Contributor Jennifer Vatthongxay and her daughter making a chocolate pretzel snack in their kitchen. Barefoot Blonde.

Sweet & Easy Snack Recipe with only 3 Ingredients


With the holidays coming up and the colder weather, I absolutely love to snack! I am an amateur baker and chef, but I enjoy spending time with Ryland and Rori in the kitchen finding new, simple, and easy recipes. I am a major chocolate lover, it is my weakness! While creating and discovering new and easy recipes I wanted to incorporate chocolate for a fun snack and bonding time. Here is a 3 ingredient easy snack recipe that is perfect to serve during the holidays and also so easy that the kids could practically do it without any help (ha!)

Contributor Jennifer Vatthongxay and her children making a chocolate pretzel snack in their kitchen. Barefoot Blonde.
A bag of Rolo and Snyder butter snaps pretzels, two of the 3 ingredients to make a delicious snack.

Ingredients you will need:

A bag of Rolo
Snyder Butter snaps
Mediterranean Sea Salt (mine is a Costco Kirkland brand, but I’ve linked a target brand simply balanced.
You can really use any brand of sea salt that you may have at home)

Additional items you will need:

Baking sheet pan
Parchment paper


1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees
2. Grab one Rolo, grab 2 pretzels, and put the Rolo in between – ROLO SANDWICH – place on the parchment paper
3. REPEAT step 2 until you have reached your desired amount
4. Sprinkle sea salt lightly over your Rolo sandwich
5. Place in oven for 2 minutes
6. Pull out of oven and lightly press down on each Rolo sandwich until you see the Rolo oozing out of pretzel holes (you can use a fork or your fingers to press down).

The oven baking contributor Jennifer Vatthongxay's 3 ingredient easy snack.
3 ingredient pretzel and chocolate snack being taken out of the oven. Barefoot Blonde.

Warning – you will not be able to eat just one. ENJOY!

This easy 3 ingredient snack recipe is delicious while being able to bond with my children. Ryland and Rori love that they it is so simple and easy for them to make and they feel so proud to serve our family and friends. Grab your ingredients, your children, and head on over to the kitchen to make this chocolate goodness for the upcoming holidays.

Contributor Jennifer Vatthongxay's daughter enjoying the pretzel and chocolate snack.
Contributor Jennifer Vatthongxay's children sitting on the counter preparing to make a sweet snack. Barefoot Blonde.

Article and images by Jennifer Vatthongxay . You can view more content by Jennifer on her blog and on her Instagram here

Meet Jennifer

Hi! I’m Jennifer, I am a mama to two – Ryland and Rori. I work from home full time doing administrative work while attending University of California, Davis studying Human Development. I created my blog as an outlet from my busy life, it’s a place for me to be creative and inspire other women. Pieces of Emerald is a platform where women can go to and feel inspired, while connecting with other like minded women that have a love for all things fashion, beauty, and motherhood.

A question that I get quite often is how I came up with my blog name: Pieces of Emerald. Truth is, it came very natural to me because I was born in the month of May and so were Ryland and Rori – May’s birth stone is Emerald – Through my blog and social media, we are sharing a piece of our life.

Fun favorites of mine: I am a terrible baker, but I love sweets and enjoy the baking moments with my children. I am a foodie, I love all foods especially spicy foods – Thai food is an absolute favorite!

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