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If you’re like me and love Chanel but can’t justify spending over $1000 for a wallet or some jewelry then you’re in luck. You can have a piece of real Chanel for just a few bucks! The secret is to buy authentic Chanel buttons and turn them into jewelry! You could make earrings, a necklace, or brooches. The best place to shop for these buttons, that I’ve found, is eBay. There are so many different shapes and colors and types of Chanel buttons. Just search for them and you’ll find them.

To turn your Chanel buttons into earrings, you can go about it a few different ways. I’m going to show you an easy and unique way by adding tassels to them.


A-Line DIY Skirt


Make the tassels. I made my tassels using the technique in my DIY Stacked Tassel Earrings tutorial. The only thing I did differently is I wrapped the thread around a small hammer handle 60 times. With the piece of string that was tied around the very top of the tassel, knot it around the button hole.

DIY Stacked Tassel Earrings Tutoria


Use the needle-nose pliers to open the loop on the earring hook and close it around the buttonhole. Next, place a drop of glue on the top of the button where the earring hook touches so that the button doesn’t flop around when wearing the earrings.

Needle-Nose Pliers

Wah-la! Some super cute Chanel earrings you can now but in your jewelry box and wear on the daily. I bought a few other types of Chanel buttons and will be making some more jewelry so stay tuned! I love all of the possibilities that come with some buttons. You could really turn them into anything.

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