Barefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney World^^Breakfast at the hotel!Barefoot Blonde at Disney World^^He was so scared of Minnie haha but we got her autograph in his book anyway 0R2A6234^^She is now two months and is the sweetest mini Minnie I have ever met!Barefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney World^^True love is churro loveBarefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney World^^Giving his sis some lovesBarefoot Blonde at Disney World^^Story time in our hotel room before bedBarefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney World^^The kiddies after their nap. We are big about nap times in this household.Barefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney World0R2A7427^^room service

Barefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney WorldBarefoot Blonde at Disney World

MY DENIM JACKET: ASOS (also in blue here) // SHIRT: Amazon // MINNIE EARS: Amazon // SHOES: Adidas // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Saint Germain

David – SHIRT: Neff

Atticus – SHIRT: Amazon // Shoes: Native

Rosie – MINNIE OUTFIT: ETSY // SWADDLE: Lou Lou & Company // STROLLER: Bugaboo Bee3

Here are some pictures from our first day in Orlando! We knew we wanted to stay at a Disney hotel to make it easier to go back and forth for A’s nap, so we stayed at The Swan! Our room was amazing and Atticus flipped out anytime he saw the big swan fountain – which apparently it is really exciting. The food was sooo good which is nice because room service is sometimes just so much more convenient with kids. I love coming home to the hotel and just relaxing and eating in. But they do have some great restaurants where you can also do Disney character breakfasts and dinners. That’s one thing we really loved about the hotel, whenever we were there it felt like we were still at Disney World.

Atticus turned 19 months and Rosie turned 2 months – time is flying. I love their little worlds. When we walked into the park I was thinking Atticus would run and be so excited about the park but he ran straight for this tiny hole in the ground and was so fascinated by it. Love how the little things are so exciting to them. Except Disney characters because we learned that Atticus is now scared of those haha! We have been staying up way past bedtime and had a few too many churros, if there is such thing.

Have a good day everyone! We are off to Miami and please someone tell me its warm?!

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  1. Hi! Random question but I just bought this jacket and I was wondering did you buy a size up? Does it feel big on you? Thanks!

  2. Hi Amber, planning a trip to Disney with my will be 22 month old and will be 2 month old. We r looking for places to stay in Disney and it looks like The Swan is a nice choice, just wondering if u liked the suites? Conducive for napping for kids and parents? Thanks!!

  3. Did you not bring a double stroller? We’re going to Disney World this summer and I’m trying to figure out which stroller to bring. Was Atticus okay walking or do you wish you would’ve had a double?

  4. You are seriously the sweetest, replying to everyone’s comments! I love your blog and hair! I was wondering, where did you get your super cute Minnie ears? Did you get them ahead of time or at Disney? =)

    1. Thank you so much Sarah!! I try my best! And we honestly get everything beforehand on Amazon but you can get the ears at the park too!! I had these from last time we went to Disneyland and I got them in the park. xoxo

  5. What do you use to take your pictures? They’re honestly always so perfect <3

  6. I absolutely adore your hair in this post! Love everything about your blog!!!! :)))))))

  7. ROSIE’S CHEESY SMILE I DIEEEEEE! She is toooooo much. Actually, they both are. I can hardly look at your blog without being hit in the face with the craziest baby fever ever. Your fam is so lovely, I hope you’re having the most lovely time in Florida! Hopefully Miami is warmer than Orlando… <3


    1. Hahah seriously!! He is too fun!! He sure has his smiling down 😉 Thanks so much for the sweet comment!! It made my day! xo

  8. It honestly looks like you all had an amazing time there. You all look so genuinely happy, it’s lovely!!

    1. Thanks so much!! We all had a blast!! So much fun 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xo

  9. These are the sweetest photos!!! Such a great family. What camera do you use? The quality is awesome!

  10. Love the pictures! Looks like you all had a blast. Can you tell me what pants you are wearing? I keep thinking they are black jeans (I’ve been looking for a great black jean) but they look like leggings in the picture with story time. Thank you!

