Microneedling 101

If you follow along on my insta stories you may have seen me documenting getting microneedled! I have done it twice now and REALLY love the results of it, so I wanted to share a little more on this treatment. Mostly because I had no idea what it was and had so many questions about it. I have been working with Rachel at Desert Sky Dermatology, so she is going to answer all of the questions I had about this treatment! I am also posting some photos from RIGHT after the treatment, 1 day after and 2 days after. My face is REALLY red and a few tiny dots of blood, so if you have a hard time with blood
this may not be the post for you.

A: Microneedling (aka micropen, dermapen, collagen induction therapy) uses an automated pen with disposable needle tips that create tiny micro injuries in the skin. These micro injuries trigger the body to create healthy, new, collagen-rich tissue. This is one of my go-to treatments because it produces such great results with little downtime.

A: Micropen is great for treating SO many things! It improves large pores, acne scars, melasma, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, fine lines and dull skin to name a few. It can be done alone or with platelet rich plasma (PRP) from your own blood to give even more collagen stimulation and speed up healing time.

A: Most people feel little to no pain. Your face will be numbed with a prescription strength lidocaine cream 45 minutes prior to the procedure.

A: Your face will be red the first day of the treatment and a little bit pink and flaky for the next 2-3 days. You will want to avoid sweating and makeup the day of and the day after the procedure.

A: I typically recommend a series of 3 treatments spread four weeks apart, although acne scars will require more sessions. In a perfect world I would have everyone do 3-4 treatments a year for maintenance.

A: Price will vary greatly depending on what city you are in, but it typically ranges from $250 to $300 per treatment. PRP is an additional cost to add-on.

Have you ever tried microneedling before? What did you think about it? Be sure to follow Rachel to learn more about microneedling and skincare.

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  1. I had dermaroller 4 weeks apart a couple of years ago I was really impressed. I have just finished 5 sessions of microneedling 2 weeks apart from a professional but a week after my 5 treatment my skin looks pale my acne scars look deeper I’m scared to leave my new home I just moved into. I’m petrified I’m a male 31

  2. Your skin looks fantastic! I wonder how different are the effects from at-home dermarolling and a professional microneedling procedure. Of course, I’m sure it will take longer with the manual roller, but I wonder if you could get the same results (eventually)

  3. Ur skin looks great👍 I would love to get this but it a bit pricey when ur in college. Would love to see u also do alternatives that could improve skin that is not so pricey . I love my skin but college is expensive, lol. I love ur blogs and post

  4. I just scheduled my first treatment! Perfect timing! Thank you for sharing your experience and tips.

  5. Micro needling changed my face! Seriously the most effective treatment. However, something to beware of… if you have breakouts you need to wait until your skin clears to prevent the spread of bacteria.

  6. I’m confused about this because this seems like it would cause inflammation (an injury to the skin) but most diets, skin treatments, etc. are all about reducing inflammation. How do you reconcile that?

  7. YESSSSSSS. Thank you for this post I have been struggling with achieving my pre-acne skin after fighting cystic hormonal acne and really want to try micro-needling! This answered alot of questions I had!

  8. I’ve been into skin care since I got the opportunity to follow a nurse practitioner at a Derm Office. But I have never heard of miconeddlibg before your posts! There’s always new techniques and products surfacing! Thanks for sharing! I love your skin care posts!!

  9. Love your blog! Would really like to see more blog posts about affordable alternatives to these types of treatments. I love learning about the newest and greatest, but it would be great to have a section on good alternatives for those who can’t afford these expensive treatments.

  10. I was hoping you would share more after I saw it done on stories. I think it will help with some of the skin issues I have. You’re glowing! x

    chevrons & éclairs

  11. Wow this is an intense facial! But the results look amazing. I need to try this to make my pores smaller! Thanks for showing us and answering questions! Would love to see a post about lip fillers 🙂
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  12. Awesome! My results didn’t last that long and then I got pregnant and got new acne scars so need to do that again.
    Amber can you please please do your Botox post?! Thank you xo

  13. I heard about this but never tried. It seems you are very happy with the results.

    Than you for sharing this Amber, now I am even more curious to try this out. Just a question.. from 1-10 how painfull would you say it is without the numbing cream ? (I know Im such a wuss)

  14. I’ve done it 3 times before and I feel like it’s helped me with the acne scars and uneven skin tone. It’s a bit pricy but I’ll definitely do it again!

  15. This is SO cool….once my student loans are paid off in 35 years I’m ALL over this!! lol I love these beauty posts!! Would you mind doing a post on how you pick lip colors that look good?! I have SUCH a struggle trying to find a color I like. PS, I cannot put Big Magic down! xoxo

  16. I bought my own dermapen and do it every 2-3 weeks at home after having it done monthly for 6 months as the cost was outrageous for something very easy to do.

  17. Wat hung your stories have made me very interested in trying this to even and brighten my skin. I was wondering as well— what is the procedure you have done where they scrape the outward layer off of your skin(at least that’s what it looks like!!) it looks like your skin is always incredible after that treatment too.

  18. Would love to try this!! Your skin always looks so good! What products/treatments do you use for fine lines and wrinkles?

  19. I’ve wanted to get micro needling done for a while now but had to wait a certain amount of time after taking accutane. What are your thoughts on the at home derma needle rollers? I know it’s not exactly the same thing but have heard it’s similarish lol but sterilization would probably be more difficult to maintain at home


  20. I am so keen to get this done once I am no longer pregnant! I have acne scars that have been caused from my skin breaking out during pregnancy and this sounds like such a great method of removing them! Thanks so much for your post Amber, it was so helpful! x

    Sarah Lilly || The Lilly Mint Blog

  21. I had it done last month. My skin was glowing afterwards! I felt like the results only lasted about a week and I didn’t notice a difference in my scars. I decided my skin does better with a different treatment that my esthetician does, so I don’t plan to have micro needling done again anytime soon. Your skin looks amazing though!


    1. Sally ON what other treatment are you doing? I have had microneedling done one and am planning on doing it again. just wondering though what other treatment are you having? thanks so much.

      1. Brendal, I have a Vitamin A Infusion from Osmosis Skin Care done every 4 weeks. I had my 4th one a couple of weeks ago, my skin loves it!! It helps with scarring and those pesky wrinkles that were trying to appear. I did 4 treatments over a year ago and it, combined with their Catalyst AC-11 Serum got rid of a few wrinkles that appeared during my last pregnancy!

  22. Can pregnant women do this? Ever since I saw this on your Instagram story I’ve been interested because I’ve recently gained some acne scars from being pregnant. I wouldn’t think the needling portion would harm the baby, but just not sure about the prescription strength lidocaine cream.

    1. For sure consult your OB! I’m in PT school and I know pregnancy is a contraindication to dry needling treatment…so I’m assuming it would be in this case as well!

  23. I have heard quite a few great things about microneedling, but I’m too scared to try just yet! I would love to get rid of my acne scarring though – so maybe one day. I love reading skincare posts! Have a great weekend xx


  24. Hey amber!
    I have a special love for micro needling. I was able to have a few procedures done on my arm to help diminish scars from self harm. Although it didn’t completely take away the scars, it made them so much less noticeable. I am so glad that there is stuff like this out here that can help us feel more beautiful! Some day I hope to try it on my face!! Thanks for your post <3