Barefoot BlondeCOAT: Maje (sold out; similar here) // PANTS: AG Jeans // SCARF: ASOS // BOOTIES: Nordstrom // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Sweet n’ Sour’ Barefoot Blonde

SWEATER: Elizabeth and James // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Sweet n Sour’ (my fav as of late) // A’s TEE: Little Adi Company // A’s HAT: H&MBarefoot Blonde

A’s SWEATER: Target // A’s SWEATS: Gap

Barefoot Blonde

^^He was rather indifferent about Santa haha!Barefoot Blonde

^^While I was pregnant I had shaved ice… every. single. day. (sometimes twice)…. it was bad! (like I gained 49 pounds bad haha!!) But the obsession is real. And the first place we went in AZ was Bahama Bucks for some birthday cake with extra cream shaved ice!! So good.Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot Blonde^^A playing in his Nuna pack n play while we unpacked his nursery!Barefoot Blonde^^Chauncey, thank you for letting Atticus poke your eyes out and for taking it like a champ.Barefoot Blonde

^^Christmas morning!! It was so fun with our little baby elf – he got SPOILED! David and I don’t do gifts for each other for Christmas or birthdays because we choose to travel instead of doing presents (plus I am not much of a gift person) – we each choose a trip and I gotta say I am excited about our trips we planned for this year!! (A’s elf pajamas found here)

Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

^^A’s SHIRT: Gap // PANTS: Gap // HAT: H&M // MOCCS: Freshly PickedBarefoot Blonde0R2A7230^^Loved this personalized ornament to document our bub’s first Christmas! It was made by Jessica N DesignsBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

Can we just talk about how great dogs and babies are together? Literally they are the best duo ever. Chauncey keeps him entertained for hours.. its like having a free babysitter hah! It was kind of sad not having Chauncey with us on Christmas but he was staying at a neighbors here in NYC and they happen to have a backyard which is nice and they had kids for him to play with so I don’t think he cared 🙂 On the flight home from Arizona Atticus was crying non stop the last fifteen minutes of the flight which really doesn’t normally happen so I was stressing! It was really loud and I was trying to calm him down but it seemed like anything David or I did made him more mad so we resorted to showing him videos of Chauncey and soon he had a smile on his face! It made me so happy. Chauncey always comes and burrows his nose into A’s back when he is laying down and since Atticus is so ticklish he cracks up and I think they both get a kick out of it. It is going to be so much fun watching those two grow up together! Now if only pups were allowed on subways 🙁 then he could really come everywhere with us!


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  1. You are gorgeous! I stumbled upon one of your pictures on IG’s popular page and have looked at a ton of your pictures. Your hair is amazing! And I love your style! I love in Mesa, Arizona. Are you from here? Wow, living in NYC..what an adventure:)

  2. My son Rhett wore the same pjs lol but looked just like Will Ferrell ! I love the photos of your new home in NYC! I lived in Montgomery and hoped to see you in passerby haha! I wish you and your family the best 2015!

  3. Amber! Love your sweet baby, he is to die for! I wish you still lived in Utah so we could have play dates with our little boys. I love all your pictures too. Do you edit them in photoshop? Do you use a preset?

  4. I have to say, your baby is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. I am a mom too and yes, we all think our kids are absolutely darling. We should. But Atticus is really one of those “Now that’s a baby!” universally cute babies. My son was too, mind you! But he’s 16 now. I had two different instances where women came up to me and said he looked “fake” because he was so perfect. Mom bragging story! Enjoy your time with him (and you obviously do). Happy New Year.

  5. Wow, Chauncey and Baby A are just so dang adorable! Good luck to you in NY. I am amazed with all your travels and how you are able to do so with Baby A, you are a lovely family. Happy New Year!

  6. Beautiful family!! You are making me miss NYC! I used to live there 🙂 Did you have trouble finding an apartment that allowed dogs? I have two little dogs and I had the hardest time! Glad you find one!! xxoo, Caitlin

  7. Where is yours and David’s next trip going to be?! I’m dying to know!! 🙂

  8. Your two babies are too cute! You such such a beautiful family, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I cant wait to see more of New York, I hope you’re enjoying it!

  9. This is the cutest! I’m glad you had such a great Christmas with your family.

    You always look so flawless


  10. Sounds like you had a great christmas holidays! Cant wait to see pictures of the trips you guys planned:)

  11. OMG Amber I love your family so much! It’s awkward but it makes me happy to see your baby is happy. I wish the four of you, Chauncey obviusly is included, a happy new year! Can’t wait to see Atticus grow up, he is the cutest. Congratulations on your family! I really hope 2015 is as good for you as 2014 was. You are even more beautiful each day. I send you all lots of love and virtual hugs and kisses all the way from Argentina
    PS, Atticus and I both have Italian-ish names! haha
    PS2, love that coat and scarf on you! You look stunning xoxo

  12. You’re very lucky to have a dog like that.My dog was the only baby before my son was born and when he joined our family my dog was so jealous and wanted to kill my son.We had to keep them separated, but at age of three he almost bite my son’s ear off and we ended up in the ER.
    Beautiful pictures! Happy New Year Amber!

  13. It looks like you had a great month! Me and my husband also love to get trips instead of gifts, and we are always looking for new places to visit. Please keep us posted where your next trip will be!