  11. Hi Amber, I live in Malta Europe and would love to take my 6month old baby to Florida but I am so scared of the long flight and time zone difference. How do you manage to plan everything? I cannot breastfeed so I need to get boiled water with me in the plane and everywhere I go… It just feels like I will be spending 90% of the time in the hotel… Can you give me some advice if possible? Thank you very much!

  12. Thanks for sharing Disney World! Looks like you had fun and Atticus a blast! And Rosie with that precious smile! ❤️❤️????

  13. Lovely photos!
    Ps. Saw you on the orlando airport, you parked your car next to mine on Budget car rentals. I was going to ask you for a pic but it was too early for one!

    1. Thank you Victoria!! And no way?! Oh my goodness you totally should have!! I would have loved it 🙂 Next time okay?!

  14. These pictures are the cutest! I just love the one in front of the carousel where Atticus looks like he’s about to hit you with his lightsaber haha Have a great rest of your trip 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! And no way?! Darn it! Wish I could have met you all 🙂 xo

  15. Look at Rosie in her little Minnie outfit, so freaking adorable.

    I can’t wait to go to Disneyland one day.

  16. I am just so in love with your blog. Your family is just the cutest. I follow your snaps daily! We are going to take our little one to Disney at 10-12months. How did Atticus do his first time to Disney? xx

    1. You are the sweetest!! Thanks so much!! I love hearing that 🙂 And how fun!! He will love it! We first took Atticus around 7 months and he did just fine! But I think the older the better for sure! There’s tons of stuff to do with babies and little kids so it is fun all around!!

  17. So fun, I used to collect Minnie Mouse everything when I was younger. Your family looked like they had a great time! xoxo

    1. She has always been my favorite Disney character for sure 🙂 And thanks so much!! We loved it!

  18. It looks like you had loads of fun at Disney! I’m 17 and I still have fun at Disney haha! I was wondering what kind of camera you use because your photos are always so clear and have great quality.

    1. We really did!! Atticus especially loved it 🙂 And I use a Canon 5d Mark iii.

      1. Thanks for the reply!! I love that you really engage in your followers 🙂 You and your family are so beautiful and I can’t wait to have one of my own

    2. she uses a canon 5D mark III 24-70 🙂 i asked the same question a whila ago :p

  19. Hi Amber! Looks like so much fun. Rosie is really growing! I would love to know how you gets your babes to nap! What’s your routine like? My baby fights sleep and I just don’t know how to get her to nap :/

  20. I love how real your blog is and how obvious it is that you try to be a good mother. The fact you are wearing a t-shirt and tennis shoes says a lot to me personally about your priorities. I see other bloggers at Disney with their kids in 6 inch stilettos and even though I know a blog is a job I can’t help but wonder how much fun they are having there. Thank you for keeping things real!

    1. Wow thank you so much!! You have no idea how much that means to me 🙂 I definitely try to dress as practical as possible when we are out and about, especially at an amusement park all day! 😉 You are the best!! Thanks again!

  21. Amber! Nothing brings more joy to my day than seeing you and David in my Instagram feed and I absolutely love love love reading your blog posts. Your family is so unique and adorable and I am so happy that you allow us to see glimpses of your beautiful life!
    Xoxox Jenna B

    1. Thank you so much Jenna!! That seriously makes me so happy!! Thanks for following along!! xo

  22. Rosie and Atticus are so adorable in these pictures!! I love Magic Kingdom it’s my favorite Disney park I’m glad to see that you and your family enjoyed it as well! (Btw I love your braids!)

  23. Atticus and Rosie are so adorable! Looks like they had a blast at Disney! Is that a Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack? Do you use it as a diaper bag for Atticus and Rosie? Love your blog! Christy

  24. honestly your family is adorable. you can see all the love and happiness. I hope to have such a beautiful family one day

  25. You guys always capture such amazing facial expressions and moments!! I can’t wait to do this with my future family haha 🙂 Love your hair btw. Always such beautiful braids!! Can’t wait to see more picture from your trip 🙂


    1. Aww thank you!! I will pass along that compliment to David 🙂 And thanks so much!! Braids are my go-to at amusement parks!! xo

  26. hi amber,
    My name is Pamela and I live in florida and I’m 16 years old. I get so excited when you post new snapchat stories or instagram posts because I love your family! Atticus and Rosie are adorable! Your blog is so inspiring and you make me excited to be a mom one day! I would love to meet you one day because you’re a huge role model to all. So happy your having fun on vacation!

