Curly Hair in Mallorca

Wanted to share pics from the first stop we made on our cruise!! We stoped in Palma de Mallorca and we rented a car and drove over to Es Calo des Moro Beach which was about a 50 minute drive. It is a really busy but beautiful beach that you hike down to. I highly recommend going and also walking around to some of the other coves in the area. So many beautiful coves and beaches! We arrived at around 9:30/10am and it wasn’t too busy but by the time we left the parking lot was PACKED and the beach was getting too crowded so if you are able to get there at even like 8am that would be ideal timing because it is a very small beach and so so many people come. It is also a topless beach too just a heads up! Which I was totally fine with and I def had my topless moments when I traveled France solo back in the day 😉 (it was a bucket list thing!) but it was crazy because I have been to so many European beaches and this one by FAR had the most topless women I have ever seen! We had such a fun day though, Atticus made tons of sand castles, we swam in the ocean, and Atticus even did some small cliff jumping! I guess I should say large rock jumping 😉 but he is getting super brave with his jumps and has done quite a few on this trip.

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  1. these pictures look amazing!
    Every beach in Europe is a topless beach though… There are no rules for going topless or not, there’s only regulations for nude beaches. 🙂 Be careful for those lol

  2. You are so cute! This place looks dreamy, and holy cow, you look AMAZING in that color of red! So obsessed with the whole look and I can’t wait to try my own hair curly like that! I’m pretty much vicariously living through your insta-feed right now and can’t wait to see all of the other posts from this cruise, it looks so dreamy! 🙂

    XXOO Sunny

  3. It looks like a dream. I went to Mallorca over 10 years ago, but we didn’t make it to that beach. It looks like an amazing experience.

  4. Beautiful photos! The one of David diving is so cool.

    briana |