We decorated early for Christmas this year! We are usually an after Thanksgiving family but David suggested decorating early and we were so excited. The other day we sat down and went over all of the traditions we want to do each year for Christmas. It was so fun to make solid plans especially since Atticus is now 3 and is really loving holidays! We decided that one of our traditions is going to be making a whole day out of decorating – all of us in pajamas, decorating cookies, Christmas music on, potpourri on the stove, candles burning, fresh wreaths and garlands, all of it! I remember decorating for Christmas was such a fun day growing up. We pulled out our Christmas stuffed animals, our snow globes, it was all so special. Remember two years ago when we wore the Hanna Andersson star wars set?!! Here is the post from that Christmas. Rosie was soo tiny! I love these classic striped pajamas and also love that they always have a pair for the pup too 🙂

Growing up we always got our Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve which I do love that tradition but I feel like we should enjoy them all month long! So that is what we have decided to do. Plus we decided to have the Polar Express as a tradition too so we would need the pajamas early for that too! What are some of your Christmas traditions?! Here is a little list of some of ours:

  1. Teddy Bear Tea! My mom always took us to the teddy bear tea growing up – it was this tea and you got to dress up and bring a bear. I am going to have one for the kids each year since the hotel that did this no longer does. (I remember always thinking the bathrooms were SO fancy and awesome haha)
  2. Sticky buns and hot coco on our Christmas china on Christmas morning! I still am on the hunt for beautiful Christmas china.
  3. Polar Express in pajamas the week of Christmas
  4. Clam chowder on Christmas Eve
  5. My siblings and I would always have a sleepover in one of our rooms growing up so I hope our kids do this too!
  6. 12 days of Christmas giving back
  7. We plan to do the 5 gifts of Christmas.. Our kids will get 1. Something to wear 2. Something you want 3. Something you need 4. Something to read 5. Something to give + a gift from “santa” when they are little.
  8. Make ornaments each year or finding one that represents that year – last year we painted rocks/coral that we found on the sand since we were living in Hawaii at the time. The year before we bought this taxi cab ornament at a Christmas festival at Columbus Circle since we were living in NYC. This year we did salt dough ornaments! I love having ornaments with meaning.
  9. And then some others that we will do as the kids get older like doing a nativity with the kids and their cousins here, David wants to always recite this poem that his dad always told them on Christmas Eve, caroling, ice skating, etc! So many fun traditions!!!! The holidays are soooo fun!!!!

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  1. Hi! I was wondering where you got the matching PJs for your pup?? I’m having a hard time finding some that will fit my pup. Thanks!

  2. I LOVE THIS!! Such a cute idea and thanks for sharing your traditions! Love you and your family!<3 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOD BLESS!

  3. Um I LOOOOOOOOOOVE how Chauncey has matching pajamas too!!! I think it’s awesome how he’s included in almost everything!!! Hope you guys have a merry Christmas!

  4. I love having all the Christmas traditions too! I especially love homemade ornaments. My parents still have some they made during their first Christmases together (what is the plural for Christmas?!) and I still have some I made when I was really little. It’s so special seeing them on the tree and bringing back those magical memories!


  5. My sister and I used to ‘count christmas trees’ every Christmas Day morning. When we were kids, we used to decorate the Christmas tree the night before Christmas Day, so me and my little sis turned the tree lights on early in the morning while our parents were still asleep and we just counted every reflection of the tree in our living room – in every glass, in the TV, in the windows, everywhere…The interesting thing is I have no idea how this started, but we continued to do it until I moved away and now when I think about it I miss it so much! Even at my age 😀 🙂

  6. Such cute traditions! I love reading about other families’ and how they celebrate this special time of year.



  7. Oh my goodness, these traditions sound so sweet! I had never heard of most of these traditions. These are definitely something I’ll want to pick up on now! Thanks for sharing! I am in love with those matching pajamas!


  8. Making a traditions list is such a great idea! I’m going to steal that one from you;)

    Also, there’s isn’t much cuter than A’s and Chauncey’s bond… It is so so cute and special to see!

  9. Awthise sound like such fun traditions!!! Christmas with littles is the best!!!❤️❤️❤️

  10. Love everything about this!! The photos, the traditions, and the future plans. ahhh, Christmas time is the best!

  11. Love the matching pjs!
    I’m hoping it’s ok to ask here, on your insta you mentioned how you got rid of your melasma. What treatments did you do? I’ve done IPL several times and it only helps a bit. Thanks!

  12. I think this is my favourite post of yours ever! All such good ideas that I want to use too one day!

  13. My husband and I each buy our daughter a book that we loved growing up. We also love Polar express and read it every Christmas. My favorite tradition is going to pick out our Christmas tree. We go to the botanical gardens to get one locally grown here on Maui. It is so fun! Happy Holidays!

  14. We do #7. This is our 3rd doing so and Christmas is less stressful, physically and financially. I’m happy to see someone else do it to!

  15. Beautiful pictures, beautiful family! Do you mind sharing where you got those silver sparkly branches in your tree? I love them!

  16. I LOVE this!! I want to order these pajamas but not sure what size to get, I’m also tall & probably about your size, it would be so helpful if you could let me know what size you are wearing…? Thank you!

  17. Those traditions are so fun! My favorite tradition with my family is on Christmas Eve my brother and I would snuggle up on our parents bed and read The Night Before Christmas all together as a family. The book we read is an old version that was my moms when she was little so it’s super special to us! It’s something I would love to do with my future kids!

  18. You guys are the cutest ever!!! Got this new tradition from and friend and I am so excited to start it with my one and a half year old this year! You put a mini tree in their room and every year get a new ornament that represents them, their favorite character, or animal, etc!! Christmas is totally the best time of year!! Love that your getting in the spirit early!
    Happy Holidays from Phoenix!

  19. Hey, Amber!!
    My family does the 5 gifts idea and it’s been so great! It works really well.
    Love all your pj’s!

  20. I love the idea of the ‘5 gifts of Christmas’ — so great!

  21. Oh Amber!!
    I am so so exited for Christmas and now that I see you alle in matching pajamas and doing holiday stuff *-* Sadly I have some weeks of school left I have to go through..
    In Europe / in Germany we have some christmas traditions that I guess you don’t know or don’t have, for example we have christmas markets where you can buy christmas themed stuff and eat food that is typical for christmas. Most cities have those markets and everybody loves to go there 🙂 we drink hot wine and eat yummy food!
    Also many people bake a “lebkuchen” house (is is like cake or cookie but shaped like a house) and we decorate it 🙂
    Super fun stuff that I love to do!! I love Christmas <3

    Love from Gremany
    Xx Paulie <3