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MY DRESS: 3.1 Phillip Lim (snagged 75% off in store) // ROSIE’S DRESS: Ralph Lauren // A’S SEERSUCKER SUIT: Ralph Lauren (jacket here, pants here – ordered size down on pants)

While we had all of our family in town we did a special blessing for Rosie at our church! She wore this really pretty Ralph Lauren dress that I splurged on because I am hoping she will want to bless her daughter in it someday. Atticus was absolutely killing me in his little seersucker suit!! I bought him some little loafers to go with it, and I even ordered a size up because they looked kinda small. They should have fit but his feet are too chubby for them haha! So he wore little sneakers. I kept telling myself.. its cute with sneakers riiiight?? Haha 🙂 For some reason when the suit gets wet it looks yellow so after he was done with his usual ‘playing in the drinking fountains at church for a solid 30 min’ I was worried I thought his suit was stained! Luckily it was just water. This suit is another thing I want to save for him to give to his kids one day. My mom saved certain pieces from when we were little and I think its so fun. My little nephew, Owen, was sitting next to me at church and kept looking at her smiling saying “she is sooo pretty! her blue eyes! I think my eyes are purple. She is soo so so so so cute. Look at her!” it was melting me. We have the sweetest nieces and nephews and I am so glad they were there for her special day! David did the blessing and he said she was smiling the whole time. We didn’t get a family photo – I literally debated getting back in that dress and getting everyone ready to take one because how did we forget a family photo?! I dont know but I am really glad she didn’t blow out in her dress (Atticus blew out in his on his blessing day and he was nakey the rest of the time because mama forgot spare clothes!). Way to go Rosie girl!!!!

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  1. Hi Amber! I happened to have stumbled onto your blog and these incredible pictures! You and your family are beautiful! Would you mind sharing where you got your dress and the RL baptism dress? I have been looking for something white and elegant for me and your dress is perfect! Thank you so much in advance 🙂

  2. Amber! I love your Instagram and have been reading through your blog lately. Come to find out you’re LDS! I had guessed, but never was sure. It’s so fun to follow your family, and then to find out you guys are members of the church made it even better! Beautiful family you have, and I love how you share just enough about the church without shoving it down people’s throats. Very tasteful. Thanks for always posting the cutest ideas and details of your life!

    Talia xx

  3. Hi Amber!
    I have just been browsing through your blog and I had a thought I wanted to share with you regarding all the hating going on with the whole “you’re LDS” and “inmodest” thing. It’s actually refreshing for me to see someone like you who IS LDS yet you aren’t afraid to be yourself at the same time! I also admire how you still believe and support the CHURCH even though a small percentage of its MEMBERS are being cruel to you. It’s definitely true that gospel things are between you and the Lord, and I admire you for being strong enough to not take too much offense by the members that it makes you hateful towards the church. You seem like an honest, down to earth gal, and that is what the church and the world needs more of!

    Kind of random, but I just wanted to share. 🙂


    1. Hi Brooke!! Thanks so much for the sweet and genuine comment. I loved reading it and you totally made my day!! It can definitely be hurtful hearing such negative comments, but like you said, what matters it is my relationship with the Lord 🙂 Thank you again for the kind words!! xoxo

  4. I know I’m late but these pictures are so precious! Rosie looks so beautiful congratulations! And Atticus looks adorable as always! <3

  5. beautiful photos. i love the white dress. we’ve been waiting to dedicate our daughter since we moved to a new city when she was born. now that we’re connected with a church here, i may need to start thinking out an outfit to be ready for the next dedication. i’m hoping it lines up with her birthday, and maybe she can get a couple uses out of it.

    where is rosie’s headband from?

      1. oh, thank you! i should have known you found it somewhere on etsy, they have the best little girl accessories!

  6. Hi Amber, I just wanted to congratulate your family and little Rosie on her baby blessing! My daughter was blessed in the same dress I was blessed in, it was a very special to see her in my dress that I will cherish forever. My mom also hand chrocheted a white baby blanket that I wrapped my daughter in and also got to use for my sons blessings. I hope rosie will feel the same way on her daughters blessing day!! ???? Lots of luv!!!