    1. Hi Pamela!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment!! It totally made my day! I am so happy you follow along 🙂 It means the world to me!! And yes! We are loving Florida!!

      1. Thank you so much for responding!!! So happy!!!! Can’t wait for new blog videos 🙂 have an amazing day

  27. These photos are so beautiful! My family is going to Disney next month, and I would love to have such amazing photos as memories of our time there. What camera was used for these pictures?

    1. Thank you Ryan!! I hope you have blast!! 🙂 And we use a Canon 5d mark iii.

  28. Lovely pictures! Rosie is so cute! She is Little Minnie!) Hope she enjoyed her first Disney World trip. I’m dreaming about trip to Disney with my family too and believe it can became a reality. Especially when I see that traveling with litttle children is possible))))
    Have a good day! And enjoy Miami!

    1. Thanks so much Tanya!! They loved it!! It was so fun! And yes! Every family deserves to go to Disney! It is so magical 🙂

  29. It looks like you had so much fun in Disney!! And Rosie looks so cute with her minnie outfit ???? I’m also seriously in love with your pull through ponytail.. I saw it the day before on your Instagram and I directly needed to try it out (and I got so many compliments for it ????????- thank you..)
    Hope you’re enjoying the Miami sun!!

    1. We did!! Thanks so much!! 🙂 And aww thanks babe!! It it a bit time consuming but I love how it looks!! I am so glad you tried it!!! I bet is looked amazing!! xo

  30. I love the little outfit you have on Rosie, it’s so cute! Magic Kingdom is by far the best park in Disney World, although next time your should try and visit Epcot as well, it has really cool rides for kids.

    1. Thanks so much!! It was such a perfect find 🙂 And yes!! It was amazing!! We loved it!! 🙂

  31. How in the world is that little cutie two months already? Ugh, they’re so adorable! 😀 Have fun in Miami!

  32. I lived in Florida for a couple years and we used to go to Disney World every single year for like 6 years straight! I LOVED it, now I haven’t been there for almost 8 years and you’re making me miss it so bad! So glad you had an awesome time 🙂 Can’t believe Rosie is so big already! xo

    1. Oh my gosh I bet it was amazing to live there!! I would die to be so close to Disney haha! We had a blast visiting!! 🙂

  33. It looks like you guys had a blast!! A’s face is priceless!!

    1. Haha seriously!! He is such a ham, I love it 🙂 Thanks for the comment!! xo

  34. Looks like such an amazing time at Disney! I’m sure when they’re older they’ll both love all the characters! You’ll have to bring Rosie back in a few years so she can get the Princess treatment at Cinderella’s castle! The little girls that come out of there are SO cute!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    1. Thanks so much!! We loved our stay there! And yes! I think so too 🙂 He was a little shy haha! Thank you for reading Cathy!! xo

  35. Love seeing all these pictures, Amber! We are taking my daughter to Disneyland this spring and I’m so excited! Also, how is Rosie already two months old? It seems like she was born just yesterday!

    1. Thanks so much Kelly!! And how fun!! She will love it 🙂 And I know right?! Time goes by too quick!!

  36. So in love with your blog! You’ve got such a fresh style and it really is a pleasure to read it!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? If yes just let me know once done and I’ll be right back!

  37. Such lovely pictures. Looks like you all had a great time. Enjoy your stay at Miami 🙂

  38. You guys are the best!!! I have a 3 year old son and we are thinking to have a trip to Disney next year and hopefully he is not gonna afraid of characters lol.! :)) love watching your videos.. XOXO

    1. How fun!!! He will love it 🙂 And yeah hopefully he won’t be all shy like Atticus was haha! It is so funny to see how they will react! Thanks for following along!! xo

  39. We’ve been looking at staying at the swan! It’s looks like so much fun, but at this point it’s a tie between a Disney cruise or a Disney resort. And those churros? BEST EVER.

