Last night was honestly devastating. I cried the moment I realized it was over for Mitt… so sad and such a missed opportunity for America.
On a happier note…. I get married in a little over a month! Time feels like it is finally passing at a normal speed. For a while it felt like time was just standing still, which is not a good feeling for an anxiously engaged woman.
We had our engagements taken by the lovely Krystal Wares! She did an amazing job. She is too cute and just the sweetest thing. If you need a photographer, hire her. The end.
her website: here
Happy celebration/mourning day…. depending which side you were.

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  1. I love these pictures Amber! The sun is so perfect. P.S. your legs kick butt in that dress.
    P.S.S… I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one that
    shed some tears. It was a strange night.

  2. Awe I love your pictures. It’s so fun being engaged and planning the big day. Enjoy it all because it’s so fast! I got married in May and just posted the start of wedding pics. I can’t wait to see your pics and what you choose fro everything. I know it will be gorgeous!
    <3 Kristal

  3. Ahh, these are breathtaking! I especially love the one of you leaning against him with the sun behind you and your shadows up front. Absolutely gorgeous 🙂 The next month will fly by!

  4. congratulations amber such lovely pictures!
    where are your shoes and dress from – id love to find flat shoes that are that pretty!

  5. I was super sad, I fell asleep during all the hoopla but woke up around 4 am to hear the news. I was super bummed and couldn’t even fall back asleep. So sad! Congrats to you and your almost soon to be hubby. It’s a great feeling and I totally know what you are feeling right now. I just got married just over 7 months ago. It’s fun and your pics are gorg!

  6. So pretty, congratulations! The last month is so hard, but marriage is so worth it!

    Side note, I think I found you on Lauren Conrad’s blog… check it out! (3rd picture down) If not, she totally looks like you.

  7. krystal is one of my best friends! her work is the best and these were no exception. beautiful. xx

  8. What beautiful pics! This is a day of mourning! I’m wearing all black to mourn what our country could have been. But Beautiful Pics! Congrats!

  9. they look SOOOOOO amazing!!!! I love your shoes in these pictures too ! I cannot WAIT for you wedding pictures!!! yay!

  10. they look SOOOOOO amazing!!!! I love your shoes in these pictures too ! I cannot WAIT for you wedding pictures!!! yay!