Easter Sunday

Wow yesterday was absolutely the best!!!! We woke up and the kids were so excited to see their baskets and do the egg hunt. Rosie would say “dada, right there!!!!” every time she spotted an egg. And it was so sweet to see Atticus find eggs and give them to Rosie. They especially loved opening their Easter cards .. We got Atticus a Paw Patrol card that he thought was so cool and Rosie a bunny card that she kept hopping around with and saying how “cuuuuute” the bunny was. Then we had breakfast and watched a video about Jesus and his resurrection and the kids loved it and asked to watch it three times. We had a relaxed day and the kids didn’t let their Easter baskets out of their sight as they played together while David and I watched LDS Conference. Then we went to my sister’s house for Easter dinner and another egg hunt. Rosie found an Amazon Prime box that she wouldn’t let go of (literally had to bribe her to set it down to go to bed haha) and Atticus was so excited that he got a car in one of his eggs AND chapstick which he says is “his own lipstick!” haha! Anyways the whole day was soo good and the kids were being so sweet – they thought it was the greatest day ever. They both said “thank youuu!” over and over and gave us a million hugs and kept saying “I love you!!!!” It was just the best! But now we need to recover from the biggest sugar high ever – I don’t want my kids to even see candy for a solid month now ha. Hope you guys had a good weekend!!!

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  1. It is so adorable how some of Rosie’s hair is blonde and some is darker so the colors are mixed in the braids! Since my daughter was born, she’s had this light blonde streak of hair on one side and the rest is light brown.. I’ve always wondered how it’s possible 🙂 XOXO

  2. Ugh everyone looks so cute!! As always haha — Happy Easter to your beautiful family



  3. Hii can you share where Rosie’s dress and sandals are from? Thanks 🙂

  4. This is sooo sweet I just love this post! Glad you had such a great Easter weekend! We celebrated my daughters first Easter this year (she is 11 months old) it was sooo fun! She still doesn’t crawl haha sooo we had to carry her to her eggs. So we are looking forward to next year when she can run after the eggs!!

  5. So cute!! You have such a precious family. Have more babies!! Haha

    -Manda May

  6. Your outfits are all so cute!!!! And Atticus looks so dapper, what product do you use in his hair?


  7. Love that dress! And those easter baskets are fab!

  8. You have a beaustiful family! 🙂 Where are Rosie’s shoes from?