Curling Rug Corner Fix

Flatten Rug Corners for $2


If I had a dollar for every time I tripped over the corner of one of my rugs, I could buy a crap ton of more beautiful rugs. It seems as if once they come up, they stay up. I have tried rug tape, painters tape and even folding the corners under to try and brake the rugs bad habit, but it never stuck! I saw this tip from a friend and I cannot believe how well it works! Here are the simple steps to make the corners of your rug lay flat.

Curling Rug Corner Fix

1. Tile Squares

First, you can head to Home Depot or click this link to find these SUPER in expensive vinyl tile squares. You will be cutting them in half, so you need only two per rug. THAT IS TWO DOLLARS PEOPLE! I have never fixed any of my other annoying problems for that cheap!

Curling Rug Corner Fix
Curling Rug Corner Fix

2. Cut the Tile

Leaving the sticky back covered cut the tile in half with regular scissors at an angle. Making two perfect (I mean not really) triangles.

Curling Rug Corner Fix
Curling Rug Corner Fix

3. Remove Paper

Remove the back paper piece and be careful because the vinyl is very sticky. Hold it on the edges only.

Curling Rug Corner Fix
Curling Rug Corner Fix

4. Stick Tile to Corner of Rug : Flip the rug corner up and press the sticky side of the tile to the back corner of your rug. Lay the rug back flat and apply pressure to make sure you get a good stick. I jump on it and put my full body weight to good use!

*video tutorial below 

Curling Rug Corner Fix

YOU DID IT!!! Can you believe how unbelievably easy it is to be happy??? It is kind of like magic. Warning the vinyl can be slippery so if you would like apply some hot glue to the slick part of the vinyl and let it dry before flipping it back over on the ground to prevent sliding of the vinyl corners!

Article and images by Jade Bennett. You can view more content by Jade on her blog and on her Instagram here.

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  1. Such an awesome idea! I just moved into a new period flat in London and have been looking to decorate. This is such a good idea for something vintage.

    chevrons & éclairs

  2. Yep…saw it and it works great! Still need to add the hot glue to help with the slickness…is that even a word? Jade is GREAT…love her😍

  3. Sweet Jade , that’s SOO easy and inexpensive!! Gurl I’m so happy! Thank you for solving a major issue for an OCD brain😂🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  4. GEN.I.US. So good, Jade!! I’m doing this trick this weekend for sure. Thank you!

  5. So smart! And affordable… I like affordable! 🙂

    Adore you, Jade!!!

  6. Yay, Jade! 💓 LOVE this tip! So simple and inexpensive—two of my faves!! ☺️