    1. Hi Katie!! Thank you so much for the kind words 🙂 It means so much to me!! Her blessing day was a dream! And how sweet is that?! Such amazing traditions. Thanks for sharing!! xo

  7. Hello Amber! I don’t know how I found your blog, jeje, but I like it a lot! I’m from Costa Rica, sorry for my english 😛 Your family is so adorable and your babies are so beatifull, so are you! Congrants for the Rosie’s blessing, I think that is so important. I hope you can come to Costa Rica some time. Bye 🙂

    1. Hi love!! Thanks so much!! I am so happy you are following along 🙂 Thanks for being so sweet!!

  8. Your sweet family is the cutest! I love reading your blog and you are so so pretty!! <3 & congrats on sweet Rosie! She is so precious! hope to meet you someday 🙂

  9. Hey amber! Beautiful photos, beautiful family and what a precious little girl! I just had a little girl in October ????
    Have a question about your couch lol! I’ve been looking at the same one from bryght. How do you feel about the quality? Especially having kids and a dog. Just a bit nervous to take the plunge! Would love your thoughts! Thanks a bunch! And congrats again on the new addition to your family!

    1. Thanks so much Kara!! And congrats to you as well!! 🙂 And we love our couch!! It is comfy and the quality really is amazing. I hope that helps!! I personally love leather couches and it is a good one. Thanks again!

      1. Hi! LOVE your blog. I’m pregnant….38 weeks and your style inspired me so much. On another note though…I am obsessed with your leather couch. I love how deep it looks, like you could put feet up and relax. Who makes it and what is the style if you don’t mind me asking! xoxo




    BYEEE 😉

  11. First time I’ve looked at your blog but I love seeing your family photos! Congrats on your beautiful little family! I had my second boy in August so we were preggo together which was fun for me to follow you on IG. Anyhow, thanks for sharing your family with us!

    1. Aww thank you Amanda!! SO glad you found my blog 🙂 You are too sweet! I love hearing from other mamas! xo

  12. Me and my 3 sister were all blessed in the same dress! And my 4 nieces were also blessed in the same one. That’s 8 blessings in one dress. We have all of our names and blessing dates sewn into the inside layer. It’s such a fun family loom my mom started.

    1. Okay that is so sweet!! I love that 🙂 What a great tradition to have! xo

  13. What lip color are you wearing here!? Gorgeous! Congratulations on such a special day!

  14. What kind of camera do you use ( camera model etc.) ? Your photos are really beautiful!!!

  15. What a special day for your family. Your family is beautiful. What color lipstick do you have in this picture? I love it!!

  16. You have an adorable family. Atticus and Rosie are so precious and gorgeous. What camera/lens do you use.

    1. Thank you love!! That’s so sweet of you. I use a Canon 5d mark iii with several lenses: 24-70, 20mm, 200mm and 50mm 🙂

  17. Loved the photos!! I also had a blessing around Rosie’s age, and my mom kept my white dress until this day. I am pregnant with a baby boy, so will have to wait until the baby girl to use it. Definitely keep it the dress for Rosie’s daughter.

  18. Wow! Your pictures are gorgeous! I’m thinking of purchasing the couch you’ve bought and I’m curious what you think of it. Is it comfortable? I just love it.

    1. Thank you so much Sara!! And yes! We love it!! I have always been a fan of leather couches and it is so great!!

  19. Atticus looking very handsome and mature for sure!! I love reading your blog every time it’s up 🙂 you inspire me so much amber❤️ I want a family like yours in the future!!

    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 You are too kind! Thanks for following along!! I appreciate the support! xo

  20. so adorable, all of you 🙂 you are so so sweet and so lovely to each other! very very nice 🙂
    which colour of lipstick are you wearing here ? it´s a very nice colour, it Looks so fresh to your blonde hair! xoxo

    1. Thank you Christina!! That’s soo nice of you!! And the lipstick is Coral Bliss by MAC! xo

  21. She looks like an angel! I love that you splurged so she will be able to have the dress for her daughter one day too. So funny about A- I blessed both my girls in a sweet white dress from when I was a baby but my second daughter blew it out!!!!! After washing it twice it had to go. so sad.
    Xo, Tara

    1. Aww thank you!! That’s so sweet of you 🙂 And no way?! Haha so funny!! Glad A wasn’t alone in that! 😉

  22. Oh my word! These are so precious! These are memories that will last forever and ever! I hope to keep a few really special items for our kids too when they grow up! You and Rosie Belle look stunning!!

    Xox Angela

    1. Thank you Angela!! I totally agree!! It is such a special memory for us 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!! xo

  23. It is such a special moment! Rosie and A look amazing! I particularly liked the picture of David holding Rosie, you can see he is in love ????
    Which church do you attend to?


