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My ideal winter is a solid 70 degrees every day… soo no winter haha! I grew up in Arizona so the heat is just my jam. I hate the cold and I am such a baby with even the slightest wind chill. Even here in Hawaii I have the heater set to 75 in the car, always! Heat just feels gooood. I always loved when I would be freezing in a cold building in Arizona (this usually happened at church!) and then walking outside into the oven that is Arizona – best feeling! But could maybe do without using ice packs on the steering wheel, melted lipsticks, and burning your leg on the metal of the seat belt. That being said, skipping winter this year has me happy as can be. (don’t get me wrong, I DO see the beauty in snow, but ya know.)

One thing I have loved about North Shore where we are is the easy going parenting! There are babies and toddlers running around in diapers or naked. No need for coats this winter just swimsuits, dresses, and diapers 🙂 We have loved our Seventh Generation diapers for so long now! I love how cute they look when the kids are running around on the beach! We don’t have Seventh Generation at our local store and so we have to drive an hour to get to the closest store that sells them and it is worth the drive. Seventh Generation diapers contain absolutely no fragrances, petroleum-based lotions or chlorine processing.. Which makes me happy. 🙂

*Thanks to Seventh Generation for sponsoring this post.


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  1. Hi! Does anyone know who makes the fabulous dress she is wearing?? I am obsessed!! Thanks!! xx

  2. Isn’t the parenting in Hawaii just awesome??? Our little crew (Ages 1, 2, 4) went to Kauai last May and I could not get over listening to the island moms exchange stories about their fearless children. There were little girls just running around the farmers market making friends and saying hello..small boys surfing and skateboarding..naked babies, OH the naked babies on the beach–just delicious! Is there anything better than naked baby buns on the beach? It sounds like Hawaii is the perfect place for you and your littles right now. All the best!

  3. I know how you feel! Born and raised AZ and still loving it! I love the heat. Even here in winter when it’s 65 degrees outside I’ll turn the heater to 73 or 75. I really don’t understand when people enjoy the cold. ? Your time in Hawai’i looks like a dream! ☺️

  4. Great post! Could you do a bikini collection? I’d love to see it since all your swimsuits are gorgeous!

  5. These photos are absolutely beautiful.
    Seventh Generation diapers are by far the best diapers we have found and we’ve tried tons. I have to usually order them online because they are almost always out of stock in most stores near me. I’m pretty sure I first bought them because of one of your posts!


  6. Such sweet photos <3 I love seeing pics from your new home in Hawaii! Can't wait to see more when you all move to Arizona!!

  7. I love Seventh Generation products!! I only use their washing detergent and tissues etc. They don’t irritate my skin and are good for the environment! Win-win!


  8. I also grew up in Arizona … we live in the Bay Area now. I miss freezing inside Scottsdale Fashion Square (or anywhere) and walking out into the heat blast!!!! My husband thinks I’m crazy. ?
    I would even sit in my car in the summer and wait to turn on the A/C!!

  9. I thought Northern California had no winter, but our highs in the 40’s is downright frigid in comparison! lol Glad you’re having a nice time 🙂

  10. I totalllly agree on the ideal winter of 70 degrees! We’re living in Okinawa Japan right now and when it gets to 60 i’m running around with uggs on. Also I was gonna say, i love how you let your babies run around in diapers. I’m ALL about that. And everyone is always like “where are her clothes?!” anyways, love following your adventures!

  11. Such great pictures, the connection between you and Rosie is really a beautiful one you are very lucky!
    xxxxxxx Isobel

  12. You may want to hang out in Hawaii a bit longer if you don’t love the cold because it’s been chilly in AZ! I live in Tucson so the temp is different, but it’s been raining cats and dogs and been in 30s in the morning!

    xo, Sofia

  13. You are such a great example of a caring mother.

    I love that dress! Please provide a link.

  14. She looks so much like you, it’s too cute! I’m always cold haha no matter the temperature inside so I totally agree that walking outside into the heat feels amazing! And I love how the laid back parenting sounds, my son would be right at home running around naked (like he does at home haha)

    ~Jessica Linn

  15. I grew up in Arizona too and “defrosting” after being in a cold building is seriously the BEST! Love these photos and your blog!

  16. I grew up in New England and I still hate winter – wish I could move to Hawaii!

    Random question: would you consider doing a post on traveling with toddlers? I remember you did an amazing one on traveling with a baby (back when A was still little), but would love to know how you pull things off so well when you have 2 and they have more of an opinion about things. Specifically, how do you stick to their schedule with a time zone change??

  17. I switched to Seventh Generation and like them a lot more. With the other diapers after they are used, even just a little bit, they STINK of this horrible chemical smell.

    This dress is so classy! Will be putting a link to it?

  18. Wish to be on Hawaii now and stop freezing my butt over here haha Love those pictures and your style here!