    1. Ahh those both sound like great options!! I have heard amazing things about Disney cruises 🙂 And yes!! I die for Disney churro hahah

  40. So sweet! Love the pictures! Hate to tell ya but Miami isn’t the warmest this week! Although I’m SURE it’s warmer than NYC. Haha Florida has sure thinned out my blood! When it gets below 65 I’m freezing. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Miami with your little babies anyways 🙂

    1. Thanks Hannah!! And we had a great time!! It was a blast 🙂 but yes, surprisingly not as warm as we thought!! Still amazing!!

  41. SO CUTE! Miami has been chilly…by Floridian standards! Mid 50’s in the mornings. But warming up to beautiful mid 70’s during the day! What do you guys have planned for MIA?!

    1. It was amazing, we loved our stay there!! We got some rain in Miami which was a bit a bummer but overall, it was so nice!! We mainly just relaxed on the beach and ate haha! It was the best!! 🙂

  42. Gorgeous pictures!!!! You and David as always look absolutely amazing!!!! Little Rosie is getting so so big and so so cute!!! She is transforming into her our little person!!! So fast!!! And Atticus with her? Priceless!!!! He is adorable. Looks like you had an amazing time in Disney and enjoy Miami!!!! Love ya!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Aww thanks so much!! And I agree!! She is growing so quickly!! It is crazy! They are the cutest duo in my opinion 😉 Thanks again for the comment!! xoxo

  43. Atticus looks so happy at Disney! I hope you had a great time! He’s a great older brother! Also, I know this may be too much to ask, but would you follow me on Instagram? I really love your work and I’m trying to make mine better. It would honestly be amazing if you did. This isn’t me trying to get publicity, it’s me trying to get feedback and how to improve my posts. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

    1. Yes!! He was in heaven!! He loved it 🙂 And I will check out your Instagram! Thanks love!

  44. Super cute! I just started following you Amber and read back and feel like I know you guys all so well! We have a 5 yr old girl named Kennedy, an 18 month old boy named Emerson and I’m 36 weeks pregnant with the tie breaker!! So our littles are actually really close in age. We just moved down the shore from NY state 7 weeks ago. Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    1. Thanks so much Jen!! I love hearing that!! 🙂 And oh my goodness how cute are your kiddo’s names?! LOVE!! And congrats on your third! You are so close!! Yay! 🙂

    1. Aww thank you!! She was the perfect Minnie 🙂 And Atticus loved everything pretty much haha it was so fun!!

  45. Hi Amber-
    My family is going to Disney in the fall and also staying at the Swan. Did you stay in a Grand Suite? Did you feel like you had enough room for all of you? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Mel!! How fun!! SO glad you are going 🙂 And yes! It was a lot of space for us 4. So it just depends on how many people you will have in there.

    1. It was so fun!! We loved it! For sure go one day 🙂 Thanks for reading Jessie!!

  46. Amber I just love y’all so much and you have the cutest family! Have fun in Miami!

    1. It was amazing!! We loved it 🙂 And yay!! So fun! Glad you’re planning a trip!

  47. ahhhh soo fun!! I love her little Minnie outfit 🙂 I can’t wait to take my future littles to all the Disney’s and just watch them light up! Whenever I think of the character breakfast I always think of Full house when Michelle was picked as princess for a day and got to do that haha I bet Miami is going to be warm and amazing!

    xo Candace

  48. Your little family is just the sweetest! I love how we can see how much you all really love each other! Just the cutest!!
    And Rosie is by far the most adorable Minnie Mouse ever!
    Take care,
    C |

  49. Ohh I love Miami, have a condo down there! Have fun! Orlando looks amazing!! Love you and your fam! xx ????

  50. Rosie makes the cutest little Minnie Mouse I have ever seen – and the whole family dressed up for DisneyWorld is just to die for. I love the way you guys go all out – it makes it look so much more fun!! And Atticus with those churros… I just can’t! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xoxox

  51. when did rosie get so big OMG!!!! dying to go back to Disney!! My parents took me and my siblings like 4 times when we were little and I miss it so much!!!

