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Yay today I have the first batch of Paris photos!! This year Paris was my first stop and I enjoyed it even more than last time when Paris was my last stop. I find that I am always a little burnt out by the time I get to the last city and therefore don’t enjoy it as much as I could. It was so fun having Jaci with us because #1 she is hilarious #2 she is the cutest thing that ever lived and #3 I  love all of the photos she captured!!! This was kind of a chill look for me because with the jetlag and what not I didn’t really feel like getting ready haha so a t-shirt and jeans and a braid was all I got that day.

I know blogs are supposed to be aspirational and inspiring and I hope that mine is but that being said, I have always liked to maintain a level of realness and I have always spared you guys the details because that is just how I am, I am the one always giving WAY TOO MUCH info and sometimes people leave thinking ‘woah girl, coulda done without the visual!’ and it makes for some awkward moments but I freaking love hearing the hilarious, gross, dumb, or pointless details of stories soooo I have a story, read at your own risk. Getting to Paris was quite the adventure.. The seven hour flight to Paris itself was a freaking breeze… so naturally lets move onto the flight before that. We had to wake up at 3am to get ready and make the drive to the Atlanta airport so we put Atticus in his carseat and he slept the whole way there and I had a bottle of milk that I had pumped the night before ready for him. By the time we got on the plane at 7am my boobs were so freaking engorged I wanted to die. **ladies who are about to have babies or who will one day have babies.. your boobs will quadruple in size with milk – the plus side, you get to test drive a boob job – the downside, if you don’t pump or breastfeed for over 5 hours or more they will be bursting at the seams and yes they will squirt milk – like steady stream squirting, k? Cool. You’re welcome, now you will not be so shocked by this like I was. – anyways so we get on the plane and the bottle I had is now empty so I have to breastfeed but I am freaking out because I know my boobs are so full and when they are too full its wayy too much for Atticus because its coming out faster than he can handle and so he will start to get frustrated. I also didn’t bring a nursing cover because, quite honestly, I don’t use them anymore because they stress me out too much.. I have to be able to see whats going on and I have learned to be really discrete. Not only did I not have a cover but I was wearing this red sweater.. it was one of my favorite sweaters and I was so excited to not be pregnant so I could wear it again and this was my first time wearing it again since pregnancy. Well, if you breastfeed you know that fuzzy shirts/sweaters are NO BUENO because fuzz gets EVERYWHERE!!! All over the baby’s face, hands, etc. And this sweater was so fuzzy it was leaving layers of red fuzz on my jeans and bra – it was such a mess. SOO I am trying to breastfeed without a cover, with fuzz getting all over my baby, and milk squirting. Right?? So you’re getting the full visual so far?? And you can realize what a mess this was? It was awful and the fuzz was getting wet on his face and it looked like freaking blood!! Literally we were a hot mess the entire flight. It was wretched. Then we arrive in NYC and I headed straight to the nearest gift shop and bought an overpriced I <3 NYC shirt and then headed to the bathroom to literally pump my own boobs over a toilet and that was that. But then we got Shake Shack and my baby was a complete angel and slept the whole 7 hour flight to Paris and all was good 🙂

Photos by Jaci Marie


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  1. HAHAHAHA! I am pregnant and dying laughing reading this. Thanks for the warning about milk squirting. Hilarious.

  2. This is a great post! You are hilarious, and I love motherhood realness! Its seems you have traveling with an infant down…what would you say is your biggest struggle when traveling with a baby, especially without your husband?


  3. Hahahaha I just died laughing! I can totally relate to this experience as I had a similar one recently when I was travelling. I totally had to pump my own boobs in a bathroom too and it was not glamorous in the least bit! And I agree, nursing covers are becoming a total pain in the butt. But I found the best one ever called the “booby trapper”! You should totally check it out. It has 2 of those bendable things so you can actually see the baby’s face while your feeding. It’s soooo awesome!

  4. I could not stop laughing while reading this post. I have a four month old and have had very similar experiences with travel + breastfeeding. For some strange reason, whenever I’m engorged, I feel the need to touch my boob to see how hard it is… which is mega awkward in public. Anyways, I am so jealous of your Paris trip. I’m trying to convince my husband to go with Isla to Paris for next year’s French Open, but he thinks it’s a bad idea to travel with her there. Thoughts? Did y’all take the babes out to dinner with you at night? Looks like an incredible trip. xo

  5. hahahahahahahahahah!!! i feel like this will be something that happens to me when i have a babe. so do you just breastfeed without a cover in public? do people care or like get mad at you? I feel like in utah you would be slut shamed, ugh. people are so annoying. IT’S A NATURAL THING ya know? anyways. my personal opinion i guess. also yay for shake shack. that can make anyone a complete angel.

