soooo my life went from studying/taking 5 finals….
to getting on a plane…..

to coming home to az and being in my BED!!!!!!!!!!

happy as a clam. 
ya know?
thats what they say.
done with all my finals and i have nothing to worry about for 2 weeks.
im also going on a date tonight with my sis.
no not like a double date..
i mean my sister is my date.
its going to be the best.
i know this is perhaps a bit strange but i love the feeling of being barefoot in my az home. 
do you know what i mean?
you know when youre walking around a hotel barefoot and the carpet just feels so nice? well thats what my home feels like to me. 
maybe im the only one.. on the account of most people wear shoes.. and i rarely do. 
i enjoy being a savage and or foot nudist
rain or shine or snow or whatever my feet love to be naked.

Photos from done done done

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