DIY Passport Holder


Passport holders are a super cute way to express your style when it comes to traveling. I know I love finding travel accessories that speak to me like teal suitcases and cosmetic bags that have tropical destinations on them. Why skimp when it comes to your passport? Well, you don’t have to! Learn how to make your own passport cover with this easy tutorial.

1. Cut out two pieces of fabric out in the sizes 14″ x 7″

2. Fold in 1/2″ of the edges of the fabric pieces and iron them down. Do the long edges first then the short edges. On the piece that you want to be the front cover, iron on a piece of interfacing to it. Follow the instructions on the interfacing packaging. I held my iron on mine for 25 seconds.

3. Place the wrong sides together of the fabric pieces using sewing pins on each of the corners to keep them even and in place and sew the short edges down. Then fold in 3″ of each side on the left and right and sew along the top and bottom.

4. You can use any fabric to do this DIY. You could even make different passport covers for different destinations. Going on a tropical vacation? Use a fabric covered in tropical leaves. Going to the desert? Use fabric with a cactus print. Get creative with it!

Article and images by Jenny Bess. You can view more content by Jenny on her blog and on her Instagram here

Meet Jenny

Hello, I’m Jenny! I’m a DIY fashion blogger, beach bum, and dog mom of 2. I was born and raised in Florida and find myself loving anything tropical. I’m a self-taught sewist and love designing and making my own clothes, accessories and home decor. When I’m not creating, you can find me on photoshoots with my boyfriend Will, swimming in the ocean or taking a nap (because let’s be real, life can be exhausting).

My motto has always been if you can’t find it or afford it, make it yourself. In addition to making things, I’ve taken an interest in sustainability and being more eco-friendly. I hate going to the beach and finding trash left behind, I also hate being wasteful. That’s why I love thrifting and making use of old things while also being mindful of the products I use and the items I buy. You can find me at, P.S. I love anything teal!

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  1. I was gifted a passport cover but I found it to be annoying and useless. It was annoying to have to remove it for scanning at every airport stop. Maybe a holder with pockets to hold the boarding passes would’ve been more useful, but the basic ones are a waste.