    1. Thank you love!!! So glad you liked the post 🙂 And we attend the LDS Church. You can learn more about it here: xoxo

  24. Such wonderful photos of a beautiful family. The one of David holding Rosie kills me! xo

  25. Hi Amber it’s molly your family is so cute!!!! Congrats on Roises she’s adorable! ❤️❤️❤️Molly

  26. Your posts/pictures always make me smile. How sweet is your little family!! Yay Rosie for doing so well! 🙂 You are beautiful inside and out, Amber. Thank you for sharing! ♡
    ox Taylor |

    1. Aww I love hearing that!! Thanks so much for following along!! It means so much to me!! xo

  27. Omg!!! You look like a real live Barbie doll!! Absolutely stunning!!!! I am in ❤️ with these photos!! Rosie and A are the most gorgeous kid ever!!!!! You and your family are perfect!!! Just beautiful! Much ❤️!!!! Love ya!!! xoxo

    1. Oh my goodness you are too much!!! Thank you Lori!! I am so happy you like the pictures 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xoxo

  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Rosie is seriously the most beautiful baby ???? These are the sweetest pictures! I love your outfit! What color lipstick are you wearing here?

    1. Thank you so much!! That’s so kind of you 🙂 And it is Coral Bliss by MAC! xo

    1. Haha you are the cutest!!! I absolutely love all your comments!! Thank you so much!!! xo

  29. LOVE the blessing dress. I would’ve splurged on that find too!

  30. You all look lovely as always – a beautiful family. I bet this was such a memorable day and how nice to have such special photos to look back at. Rosie’s dress is just perfect and I can’t cope with how adorable Atticus looks in his little suit!! I absolutely love your blog and your Instagram!


    1. Aww thank you Emily!! That is seriously so sweet of you 🙂 Thanks for following along!! xo

  31. Hi Amber! Oh my gosh! These photos are too cute for words! So happy for your family 🙂

    I was browsing through your blog the other day looking for hair tips and came across a post where you had this dress on with watermelons on it and I instantly fell in love with this dress! I clicked on the link you had from where you got the dress and they don’t have it anymore (being that blog post was a little old) I am so upset because I loved it so much! I have a slight obsession with dresses haha but what girl doesn’t 🙂 do you have any ideas on where I could find that dress? I would really appreciate your help! xoxo

  32. You have the most beautiful perfect family I have ever seen! I love reading your blog its so inspiring and adorable. I was wondering what you use to edit your photos?? 🙂 xoxo

    1. Thank you so much!! That means so much to me 🙂 We are far from perfect I promise! But I appreciate your sweet words! And I use a program called Lightroom to edit my pictures! xo

  33. Rosie looks so beautiful! Blessing days are so special. 🙂 My little girl Rosalie actually blew out in her dress on her blessing day, but thankfully I caught it in time so she just got her onesie stained. We had sacrament last so I am not sure why I had her in the dress the whole day at church ha. Live and learn I guess! 😉

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. Thank you Rachel!! It really was so amazing 🙂 And no way?! How funny! Nice job saving the dress 😉 xoxo

  34. How beautiful <3 I love the idea of saving a few of the more special outfits for your children's children someday. I definitely want to do that! Rosie looks absolutely perfect in her blessing dress, and Atticus is as cute as ever! xoxo

    1. Thank you!! I am so glad you liked the post 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!! xo

  35. So so cute! I love seeing pictures of your littles!! I did have a question though.. I have been following your blog for so long now (it’s my fave ????????) and I know you said you didn’t get any stretch marks with Atticus but you saw some faint ones when you were pregnant with Rosie and were worried about how they would look after you had her. Soo my question, I had my baby around the same time you had Baby A and was lucky enough to not get stretch marks and now I’m also pregnant with my second baby and have been seeing faint lines and am kinda freaking out.. Did your lines get darker after you had her/what did you to for them/preventing them?

  36. Oh my goodness she looks so perfect, she’s such a cutie! And Atticus, look at that smile! Congratulations on the blessing! You have the sweetest family Amber!

  37. Oh my! These are sooo incredibly sweet! I love that your mom kept pieces to pass along and that you are keeping the tradition!!

  38. Gorgeous photos. I started reading your blog a few months ago and have become a huge fan. Thanks for sharing!


  39. What a wonderful time to do it. Such a memorable moment. You both had the prettiest dresses! And A’s suit was so adorable.

