Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeDRESS: ALC // HEELS: Valentino // SUNGLASSES: Valentino

We took Atticus to the top of the Empire State Building today and it was his and my first time and I absolutely LOVED it! Ugh so so pretty, I can never get over city views of NYC. I was so bummed they didn’t have any onesies in the gift shop because we have been getting him onesies in all the states/attractions we take him to and hopefully one day he will have a big box with onesies/shirts from all the places we went together.

Have a fab weekend! xx

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  1. This is amazing! I have a dress… similar to this color… Its an emerald green that I am wearing for my homecoming, (more fancy)…. any lip color suggestions with that color dress?
    I love your blog!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I guess I’m confused by the outfit choice too. Especially since you just blessed your cute baby boy!! Why have him blessed if you don’t believe in the covenants you made? Seems confusing.

  3. I am dying to see your extensions!! Would you please do a tutorial on what kind you use and where you place them!!! I would love love love that or even just email me if you can’t do the tutorial!!! Thanks your the best I just love you and your blog!!

  4. You’re pretty and wonderful. But, that dress is sooooo not worth taking your garms off. and, I really don’t want to seem rude because I’ve been your follower for years and I adore you! But, i feel like a lot of the attacking and mean comments towards you and others on instagram are EASILY avoided by simply staying firm to covenants. You have the power to make those mean comments stop! Wow, I hope that doesn’t seem preachy! I really do adore you!

  5. yeah same question, are you still LDS? Just wondering cause all the cute clothes lately aren’t really garment approved? still beautiful though whatever you’re choosing!

  6. oh he’s is getting so big and his chubby cheeks are so yummy! the dress and valentinos are golden.

    xoxo hails.

  7. Love the dress but it’s a little bit out of my price range. Any chance you know of a dress similar but less expensive?

    Thank you!!

  8. Baby A is such a cutie!! You look amazing as always & I’m obsessed over those Leopard Valentine’s & your braids of course!! Enjoy NYC!!

  9. You are such a great MOM! I adore you and everything that you do! <3<3<3

    Keep it up! Good luck!

  10. Oh wow- those heels! WANT THEM!!! Such gorgeous photos my dear. (Can somebody please explain to me how I get a photo in my icon here?)

  11. I love all your little adventures with Atticus, it must be so nice to experience these with him so young. And as always I love your hair and outfit choice xx

  12. So precious and such a great experience to do together! Such a beautiful, warm & sunshine-y day to do it, too! That’s such a great idea to collect onesies from the places you visit. It will be fun to look back on one day for sure. I’m sure you will find one somewhere in NYC! Enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