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Amber asked me (David) to write today’s post. More precisely, Amber called me, I’m currently in California, and said, “I can’t find my computer charger, will you write today’s post for me?” and I obviously obliged. You know what they say, a couple that shares a computer charger, who’s always teetering on 5%, stays together.

So I’ll stay true to form and write another 12 things guest post.

1. We’ve been watching Vikings, which I’m sure Amber’s mentioned. It’s inspired her recently in her braids, and me in my facial hair.
2. I got a new smoker! First thing I did after setting it up was go to our deep freeze to pull out some salmon from my last Alaska trip, only to find out that it had somehow shut off, spoiling my entire freezer full of delicious salmon. I may have shed a tear.
3. USMNT lost today. Another tear. Looks like I won’t have as much invested in the world cup next year, so go Croatia!
4. Amber always whistles Christmas songs, regardless of the time of year. Today my 10 year old nephew Owen did the same thing. Birds of a feather!
5. Ketosis is no big deal. Ketosis in the movie theatre on the other hands is the worst. There’s no greater FOMO than watching someone else eating popcorn while you’re sulking and eating a cucumber.
6. While I was in Iceland I kept thinking to myself, man Coke Zero is better here! Turns out they had rolled out Coke Zero Sugar already and I didn’t know. Thoughts? I’m sold.
7. Also I’m late to the game on dirty Dr Pepper. I know that’s like, sooo 2015.
8. I kept telling Amber how I can’t wait till Atticus is older so we can build legos together. So she went ahead and bought us a set. Why wait? It’s been a blast to have that father son time when Rosie goes to bed. Despite the fact that the set is for 16+ years it’s actually teaching him patience, colors, numbers and how to follow instructions. Besides, sometimes I don’t feel like I’m 16 yet either.
9. I don’t like watching movie trailers. Yes this includes the new Star Wars one. And I’m a huge Star Wars fan so it’s especially difficult. But for the most part I can tell within 5 seconds if I’m going to like a movie. So why watch the rest and risk spoiling it? “I like to go in fresh!” – Frank Costanza
10. BYU football 🙁
11. I used to be a no Christmas before Thanksgiving type. But with all that’s going on in the world, maybe a few extra days of holiday spirit won’t hurt anybody. But I saw decorations the other day in the store. I draw the line at no Christmas before Halloween!
12. If you could fly, or be invisible, which would you chose? I’d chose flying. Think carefully.

*Pardon my typos. My computer ran out of batteries so I’m writing this on my phone.

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  1. Coke Zero Sugar is the bomb! Also, I would choose flying. More convenient traveling if I can just fly myself.

  2. Love this post! QQ for Amber 🙂 Is there a tutorial on your hair style in this post?!?!?! I’m dying to recreate this with my Barefoot Hair Extensions!!! 🙂 Beautiful babes xoxo
    Taylor – Insta: Boho_Brunette

    1. Yes they do, but David and Atticus are doing it together so it has been fine but we definitely want to get some beginner ones he can do on his own 🙂

  3. where are your sunglasses from?! obsessed. love your blog and instagram <3

  4. I would definitely choose flying – why drive in traffic if you can fly there?

  5. Great post, David! Also, thanks for your YouTube videos where you share your photography and camera tips. It’s so awesome and unpretentious that you and Amber are candid with your fans about your creative endeavors.

    Amber – where’s this beautiful purse from? Crossbody bags are so functional.

    Hugs to you both from Kansas!

  6. Loved this post, it was so funny and such a fun change of pace! I literally lol-ed when I read #11, SO good and SO true!!

  7. I am new to following you all but absolutely loved this post and pray your marriage stays strong and sweet for years to come!
    Dirty Dr. Pepper???? Researching now 😆
    Your braids…hello gorgeous! I’m sure you’ve written tutorials on your hair maintenance before so I will get to reading past posts of yours!
    You are gorgeous and these pics with the red door behind you are perfect! Someone commented this is in Arizona? Please share! I live in AZ and would love to visit!

  8. You guys are the cutest! I love David’s guest appearances…I cannot say that my hubby would be into doing the same…but maybe one day if my blog became by full time job he would?! haha.
    Also where are you watching the Vikings?! I need to see this, I keep hearing about it and have not come across it yet.

  9. Ok what a way to start my morning ! This was hilarious and I love it when you guys do 12 things

  10. Flying 10000000% in almost all of my dreams I’m able to fly!!!! You guys are too stinking cute and I can’t wait til my guy obliges to write a post for me.
    Also, these pictures are amazing. I’m so impressed with all of your pictures lately, Amber!! How come every time I take pictures for my blog I look like an awkward stork?? I’m long and lanky like you but you work it so much better than I do!!

