Do I miss my bangs?

I am asked a lot about my bangs and if I liked them or if I would recommend them even though I don’t have them anymore, so I thought I would do a post about bangs!! When I cut mine I had hair falling out left and right after having Rosie, so I felt like bangs would help cover some of the spots that looked like they were balding. I am glad I had them and tried it out, but I wouldn’t get them again! Below are some reasons why.

What should you consider when getting bangs?

The biggest reason I didn’t like my bangs was because of the texture of my hair! I have fine hair that is stick straight so I always felt like my bangs just looked too straight and I didn’t like the look. I felt like I always had to be styling them for them to look good.

Another reason I didn’t like them was because it was so hard to work out with them! I always made it work but it was always extra work. I would normally braid my hair and have them back in tight braids or I would pull it in a high top knot and just pin the bangs back.

BUT I think if you are wanting bangs you should DO IT! Because they grow out faster than you think and it is really fun to try out a new look for a bit.

What are your thoughts? Do you love them or hate them?

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  1. I actually got bangs when I had some hair loss too – I thought it would make my hair fuller, but sometimes they were just plain annoying! I’m currently trying to grow mine out right now. You looked so beautiful with them though!


  2. I love them and have them right now, but you’re right, they’re definitely more work. I often pin mine back. I have very thin hair and it’s really hot here right now and I find that by the end of the day they just look totally flat or have started to curl from my skin. Nikki xx

  3. I’ve always had bangs and really love them, but I’m currently growing out my bangs for my wedding in September and I really just don’t like how I look without them! I think shortly after our wedding I’ll be chopping them again because I really miss having them! I do think it’ll be nice for the summer though, not having to worry about hot sticky bangs, haha. I do feel like they’re more of a fall/winter hairstyle. We’ll see! I suppose I could still change my mind. 🙂

  4. I had bad postpartum hair loss so I cut bangs to hide my bald patches too! I hate them! I did it last April and they are taking forever to grow out! Do you have any tips to speed up the growing out process?!!!

  5. It’s so funny you posted this because a couple weeks ago I got bangs! It is more work, I used to just throw up my hair but now it forces me to style it more often and it is different but I think I’m gonna let them grow out!

  6. I love them on other people! Every time I decide to cut bangs, I end up regretting it almost instantly. I can hardly ever style them to the way I want them, and find them more annoying than anything.

  7. Would you guys ever make bang clip-ins? I love the look of bangs, but also hate the upkeep.

  8. I love the look of bangs (it’s very French!) but I can’t stand the way they feel on my face…and by the end of the day, they’d be greasy, yuck! I have tried it too but I just can’t do it.

  9. When I saw that you got bangs I immediately wanted them. LOL. I had my stylist cut them in a similar way but I had the opposite problem. My hair is normally painfully straight, but without the weight of my thickness my bangs would wave out, I would always be straightening my hair and found many ways of braiding to hide them. But overall I liked having them and loved the look once they were slightly grown out.

  10. I love my bangs. My hair is thin too but I use a large rounded hair brush which leaves a nice shape and looks great with straightened and curled hair. You look beautiful either way!

  11. As much work as my bangs are, I love them even more! I think they are such a cute style statement, and I love that my hair always looks done with them. Definitely not for those who don’t like having to always put work into their hair though lol

  12. I love the look of bangs but I touch my face and hair way too much to have them anymore! They were always greasy and in my way! I’m the girl who is constantly tucking her hair behind the ear so they just didn’t work for me! But I think they are adorable and worth the try at least once!

  13. Definitely don’t get them if you’re like me and you have two cowlicks on your forehead😂😭 they were cute for about two weeks but I had to blow dry/straighten them every day and they got sooooo damaged😭

  14. I loved my bangs! But I go to the gym every day so they would get sweaty, like you said, they are a lot of work, but if you don’t go to the gym often and they fall nicely on you, I would totally do it! I want clip in bangs! That should be the next barefoot hair extension!

  15. I totally agree! I recently got bangs a few months ago because I’ve always wanted to try them and I wanted to switch it up a little (I usually go through the cycle of growing my hair out and then chopping it and then growing it out again and so on). I just feel like it is super rare for me to get them to look how I want them to look and I agree that working out with them is annoying too. I think bangs can look so awesome on some people but it really depends on their hair type and if they are willing to put in time to style them. I am definitely glad I tried them out and it is fun to experiment with a new hairstyle and figure out new looks BUT I do not think I would get them again either! 🙂

  16. I think this was a sign! I was seriously contemplating getting bangs as I fell in love with Avrey Ovard’s! They’re so cute on her but I’m nervous I can’t rock them because I have a small forehead! Thanks for your advice. Xx
    Riley |