I am just so gosh darn happy right now. Mostly because I got to hang out with my cousin/best friend Lauren last week. Lauren and I are super sappy together. Well we are everything together but one of the many things we can be together is sappy or maybe thats not the right word and I should say cheesy? Who knows. So we spent our time taking walks, setting goals, making life plans, changing perspectives (sounds cheesy I know, but sometimes I feel like I am negative and need to consciously change my perspective on life/people/everything), and just lots of things I just feel like a happier person.
Anyways… change of topic. Birth control. (I can talk about this since we are all girls right?) I am getting married in less than two months so I started taking it so it could be in my system and what not by the time i am married and just in case I needed to switch or try different kinds… I was super scared to start since I have heard COUNTLESS horror stories about crazy hormones, bad moods, crying for no reason, horrible cramps, etc. I haven’t experienced any of that……. until tonight.
Has anyone seen Walking Dead? It is on AMC and if you havent you should watch it! But anyways my fiance and I watched last weeks episode tonight and after it was over I asked him, “what if I turned into a zombie?” He responded and said he would shoot me!!! I mean thanks for the honesty I guess? But since I was acting surprised, he was saying how he would hope that I would shoot him if he turned into a zombie and was going to attack me. I was laughing but was telling him how I literally could not shoot him and I would probably just let him attack me… then that thought (the thought of having to shoot my zombie husband to be) made me cry!!!! It was totally my birth control crying.. it was really only a few tears (maybe four) and David and I were literally cracking up the whole time it was happening.. but still the tears were there and it counts as a cry. It was too funny.
I cried thinking of David being a zombie.
Thanks for that birth control.
Ps I’ve loved all the emails with funny birth control stories I have gotten so far, so keep them coming! 🙂
Here are some more pics taken by Camilla Binks:
studded top: romwe / asymmetrical dress underneath: romwe

Photos from Crying Over Zombies. Literally.


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  2. Hii,

    I absolutely love your hair color in these pictures!
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  4. Sooo I have two kids and my husband and I were going to wait a while for a third and I was on Loestrin and got pregnant! I had recently started taking it after I quit nursing my daughter and yup not long after HEY your having another baby! Its fine I figure God has a plan for everyone but I’m just throwing that out there for you hahah!! PS BC makes everyone crazy and it can cause Melasma which is scarrrry because you have such nice skin but I think you have to take it for a lot of years for that to happen!

  5. I love Walking Dead! Haha I love the zombie talk! Good luck with finding the right BC, when I first started taking it, I had to try so many! Literally the worset side effects from one little pill. It’s crazy. BUT when you do find a good one, just stick with it and you’ll be good. 🙂

  6. Ahh the trials and tribulations of birth control. Haha. Having been on a million different birth controls I know what you mean about being overly emotional. And don’t get me started on having to remember to take a pill at the same time every day. But I recommend NuvaRing, it is the best. I’ve been using it for over 2 years and I haven’t had any problems with emotions running wild. And a major plus is that because it isn’t a pill you only have to remember to do something twice a month. But seriously, it is AMAZING.

  7. I’ve been married for a little over 2 years and have tried 3 different birth controls. The one I love the most is Microgestin. I have turned like 10 people to it. It is the generic brand of Loestrin. They both have really low estrogen dosages in them. Microgestin is just cheaper than Loestrin. I got sick of paying like 80 bucks every time so that’s why I switch to microgestin. I love it and it has never had ANY effects on me.

  8. Ahh! Amber I’m just so excited for you. I’m already highly anticipating seeing your gorgeous wedding pictures 🙂 Anyways, I have to agree, birth control makes you nuts. But you’ll be glad you’re on it, and so will your hubby. lol

  9. K you totally don’t know me but I wish someone would have told me this before I got married so I’ll tell you!!…..I HATED birth control!!! I highly suggest getting an IUD. I hurts like crazy to get one but it is soooo worth it. You don’t have to worry about taking pills everyday either 🙂 I was on birth control my first year of mairrage and felt like a complete psycho and then I switched to an IUD and seriously I forgot what it was like to be a happy person! Also my husband and I started watching the Walking Dead a few weeks ago and we are obsessed! Just had the exact same conversation about shooting each other haha! p.s. love your blog!!

  10. so funny! good idea to start now so its all balanced by the time youre married 🙂 some peoples comments make me laugh, SO weird. love you sis

  11. lol! That’s too funny. You only have to have BC in your system (the pill anyway) for two weeks just fyi 🙂 Hopefully you get used to it and there will be no more zombie tears hahah Walking Dead is the best show!

  12. And Andrea: that is too funny! I’ve heard that from so many people!! I totally can relate on the smells of foods part! I made David and I soup the other day and he was eating some of the left overs and I had to tell him to leave the room haha it was making me so sick!! It’s so weird! Lets pray we aren’t crazies when we get pregnant 🙂

  13. Not that that is any of your business, but yes I am celibate until marriage. You are supposed to start it a few months before you get married so it can go in your system and begin to work.

  14. My husband always jokes that pregnancy is going to be worse for him than it will for me if it will be anything like when I first started birth control. I was a nutcase! Yelling at everyone and telling them not to cook because I hated the smells and not even being able to drink water because it made me nauseous. Oh that was a fun few weeks! Don’t worry it goes away eventually! That is until you get pregnant, supposedly then it’s like birth control times 1000. My husband might be right!