    1. Aww thank you!! You are too sweet 🙂 And I know huh!? Hopefully I will have another little boy that can wear it again haha!

  40. It’s a really cute suit but Seersucker is for Summer months. Ralph Lauren offers beautiful wool herringbone suits that are appropriate for Winter. So does Janie and Jack…I love their Tartan blazers for toddlers.

  41. Beautiful pictures. You all look stunning. So beautiful that you could share this special moment with your family 🙂 and such a lovely thought that your children could give the special clothes to their children one day 🙂

  42. Oh my gosh your dress and your hair.. Soo beautiful!! And seriously Rosie and Atticus are the sweatest!!
    It must have been a very special day for you and your family 🙂
    My mom did the same with some babyclothes of mine and I love to look at those!! Such a cute tradition..


    1. Thank you doll!! That is way too nice of you!! And aww isn’t it the best?! I love having keepsakes to share with them!! xo

  43. Such a special moment and Rosie is just the prettiest! I love A’s little suit and hair combed to the side!

    Happy wednesday //

  44. Your hair looks AMAZING in these pictures! I’m so envious of your long locks!

  45. I always take my BIG camera the day babies are blessed in my ward (in Boston). I love taking photos of families on their special day. That being said, your photos here are beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate the compliment 🙂 I love having this day documented! xo

  46. I adore seersucker on little boys!!! Can’t beat it! Such great photos! I’m so glad you all got to do a “blessing day” since everyone was in town..what a great memory! I saved clothing from my daughters special events and it’ll mean the world to her one day. ( She’s adopted from India!!! 😀 ) What a great tradition! Enjoy your day!
    Terrell from OKC!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! So glad you like the post 🙂 It was an amazing day! And aww I love hearing that! Your daughter will definitely love it!! xo

  47. Seriously beautiful! Congratulations to your family, she will certainly pass that dress on – what a special piece to have forever! PS – What camera/lens combo do you use? I currently use a Canon 7D with a 50mm lens, but am looking to upgrade, and your photos have such a great quality, I’d love to know, thanks love! xx

    1. Thank you Brooke!! 🙂 And I use a Canon 5d Mark iii with several lenses: 24-70, 20mm, 50mm, and 200mm. I hope that helps!! xo

  48. Such a blessed family you have got Amber :’)
    Rosie looks super cute in that dress <3 Her blue eyes are killin' me <3.<3 :**
    Atticus in suit (Y) Looking handsome :*

  49. You look so beautiful! And congratulations! What an exciting time for your family. My mom kept my dress from my dedication day as a baby and I love that she did that. Your family is so so sweet!

    Also, what is your lipstick colour? It’s gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Sarah!! It was an amazing day 🙂 And how sweet! I’m glad you have that memory. And the lipstick is Coral Bliss by MAC!! xo

  50. She is is absolutely beautiful and so are you!! Atticus is the most handsome little boy ever! Y’all just melt my heart. Love you so much!!! xoxo

  51. The kids are so cute! Atticus looks so happy!! I LOVE your dress!!!

    1. Thanks so much!! It was such a great day 🙂 And aww that is sweet! It will definitely be a happy memory for our family!

  52. I don’t know who’s cuter… Rosie in that gorgeous dress or Atticus in that adorable suit?! You dress them so well! My mom saved our shoes when we were babies and we found them the other day and it was such a cute moment. My kids will definitely be wearing them one day! (:

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

    1. Aww you are too nice!! Thank you so much for the nice compliment 🙂 And no way?! How cute!! I love having little keepsakes like that. xoxo

  53. oh how sweet!!! She really is a gorgeous little girl! I love that you were in white too!!! I think it is fun to save little gems for them when they get older. My mom didnt do that, but that is a good idea that I think Ill do too!! So happy for you guys!! Loves!!


    1. Thanks so much!! She looked like a little angel 🙂 It was such a special day!! Thank you for the kind words!! xo

      1. She is absolutely perfect! She had the most perfect nose ever! I love her so much!

        1. Hi, Amber!! Me and my friends are obsessed with you and your perfect family and perfect life!!! Your family is gorgeous and your social media makes my day whenever I get to see a snapchat story, tweet, or instagram post!! Thanks for everything you do!! You are such an inspiration to teenagers like me 🙂

          1. Hi Gracie!! Thank you so much for this sweet comment!! I loved reading it 🙂 Tell your friends hi for me!! Thanks for following along!! xo