IMG_3103ttIMG_3323tIMG_3465tIMG_3178tIMG_3121tIMG_3361tIMG_3501tIMG_3351tttIMG_3129tIMG_3239tIMG_3096ttIMG_3251tIMG_3417t OVERALLS: ASOS c/o
SWIM SUIT: Stone Fox Swim c/o

I always feel like a little girl anytime I wear my overalls.. haha takes me back to elementary school when me and my friend Jessalyn would match our overalls, green shirt, and brown clogs on the same day because we loved when people asked if we were twins/sisters 🙂 Oh and I am super bummed I didn’t get any good photos of my swim suit.. it is one of my favorite because I love how flattering the top is!

Dubrovnik is now one of my favorite places in the world! This was my first time seeing the Adriatic Sea and it is so beautiful I can’t even believe it. I also fell in love with Croatian food and think it may be my favorite kind of food ever! If any of you have had spinach and cheese burek from Croatia you will know what I am talking about – I had it multiple times a day. I am going back to America and am going to scour the country for a bakery that makes burek!

Hope you guys had a good weekend! Ours was really lazy since I am still sick.. which meant we watched lots of Netflix and David even agreed to watching Billboard Dad with me… I for some reason was craving an old MK & A film 🙂



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  1. Hey Amber! I’m planning a trip to Croatia soon and was wondering if you remember the name of that beach and/or the boat you guys went on? It looks so fun!
    PS I love your blog 🙂

  2. Amazing pictures! I’m from Croatia and I’m really glad you liked it! Hope you’re going to visit it again sometimes! 🙂 Have you been in Split? If you come one day, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be verry happy to show you around! xo

      1. It’s called Cafe on Main, it’s on the corner of 2700 S and Main St in SLC. 🙂

  3. fact is im really nosey and want to know what allows you to travel like this!? amazing stuff. what does hubby do?

  4. This looks so fun! Loved that you watched Billboard Dad, I still love those good old MK&A movies as well haha
    Check out my blog for Interior Design if youd like!

    1. Haha I am pretty sure us 90’s girls will always love the MK&A films! Passport to Paris is next for us 🙂 xx

    1. No way?! Looks like I will have to go to Chicago 🙂 thanks so much for the info!! xo

  5. ahhh billboard dad, a true classic and of all the mk+a films, definitely one of the best choices! i can’t exactly remember what happens in the scene but i always loved when they pulled the prank and spilled water on the boys head or whatever it was! hahaa good stuff.

    1. Haha I totally agree, definitely my favorite of their little films!! And of course I love that scene 🙂 xo

  6. You need to write a post about how you deal with getting around without knowing the language!

    1. It is honestly not to hard because most Europeans know at least some English!! We haven’t had any troubles with language being a problem!

    1. Thanks so much Maria!! You should definitely make it out to Croatia one day! xx

  7. I have always wanted to go to Croatia. Your amazing pictures make me want to go even more! Got to love a good Mary Kate and Ashley movie

    1. You should totally go!! And I know right who doesn’t love throwing it back to the 90’s?! 🙂