As many of you know I am a hair stylist.. I am not currently doing hair but I was for the past 4 years or so and at my salon I charge $55 for a deep condition treatment. When girls ask for it I always say that I am happy to do it (obviously, it is business for me) but I also recommend just buying a deep conditioner for the around that same price and that way you can do them at home weekly by yourself. Some people just want the salon experience with the nice head massage and blow out but if you would rather get more bang for your buck buying a deep conditioner is the way to go. The only problem I found was that, in my salon I would put them under the dryer for 15-20 min for the heat to help open the cuticle and let all the nutrients in, and at home I didn’t have a dryer. So I rigged one. I know different versions have been on Pinterest but this is what works best for me.

I wash my hair with hot water in the sink with shampoo like normal, then I towel dry it just so its not dripping – you want it wet but not where its going to drip down your neck- then I put my deep conditioner on, clip it in a ballerina bun, wrap saran wrap around it (helps lock in the heat) – sit under my blow dryer/running shoe contraption, then rinse with cool water. It is my favorite thing to do for my hair because it makes it so silky smooth and it feels so healthy afterwards. So here is how I “set up my dryer”

DISCLAIMER: I 100% realize this is the most ghetto thing ever and quite hilarious but ya know who is seriously gonna go buy a hair dryer? And I am definitely not holding my blow dryer up for 20 minutes haha so this is what works for now 🙂

IMG_8373 IMG_8354 IMG_8371


blowdryer: here / deep conditioner: here / shampoo: here

Pretty easy right? And it works like a charm!! I use my NuMe blow dryer on low speed with high heat and I wait about 15-20 min! I also shampoo with my NuMe shampoo which I just got and love and then I always switch off with deep conditioners so my hair doesn’t get too used to it but right now I am also using my NuMe deep conditioner.. it will make your hair so silky whenever I use it and I am washing it out I can never tell if I still have conditioner in there or if it is really just that silky and it really does just make your hair a dream not to mention it is SO reasonably priced and lasts you forever!!

Photos from Deep Condition

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  1. This is the funniest thing, but GENIUS!! I am so going to try it- thanks for posting and giving me a good laugh ☺️

  2. This is AH. MAZING! Thank you for your generosity in sharing! Question: Do you leave an opening in the saran wrap for the hot air to get in? And how close should you be to the dryer without it being damaging?

    thanks again! i ache for hair like yours and will follow your lead!

  3. Amber,

    Thanks so much for the idea! I ordered the NuMe repair mask and am about to do as you suggested, running shoe and all! 🙂

    P.S. For anyone else interested in purchasing the repair mask, or any other NuMe products I found some awesome coupons online! Made it a lot easier to order multiple products! 😉


    1. Oh good to know about the coupons!! Thanks for sharing and I hope you like the products!! 🙂

  4. Is there a reason why you just don’t purchase a hood hair dryer. I bought mine from Sally’s for around $35. Mostly because I don’t know how to use a hand dryer.

    1. Yeah they are good products I am loving them!! And thank you so much I am glad you think so too 🙂

  5. My husband came home the other day while I was trying this out, you should have seen the look on his face! He just shook his head and said that he doesn’t understand these crazy woman rituals. I was laughing so hard! I suppose it was a funny scene, I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom with plastic wrap around my head with a hairdryer in a tennis shoe blowing at me. My dogs were laying on the floor next to me and I was reading a magazine. Hahaha! Men just don’t get it! It worked like a million bucks, though! I did it with coconut oil and my hair was so shiny and smooth. Thanks for the tip!!

    1. Haha Lisa this cracked me up that sounds just like my life!! I am sure we would make great friends! Haha boys will never understand 🙂 I am glad you liked it! Its honestly my favorite thing!!!

  6. Oh Amber you are wonderful and honest and that’s why I love reading your blog. And putting the hairdryer in the shoe is pure genius, I’m SO gonna try that…and I will do it, bracing for an OMG moment from my husband too haha 🙂

    1. Haha love it! Yes your husband will think you are crazy but its so worth it I promise!!! 🙂 sending my love!

  7. HI Amber! I love your blog! I miss all your tuturials, but I love this one too! You have been such an inspiration to me and I love how you share all your health secrets. I appreciate it soo much. Thanks for everything.

  8. Hey Amber, quick question. Do you deep condition your extensions too? Do you use the same product?

    1. Hey girl!! I have before but I don’t usually I only do when they get really bad and I am going to get new ones anyways I will try it just to preserve them for a couple more weeks! It works good sometimes and then sometimes not, its hard because extensions are temperamental and you never know what chemicals are in them! I would say do it if yours have gotten really bad! xo

  9. Thanks for sharing! I can’t stand when my hair feels unhealthy, and it’s in definite need of some rejuvenation right now!

    1. Ah thats how mine gets and trust me this will help TONS!! It feels so soft and healthy after!! xo

  10. I am soooo excited to try this!! Where do you get your conditioner? I’m too anxious to order it. Plus also another question….I have A TON of hair and it’s really long, but it’s curly, frizzy, and breaks easily. Way thicker at the roots than at the ends. Solutions? Help? Please? Haha.

