gooood week.
caught some fish.
almost done with greys season seven.
had a girls night.
got a credit card.
ate some brownies w/ ice cream.
came home to dinners made for me by my one and only lauren mae.
went on a nature walk.
saw some deer in my front yard. made my week.
had lots of embarrassing moments:
1. i waved to someone who was really waving to the girl next to me. in front of lots of people. suuuper embarrassing. especially since i did a super dramatic wave and my “oh my gosh i havent seen you forever!!!!” face. she looked like someone i knew from afar dangit.
2. the zipper on my skirt ripped when i was taking my skirt off at the temple to do baptisms. i had to walk out of there holding my skirt together.
3. the pin that holds your key at the temple.. flew off somehow and hit me in the face and hurt which resulted in me accidentally squealing in silence and then everyone was laughing.
4. i said “goodbye” instead of amen at the end of a dinner prayer.
im so embarrassing sometimes.

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