    1. Right?! She is growing too fast!! 🙁 And isn’t it the most magical place?! We are big fans haha!

  52. SO CUTE! It looks like you guys are having even more fun than the kiddos LOL, and I just love your sparkly ears. You guys really got into it! Your hotel looks awesome. That room is just amazing and so spacious. I noticed when I clicked on the link, it says “Barefoot Blonde” in the address–do you have a special rate for your readers?? That would truly be amazing.

    1. Thanks Jane!! 🙂 And seriously!! We were acting like little kids there 😉 Thanks so much for the comment!! And I wish! It says that because the link came from my website. xoxo

  53. Hi Amber! I’m soo glad you are having fun on your little vacation! It definitely looks like a bunch of fun haha. I would love to be in Florida right now.. warmer weather! Oh my gosh, Rosie makes the cutest Minnie Mouse I have ever seen.. seriously so adorable! And it’s okay if you had too many churros.. you’re on vacation and you deserve it! Have a great day 🙂 xoxo

    1. Thanks so much love!! We had a blast there!! Atticus was in heaven! And I am already missing the churros 🙂 xo

  54. Your family is completely adorable! I live in Jacksonville and it has been very cold in Florida this week! I hope Miami is a bit warmer for you!

    1. Aww thank you!! I died over it when I saw it, and knew it would be perfect for her!!

  55. I love all of these pictures! You have such a cute family and it looks like you all are having a blast! It makes me want to take my little girl to Disney Land or World! I know she’d love either. 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. Thank you doll!! You are too kind 🙂 And oh yes she would love either!! I would make is easy and choose which one is closest to you! xo

  56. I’m from Orlando! It is usually a bit warmer in Miami, but depending on where you are it will probably feel about the same. The beach gives off a wind chill, so even though it’s the beach still bring things to cover up with because it can get quite chilly! I’d also advise you to be careful about going to South Beach with the babies; it’s off-season for tourism, but the people in South Beach are a bit crazier than the rest of Miami (and quite liberal with what they wear -or namely, do not wear- out in public). Stay safe!

    1. We had a great time in Orlando and Miami!! So much fun! The weather was great 🙂 We were just happy for some sun! We had Rosie bundled! Thanks for the tips!! xo

  57. Those pictures capture your beautiful family in such an amazing way! You babies are so adorable, there is so much of you and David in both of them. <3

    Barbara 🙂

  58. ok. seriously. how in the heck do you decide which pictures to frame with all these cute ones!!! picture picture fam. i’m just going to have to copy all this cuteness when i have a fam haha

  59. Going to Disney has always been a dream of mine. We were going to go a couple years ago, but my mom found out she was pregnant so that didn’t happen. Therefore seeing your fun pictures makes me happy. I love Rosie’s outfit and your headband. Have a great rest of your trip 🙂

    1. I hope you can go one day soon!! It is an amazing place!! Thanks for the comment Emily!! xoxo

  60. These pictures are all so sweet. There is nothing better than the joy on a kid’s face when they’re at Disney. We’re hoping to take our kids there this year for their birthday’s in August.


    1. Thanks so much Paige!! And I totally agree! It is so magical!! We loved it 🙂 Especially Atticus haha

  61. Your Disney World pictures are sooooo CUTE! I love everyone’s outfits especially Rosies. She’s so tiny and cute and the minnie ears are adorbs. Hope you have a great time in Miami 🙂

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  62. Rosie is such a sweet little mini Minnie!! And awww on Atticus being scared of Disney characters, haha! They can be a little creepy in their masks sometimes 😉 you guys look like you had a complete blast!!