    1. I just get mine from online!! And hm as far as frizziness goes have you tried using any Moroccan or argon oils? I think that would help you a lot! Also try this deep condition but just put it mostly on the ends and the dry areas! Let me know how it works! xo

  11. Haha! Ghetto Fabulous! I’m totally copying that idea so thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh, Amber! LOL This is why I love you. #keepinitreal #budgetbabe #love

  13. Hey Amber,
    Thank you so much for this post. That’s a great idea! I always use the MoroccanoilHairmask and always feel like it didn’t get into the hair deep enough, so I am going to try this.

    I absolutely looove your blog and check every morning for a new post 🙂
    Keep up the great work!
    Lisa from Germany 🙂

    1. Hey Lisa!! Yeah this would be perfect for you then!! It really works so much better than just sitting in the shower with it on!! Hope you like it thanks so much for your sweet comment! Sending my love!

  14. hahahahaha you rock I love this.

    Question for you, I’m a blonde, and my hair gets SO greasy, SO fast, like in 24 hours it’s gross. Any recommendations for good shampoo for greasy blondes (haha)

    and is it OK to deep condition if you normally have oily hair?

    Thanks! xo
    Loriel C.

    1. Haha thanks girl. Hm good question I am not sure! I use Biolage and NuMe Shampoo and my hair gets really greasy and I think those both do the job so maybe try one of those! And for deep conditioning I would say to put the conditioner only on mid strand to ends and leave the roots untouched!! 🙂 xx

  15. LOL Amber!

    This cracked me up for some reason. Totally genius, though. Haha! I don’t know why I was laughing at the picture of your shoe dryer contraption and you just chilling underneath it. No wonder men think we are crazy. I am always coming up with weird tactics and my husband just rolls his eyes and says, “Whatever it takes, honey.” I’m all like…”Hey! I am saving you money!”


    1. Haha oh trust me it cracks me up too I mean a blow dryer in a shoe? Pretty hilarious/ghetto but hey it works amazing!! And same my husband will just be like “oh my gosh… haha what are you doing” haha love it!! xo

  16. This is genius!! I can’t to go home tonight and set this up!! I always just blowdryed my hair like I would normally and my arm would go dead after 5 minutes do I would give up, I am so pumped about this!! My strands & I have a lovin’ date tonight 😉
    Thank you! I always look forward to your posts with my morning coffee!

    1. Haha right?! I know I am the same way my arm is like dying after a few minutes especially if I worked out that day!! You will love it seriously! You might look ridiculous like I do buutttt your hair will love you 🙂 xo

  17. Question, I don’t usually use much conditioner on my hair (just at the very ends) because I find that my hair goes super flat (which i hate!). Amber, do yo have a way around this? I know my hair is super dry because it breaks a lot, so I’d probably benefit from a deep condition, but the flat hair issue is such a bummer!

    1. Hey girl!! Well honestly this is totally from experience but I think when my hair is healthier it has more volume and the dryer it is the flatter it looks but that could just be my hair.. I would try doing a deep condition from mid strand to ends just to see how it works for you and I would also spray Big Sexy Hair Root Lift spray on your roots and blow dry upside down! I have tried a LOT of root boosters but I like that one best! If your hair is really thick I would have your hair dresser thin it out a little near the roots which I know sounds scary but I do that for most of my clients with flat hair and they all swear by it now! I would especially do that if you aren’t wanting layers! I would try those things and see if any of those work for you! xo

      1. OH also I will wash my hair and then when its about 50% dry I put it up in a twisted top not/ballerina bun and use the fabric hair bands so it doesn’t give it any creases and I sleep like that then when I wake up it has TONS of volume and natural messy waves which I love. So you could try that also which is a healthier alternative to blow drying upside down!

      2. Well look at me. I just realized that I’m totally judging this before I even try it! I’m just gonna go ahead and do it this weekend, and I’ll let you know if I get flat or full hair afterwards. You haven’t steered me wrong yet! PS I am in love with sugar and teatree oil face scrubs… So refreshing in the morning! Luv your blog so much!

  18. What an amazing idea Amber! Can’t wait to try it! I’m going to do this with coconut oil you should try it out!

    1. Thanks!! And yeah it works wonders with coconut oil! Also avocado and oil mixed with deep conditioner is another fav of mine for under the dryer!

  19. I also do this!! I have experienced some breakage from being blonde to going brunette and now I am back blonde. The transition from brown to blonde was horrible and I did so many deep conditioning treatments at home and it seriously helped my hair so much!! I love rinsing my hair with cold water and its so refreshing!! Love it..

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Yeah I have the same brown to blonde problem and yeah deep conditioning helps so much!! And I agree rinsing with cold water is so refreshing! 🙂

  20. Hi Amber!

    First of all, I wanted to say that i LOVE reading your blog since I love the way you write in that funny, honest and personal way. You are such a Cutie, it really makes fun to watch you living your life. Keep it up!

    Than, thanks for sharing this amazing yet simple trick. I will so try this! Since you are a hair stylist I wanted to ask you for advice – do you avoid silicones etc. in shampoos and conditioners and do you know if Nume products are siliconefree? I was thinking about trying them for a while now…


    1. Thank Julia that really was so sweet of you!!! 🙂 And that is a good question!! I am not entirely sure if it does or not actually.. on the link I have under the last picture for it you can see the ingredients on there and it does have sulfates but it also has Seratin-k and other really healthy proteins and vitamins!! Overall I really love it- I don’t share anything on my blog that I don’t actually see results with so I personally would recommend it! xo