face nearby.

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 Don’t get too close if you are prone to dark spots because my aesthetician told me heat can activate pigmentation so you just don’t want extreme or excessive heat on your face. I usually do this once or twice a week and I get close enough to really feel the steam and feel my pores opening up. I steam for about 5 or so min? I would guess about that long. Pretty much until my skin feels soft enough where I feel comfortable extracting. If you don’t want to use a facial steamer, you can do it right after you get out of the shower.

How to Extract and What I Use :



I either use thin cotton pads and just my fingers or I use the extraction tool that came with my steamer. If you don’t want to buy a steamer you can get just the extraction tool here.

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It is really hard to explain how to extract but you can watch youtube videos if you are really unsure. I mean it is similar to extracting anything where you just want to put pressure on the individual pores until it comes out (it should come out with light/moderate pressure when you are properly exfoliated before!). Extracting blackheads is scary fun haha so gross but I love it. Also make sure you are using a magnifying mirror (this is the one I use).

If you are using your fingers you just want to keep it sanitary so use a cotton pad or tear off pieces from this cotton roll. *make SURE you know HOW to use extraction tools before you use them because incorrect usage can lead to scarring!!! Watch videos and do research before! HERE is a really helpful video! I hope this helps!!!



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  1. Perfect! I just moved and haven’t found a new salon yet, and have been doing all of my beauty regimen DIY. I feel like my skin is blah and needs some TLC, and a steam sounds like just what I need. Can’t wait to try it out! xAllie