    1. Aww thank you Alice!! We loved it 🙂 And I know haha so true! He was so shy!!

  63. Glad you could take your kids to Disney! I agree, having a place nearby is so helpful. Even for me when I’m travelling, I need to recharge pretty often so I like to be able to dart in and out of my hotel or Airbnb.

  64. I was the EXACT same way at A’s age! Lol Rosie is by far the cutest mini Minnie I’ve ever seen and you look absolutely gorgeous as usual! If you need any recommendations in Miami, I can recommend a few places 🙂 I’m from there and still have family there. Have the best time!!! NYC is way too cold xoxo

    1. Also, make sure you guys make the trip out to Knaus Berry Farm. THE BEST cinnamon rolls and strawberry milkshakes I’ve ever had! And I think you can pick your own strawberries!

    2. Aww thank you!! And oh darn it! I am just seeing this… so it is obviously too late haha! But thank you so much!! We had an amazing time!!

  65. okay stop!!! cuteness overload, can we just take a moment and talk about rosie’s outfit! major hear eyes i love the little tail LOL so stinkin cute! have a blast babe!


  66. Love this post! I have always been a huge Disney fanatic since I was little, so many great memories! I hope your guys are creating a vlog for us to see! Enjoy your time!

  67. These pictures melt my heart – they are so adorable! I leave for Disney tomorrow I can’t wait 🙂 It’s so disappointing it’s cold, I hope Miami is warm for you! We might all come back to snow here in NYC and Philly!


    1. Okay you are the cutest!! Thank you so much!! And because this comment was 6 days ago I am assuming you already went to Disney 😉 I hope you had a blast!! xoxo

  68. Do you have a post of how you did your hair? I love it!! I LOVE all of the Disney pictures, you have a beautiful family!!

  69. Love this post! Have always been a huge Disney lover ever since I was little!! I hope your going to have a vlog for us to see! Enjoy your time with your family

    1. Thanks so much Rachel!! We loved it 🙂 And I hope you saw our vlog already?! If not, it is on my channel!! xo

  70. Omg you guys are the cutest most perfect family! I can not get over your little matching mickey/minnie outfits so freaking cute! Rose in her minnie outfit kills me!! SO happy you all are having fun. Makes me want to go back to disney ASAP!

  71. They’re growing up so fast! I can’t believe Atticus is almost 2 and that churro photo is adorable! So craving a churro now and it’s only 9 am hahah
    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

    1. I know huh?! It really is crazy how fast the time goes!! And no kidding! Their churros are my fav 🙂

    1. Aww thanks!! They really do!! Especially putting their baby pictures side-by-side, it’s crazy!!

  72. Hi Amber, I live in Miami. You have the cutest family ever. I’m obsessed with how cute your kids are and how excited A gets over things like trains and sticks hahah. I re watched the train video of A screaming a hundred times. I’m glad you had fun in Disney World, Magic Kingdom is my fave. From a Miamians perspective its cold today, but not as bad as it was yesterday haha. But since you live in NY where it actually snows you might think this weather is perfect. Hope you have fun in Miami. Don’t forget to check out Wynwood Walls for some great street art pics .

    1. Thanks so much!! We had an amazing time in Miami!! It was amazing 🙂 The weather was great!! Thanks for the sweet comment!!

  73. I’m so jealous that y’all went to Disney World! I’m 22 and I still love going to the different parks. And I was definitely afraid of some of the characters when I was younger too (especially the Beast)!

    1. We loved it there!! It was so much fun! And haha totally! Maybe next year Atticus won’t be as shy 😉

  74. Wow, such beautiful family and I am dying over Rosie’s outfit!!
    I am so glad to see that I am not the only one that puts my baby’s food directly on the table (after wiping it, of course)! I’ve tried paper plates, mats, etc but all were a big fail. Sometimes I get weird looks, but unless you have an 18-month old, you just don’t understand! lol

    1. Aww thank you!! We had an amazing time 🙂 And yeah it is so much easier haha! People may get mad but oh well!

    1. Aww thank you!! It was so fun!! And yes! It is totally a parent’s dream to take their kiddos! 🙂