  11. What is dirty Dr Pepper?? 😱 Amazing post, such a team effort. I love it! Bummer about the freezer too. Must have been horrid smelling. And all of the trouble you went through getting it home from Alaska!

  12. You guys are so cute! I mean running such a huge following blog I would be a planning freak ha! But I think some sponteneity is good sometimes. I would fly too.


  13. Loved this post! Thanks David, I feel like you should do a 12 things post once a month. 🙂 Any more house updates, or youtube videos on the house? I loved the first one.

  14. Love that David did this! My favorite thing about both your writing styles is that they’re so easy and enjoyable to read!

  15. Holy hell this is the cutest post I’ve ever read on your blog. You two are relationship goals. 🙌🏼 #teamdavid

  16. Love this post! And David’s look on life:)
    You guys make a great team ❤

  17. OH MY GOSH!!! HAHA I love it when David writes on the blog! Thanks, David! You’re hilarious!!!!

  18. How fun, I wonder what my hubby would say. Cute little spot for these pics, where is she – I know you guys are back in AZ!

  19. Awesome post!!! As a kid when I was too young to use regular sized legos, my parents bought me the giant kind where each piece was the size of your head haha. (super kid friendly!) just an idea!!! Keep up the awesome work you guys! xoxo

  20. Hello, I really liked your new post! number 4 is also sooo me haha my boyfriends hates it when I sing Christmas songs in summer 😂 And for number 12…I would definitely chose flying because flying is so cool and I often have dreams about this 😊❤️

    xx Anastasia

  21. Hahah You made me chuckle more than once! I love how Amber bought you and Atticus legos 🙂 love her spirit ! And you should definitely support for the Belgians ;p Tho I feel like the Iron men of the german team will win again. Loves to your family from Belgium!

  22. I vote for NO Christmas before Halloween too! But afterwards, it’s fair game. Gives us plenty of time to get into the holiday spirit! And I hate watching movie trailers too!


  23. LOL you two and your low battery problems. But it’s got to keep you close! Also, I guess I’m behind the times too – I had no idea Dirty Dr. Pepper was a thing. I love Dr. Pepper and can’t WAIT to try it 🙂 The lego adventures sound awesome! Excited to see the finished product!
    – Holly

  24. RE #11: that’s what inspired Tim Burton to write Nightmare Before Christmas! Fun fact haha

    Also, I make movies for a living and hate watching trailers too, you’re not alone!

  25. I hate when holiday decorations come out so early. Where I live, Halloween has been the stores since August.

  26. LOL, you two are just too cute! I love it. The braids are so awesome! Thanks for the backstory on that one 😉 Agreed on no Christmas before Halloween, but totally excited for early Christmas spirit this year 🙂


  27. Not going to lie I had to google what a dirty dr. pepper was! Sounds really good! Great post!

  28. Definitely invisible. You best believe I’d sneak us into all the best parties!!

  29. You guys are seriously the cutest! I love that you jumped in and did one, this is so fun and I vote you do it from time to time 🙂 Umm Coke Zero is actually my favorite thing in the world and I bought multiple cases when the news broke it was going away BUT I just tried the new Coke Zero Sugar and I love it! Phew. Also, I think my husband may have shed a tear when USMNT lost last


  30. I’m dying about the computer battery! I blog on an old dell and it has to be plugged in and there have been many times in the middle of editing photos or video blog posts or whatever where the cord gets pulled out and ahhh!! The frustration! 😂

  31. Definitely no Christmas before Halloween. Halloween is awesome; why skip it?? I used to work retail, and putting up the Christmas stuff before Halloween was depressing. Also, I would choose to fly. I used to have recurring dreams that I could fly as a kid.

  32. I loved reading your pot David. It’s so nice to compare your 12 things with Ambers to see what you guys like. I love seeing how the two of your have a great love relationship and also work relationship. You guys just keep on being your lovely selves.

  33. This is awesome! I love how David is so involved with your blog and business. I feel like my husband doesn’t really care much about mine and hates taking my pictures all the time. Any advice on getting your husband to understand your blog more?

  34. Amber, I love your blog and seeing your beautiful little family! David has a sense of humor; I’m married to a David, he’s pretty funny too.

  35. I love this! You should do this more often!

    And I chose to fly 100%

  36. Love the pics of Amber’s braids – jealous of the volume she can get on top! Love your 12 things post – it’s fun to hear from the “other half” once in a while! Cracked up when you wrote your computer ran out of batteries after the way the post started 🙂 You two were meant for each other in EVERY WAY!! <3

  37. You two are too funny! Love how chill ya’ll are. I would be invisible- cause then I could sneak onto allllll the plane flights I wanted to and travel the world 🙂
    Courtney ||