  6. This is EXACTLY why I love you blog!!! You had me cracking up.I love your realness and I truly believe that’s what most blogs are lacking right now. If I wanted to see a manufactured persona I would open up a people magazine and read about celebrities. Part of what makes blogs so cool is that real women can share with each other about all aspects of life in a creative way. It’s also nice to see more casual outfits sometimes too. You really show that you can still look pulled together and cute without a lot of effort. You’re awesome. Xoxo

  7. What a fun start to your trip! LOL …. I totally remember those days when your boobs are obnoxious and bursting at the seams and always at the most inopportune moments! Makes for a very memorable plane trip, though, right?! 😉
    P.S. Love the pics! Your little guy is just too adorable!!

  8. haha you’re hilarious and as a new mom I totally get the visual! I once wore a grey tshirt that left fuzz everywhere as well! My baby was covered in grey fuzz it looked disgusting haha!

    Love to follow your journey with baby A. My baby is a couple weeks younger and I love to read how you’re handeling everything 🙂

  9. I just laughed SO hard and even teared up a little bit! I can totally relate- keep up the good (and totally challenging) work!

  10. DO NOT hesitate to tell these stories!!!! Oh my gosh this was so funny haha, but I’m sorry for how stressful that must have been! I’m glad you guys made it one piece 🙂

  11. So this post kind of made my whole day! I was laughing out loud so hard! Don’t even worry about sharing too much info or sharing crazy stories because they make your travels and experiences seem way more relatable and awesome! I’m glad you were able to work every thing out; your pictures are amazing and your baby is the cutest thing ever! XoXo Morgan

  12. I love how real you are! That flight sounds awful and uncomfortable! I am so sorry. I am glad you guys made it safe though!

  13. Hi. I’m due with my first baby (a boy) and breast-feeding really scares me. I love how real your story is! My favorite visual is the one of you hand pumping into the toilet, haha. 🙂

  14. Love the story!!!!! Geez!!! So funny, you’ve got some good humor girl!

  15. You’re giving me serious wanderlust with these photos! And eeeek, that truly sounds like a nightmare – but hey, Shake Shack and Paris… I’d say you still won that lottery in the end 😉

  16. I love these types of stories! Thanks for sharing! I nursed my son for 12 months. Most people’s breasts adjust to nursing and eventually quit leaking milk…. not mine! I constantly leaked milk! I had to wear nursing pads for the whole year! I had many awful “I need a new shirt NOW!” experiences. Sometimes at night I would roll over and squirt milk all over myself/bed/husband. It was a super glamorous year. I wonder how many mom’s have had to do the whole squeeze your milk into the toilet thing. My good friend had a baby the week her dance studio went to a major competition. Her husband tried to help out by overfeeding the baby a bottle of formula. She had a very similar experience to yours, all while trying to get her little dancers taken care of!

  17. OMG That is sooooo funny! I can’t even tell you how hard I just laughed alone in my room- DYING. You’re so funny girl, we love your stories- keep ’em coming!

  18. I love how real you kept this and I will definitely keep this in mind for a time where it could quite honestly happen to me. thanks for sharing way too much information, amber! 😉

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  19. Cracking up at this – I can totally relate. I’ve had to express milk in a public restroom before too – haha 🙂

  20. You can really tell stories! And I think I have never seen you that casual! You really keep it real darling! Thank you for this beautiful blog you are writing!

  21. Ha!!! I know exactly what you mean! I breastfeed my baby and have had similar awkward moments. I also know what you mean about wanting to wear clothes that you couldn’t wear when you were pregnant, but are impractical if not impossible to wear because of breastfeeding. Thanks for keeping it real!!!! Love your blog!!!

  22. I love that you share all the details and real ness of it all! As a mother who breast fed, I completely understand! Love the pictures too, since I haven’t made it to Paris yet, at least I can see some of it 🙂

  23. Love this! I am going to reread all your baby posts when I have one of my own! xx

  24. Can I just say this post literally made my day!! Not only is the photography impeccable, but your story made my day. I love when you share details like this about your life because its humorous and I also feel its your life. These little stories make me feel more relatable to you. It’s why I love coming to this site everyday.

  25. I loved this! And I’ve totally done the whole pumping over an airport toilet thing–anything to relieve the pain of engorgement!! 🙂

  26. I am probably not your blog’s demographic (39 year old widowed mom of two boys), but I just love your blog! The fantasy and beauty of all the fashion and makeup and hair is fabulous, and the fact that you are so real and share real life moments is what I think makes your blog so special! We are all human and I know it is good for people, especially younger girls that read your blog, to know that no one is perfect and real life can be messy. Thanks for putting it out there. Hilarious nursing story, by the way. I can relate!

