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Sunsets on the beach were my absolute favorite!!! It was the perfect temp outside and everything felt perfect laying there cuddling with my boys on the beach!!! Those are for sure the moments that will stand out the most from the trip for me.


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  1. You truly take the most beautiful pictures! Always stunning. Does your husband usually take the pictures? My favorite blog by far!! <3

    xo Ashton Paige

  2. I absolutely LOVE all your pictures. I have a 7 month old baby and following you on instagram and reading your blog has made me start photography classes. I would love to capture all those beautiful moments you have with your son on the blog. What camera do you guys use?? Thank you for all the beautiful photos and inspiration!!!

  3. hi amber! these pictures are gorgeous! do you know what lens was used on the first picture?

  4. I love all your selfies! Most beautiful family around. Looks like the most amazing vacation!

  5. Your little guy is so precious!! We have been blessed with four little girls and I love them to pieces, but your little boy really makes me want the next one to be a boy!! So sweet! It’s all in God’s hands of course! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww thank you Rose!! And wow!! How special! I bet they are all adorable 🙂 Thank you for reading love!! xo

  6. Oh my goodness, Atticus holding his belly the same way you’re holding yours… way too sweet!
    Such a gorgeous family! x

    1. Haha ahh I love that too!! He is too funny 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment!! xoxo

  7. I can’t say this enough, you are so beautiful and such an incredible mom!

  8. Hello , my name is Elisangela , I am of Rondônia – Brazil , always look su blog and think you’re very beautiful, you look like a porcelain doll , her family is also beautiful parabens. Kisses ..

    1. Thank you so much Elisangela!! That is so nice of you to say!! I am so glad you are following along 🙂 xo

  9. Amber – will you do a post on how you keep your faux tan so even? I would love to know how to do my back without being splotchy.

    1. I am the worst at getting pictures framed, but I totally need to!! Thanks for your comment Ashlee!! xoxo

  10. OMG! These are so beautiful. My favorite photo is the second to last one where you are hugging your little guy! Awwwww!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. <3

    1. Thank you so much Jenny!!! 🙂 I love that one too!! Thanks for following along!! xo

    1. Thank you doll!! I love the pop of yellow too! Thanks for reading!! xo

  11. That red dress is to die for! I love seeing the relationship you have with your son. Such good buddies!!

    1. Thank you Shelby!! I am so glad you like it!! And awww you are so sweet!! He makes me so happy 🙂

    1. Thank you Laura!! We had a great time 🙂 It was one of our favorite places yet!

    1. It was gorgeous there, we loved it!! And oh my goodness stop!! You just made my day!! Thank you beautiful!! xo

    1. Thank you so much!! Such a nice compliment!! You are too kind!! xo

  12. What size did you get? 🙂 I am just about 5’11” and it looks pretty long on you! I love your blog and I’m actually going to Bora Bora for my Honeymoon in September!:)

    1. I got a small!! And thanks so much!! That means a lot to me!! And AHH I am so excited for you!! You will love it 🙂 xo

    1. Aww thank you love!! I am loving all the attention from him lately! Hoping he will never outgrow it 😉 Thanks for reading Hannah!!

  13. These photos look incredible, and your vacation and time at the beach with your family looks magical. Atticus couldn’t be cuter, he seems like the happiest little boy. You look lovely in everything you’re wearing!
    xo, jill

    1. Thank you Jillian!! I appreciate that so much!! I am so glad you liked the post!! Thanks for following along!! xo

    1. Thank you!! I am glad you like the suits!! Ahh yes coconut water is my fav!!

    1. OMG totally!! Haha I didn’t even think of that! And thanks so much Kate!! You are so sweet 🙂 xo

  14. As always , very cute and heart warming photos!!! love love that photo of you and Atticus lounging in the fab round chair and where he seem to be copying your pose (hand/palm on top of tummy) so so cute!!! always refreshing to see your photos! and everything about your trip looks amazing! so jealous!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Pam!! I am loving that pic too 🙂 You are so sweet!! Thanks so much for following along!! xoxo

  15. Amber!!! My goodness your bump may be the cutest thing that I have ever seen, besides Atticus of course!

    1. Oh my goodness thank you!!! My day was just made! You are so sweet 🙂

    1. I have to agree!! There is nothing better than a good sunset 🙂 And aww I am glad you like them!! Cutest print ever!

  16. Yellow is a great color on you! Love the picture of the sweet cozy hug. <3

    1. You are the best!! Thank you Angie!! so so nice of you to say!! xo

    1. I agree!! Sunsets on the beach are my jam for sure 🙂 Thanks for reading Victoria!! xo

    1. Thank you so much!! And ahh I know!! I hope it comes back in stock sooon! xo

    1. Thank you love!! I agree!! There’s just something about the beach 🙂