Breaking out pretty much sits on the “I am here to ruin your life, I will come at the most inconvenient times, and I will not go away until I have made a fool of you on that date you have been excited about” throne. 

Seriously though. 
I have good skin for the most part… sometimes… okay its not that great but I usually don’t break out too bad. This last week though….. I LOOKED LIKE I JUST GOT ATTACKED BY A MACHINE GUN. I broke out so bad and it was so embarrassing!!! Of course I had so much going on that week. Its like no matter what you do to yourself that week, you’re still ugly. Or at least feel ugly. Those little ninjas plan this stuff so perfectly. I’ll kill em. 
I know there are a million spot treatments and prescribed creams and what not to fix this problem but here are some easy things that won’t cost you anything (or very little.. max $10) and one of these will for sure get rid of the mess on your face:
(I’ve tried them all, and they work.)

1) wash your make up brushes. NOT with soap and water. GO TO THE STORE AND BUY MAKE UP BRUSH CLEANER!!! a bottle at MAC is only $10 and lasts a long time.

2) wash your pillow cases and sheets

3) stop eating late at night

4) drink more water.. you should be doing this anyways girls.

5) sneak to the gym with ZERO make up on and sit in the steam room. If you’re too dang ugly without make up on because your face has been invaded, boil some hot water and either stick your face over the steam for a good ten minutes or dip the wash cloth in and lay it over your face while laying down. Plus that just feels good anyways.

6) tell your period to eff off (ha just kidding, you’ll have to stick that one out babygirl. can’t rush mother nature)

7) stop touching your face!!!!! what business do you have on your face anyways? you’re going to get wrinkles. 

8) stop letting your greasy hair dangle in your face. I’m all for greasy hair…. just not up in your face.

9) Stop stressing. Except telling yourself to stop stressing never has the desired effect. It’s like when you tell an angry person to calm down… that usually just makes them want to grab a chair and chuck it at your face. No one wants to be told to calm down or to stop stressing. So maybe just go for a run and take a bath. Do whatever calms ya down.

10) maybe you have raging hormones. I don’t have a solution for that. so that just sucks, sorry.

11) make an oatmeal and rose water paste, apply to your skin, wait fifteen minutes, then wash it off with cold water

12) mix fresh squeezed lemon juice with rose water, apply to face, let it sit for 15-20, rinse with fresh, cold water. this helps fight against any infections and bacteria

13) I’ve also heard that applying strawberry leaves OR tomatos to problem zones, (I hate the words zits and pimples.. but I just said them anyways) so apply them to zits and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. I haven’t tried this one although next time my face decides to go heywire im trying this one out!

14) and lastly, if you’re an herbalist, try echinacea, calendula, tea tree oil, and goldenseal

P.S. if you recently purchased a clarisonic, it is bringing all the impurities to the surface, so just be patient. you’ll have beautiful skin in no time.

okay so they weren’t AMAZING cures, per se, but they will work I promise!

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  1. I have been reading your blog for so long and now and then I will scroll back to your old posts. Your tips and tricks still hold true today and are still so helpful!! Love ya Amber!

  2. Anonymous- Yes I do have one! And I love it!!! I highly recommend! Just don’t buy it full price.. there are lots of websites and spas that sell them for much less! And be aware that you may break out a little at first! All your impurities are coming to the surface but it will clear up in no time! xoxo

  3. Another good one is go on birth control! It did WONDERS for me. I still get random breakouts but it is drastically better. And I have a cheap generic bc that is $10 a month. Worth it!