so today my family and i went to go see We Bought A Zoo…..
this is what i thought:
lets start with the previews…
there was also a little short film thing of the chipmunk little guy!! ya know, the little nugget in Ice Age? well i am just wondering… IS HE EVER GOING TO GET A GOSH DANG ACORN? i mean really…. give the guy a break.
now the movie.
mayyyybe i am being dramatic or maybe it really was the cutest movie EVER!!!!
a. matt damon is in it. so manly. so hot. such a good actor.
b. the little girl… words cant even describe how cute she is. im not even going to try. you just have to see it and you will be as speechless as i am.
c. i cried. i dont really cry in movies… sooooo aka its just that good
d. please just go see it?
its like when you try a new cereal or a new dessert and its just so good that you want to tell everyone about it so they go out and try it? yeah well thats how i feel.
my life update:
pretend to be interested.
my dog came home from the groomers with these hideous ribbons in his hair.
i always want to cut bangs only i never would.
and alas, a solution.
thanks to courtney rogers for the idea…
i got clip in bangs! love them.
me and my girl kier. i love her.
at lexa’s bridal shower!
so i got a star wars shirt.. NOT because i like star wars – I have never seen it.
and so i got it. and it will go nice with my collection of shirts that have bands on them i have never heard, movies i have never seen, and people i had no idea existed.
my bestest girls.
me and sis delivering presents!
ice skating! what a riot that was.
my excited little sister. she loves getting new followers on instagram 🙂
my christmas eve hair
my little christmas eve birthday baby!!! she is the big 18 now! legal.
found my stained glass project of twiggy!!!!!!
we love these little nuggets!! they came to deliver our christmas gifts 🙂 what cuties.
reindeer hair! this was a joke i might add. and mine doesnt look too hot.
jamie’s looks better
jamie is my little snuggle bunny. we sleep together in her bed every night and we took a nap after opening gifts and this is how she fell asleep. it was so cute i had to take a pic.
az temple lights!
umm i cant think of a caption for this one…. im still at the lights soooo…. lets move on
hahaha saw this hilarious dog outside chipoltle and snapped a pic. then his owner told us he is a famous dog in tons of movies and told us to google “yogi the pug” turns out he is and his google images are HILARIOUS. i was laughing for hours.
these pics are out of order. me and jam in our christmas jammies.
christmas jammies again!
and that is all my friends.

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