  27. Amber! I love you and the blog! This was hilarious. Love how your finding your way through mommyhood. So happy your baby gets to travel with you! xoxo

  28. Amber! I die. You are freaking awesome. Love you and your blog and how real you are. I’m excited for the boob job for a few months. Not excited for the squirting hahahha

  29. OMG Amber…That story made my day! I don’t have kids but thank you for so much detail! Now I can prepare lol…to funny! Thank you for sharing! <3

  30. Oh my GOSH! So stressful! What a crazy adventure! Haha! I’m all about being honest and real about these kind of things. Especially for people like me who are hoping to have a baby soon! These stories are great! Glad everything worked out! And while you were stressing, little baby Atticus was probably just having the time of his life traveling on a plane! Too funny!

  31. I love your blog! I never comment but this story was awesome! I totally understand about the engorged boobs. This literally happened to me with my first little one (minus the red sweater fuzz) when I went on our first cross country flight. Now that I have my second little girl I know that it’s worth getting up a little earlier before a flight to feed her. So glad the long flight was so much better! Oh and I love your posts when you show what “real moms” sometimes wear. T-shirt and jeans are a lifesaver!

  32. I LOVE how real you are! You’re one of my favorite bloggers for many reasons (style I absolutely love and identify with, you’re stunning, I love your little family), but also because you’re not afraid to post a casual outfit in Birkenstocks or talk about a nightmare breast-feeding story! It’s so refreshing because you could easily seem 100% perfect, so I love knowing that life isn’t 100% glamorous for anybody 🙂 Loved this post & don’t ever quit the realness!


  33. I am breastfeeding right now, and I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! That engorged feeling is the worst, and it literally just sprays everywhere. Also I can totally relate on the nursing cover, my baby girl HATES it, and now that she is 8 months old, she just spends the entire time trying to pull it off instead of nursing. I remember when my milk first came in my boobs were seriously up into my shoulder blades (sorry if this is TMI!), and I was like whoaa I am going to die ha! But all drama aside, I love breastfeeding, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything 🙂 I love our pants BTW 🙂
    Blonde with a Chanse

  34. Hope this isn’t weird lol, but where is your Nursing Bra from??? I’m looking for a GOOD one 🙂
    xoxo from

  35. I LOVE to hear real stories like this! I’m about to have my first baby and I have been wondering how flying is with a baby since I live in Kentucky and my family lives in Blanding, Utah! I’m glad that flying has been good for you for the most part but it’s always good to get a heads up about “wretched” things that could happen!

  36. OMG you are both gorgeous and hilarious! I love that you still have style even though you’re a new mom! I want my blog to transition into mommyhood just like yours did!

  37. “Pumped my boobs over a toilet”

    LOL – I love you so, so, SO much. This blog is so much better because of your stories. I’m sorry but I need to know that women that look like you (perfection) sometimes have to whip out their boobs and squeeze them over a public toilet. Keep it real? Honey, you have a BLACK BELT in keeping it real.

    Muuuahhh! kisses!

  38. Lol, loved the story! I am with you, nursing covers make it so much more obvious, and I just have to be able to see. Everyone is always like “you’ll get better, ” and I’m like seriously, I’ve been nursing for pretty much the last six years, if I don’t have it by now, it ain’t gonna happen!

    btw- I ordered my hair extension from bellami last night- so excited to get to try them out, thanks for the recommendation!

  39. I love your posts, they are so refreshing! Your Paris pictures are amazing and I am forever loving your hair! xx

  40. I love your realness, you frickin crack me up! And you’re totally adorable and seem so genuine!

  41. I’m sooo glad you shared this haha, I’m going to be a mom for the first time next year and your stories help!! I’ve already mentally bookmarked your sleep routine:)

  42. HAHAHA ok i just about died. 3 things.

    1) i’ve learned the secret in visiting your page around midnight to see your new posts because you wait to announce your new blog post is up until the following afternoon, so whenever I visit your blog at night I am super stoked whenever I discover a new post 🙂

    2) that story was golden. looove when you share, they’re always hilarious and always wind up having something to do with baby A!

    3) excited that its finally fall time and starting to get cold, can’t wait to see what outfits you’ll create this year. Still loving all of last fall season’s posts, our tastes are so similar. Can’t wait to see what see what you post as the months progress 🙂

  43. I love how real you are in your posts! It’s refreshing to read a blog that doesn’t sugar coat everything to make it look like they have a perfect life. I feel for you with the sore, exploding breasts. I had that experience many times with traveling with my baby. The good news is it prepares you for the pain that occurs with weaning……so hang in there. You are doing great!
    Dresses & Denim