i had an extremely cleansing weekend to say the least.
yesterday as my dad was driving me to the place where we were going to start our walk we had a conversation that broke my heart: (went like this)
dad: “amber…”
me: “yes papsy?”
dad: “am i a loser?”
me (stunned): “what? no! youre the furthest possible thing from a loser why would you even ask that?”
dad: “because my daughters have to donate plasma to help pay for things. and that makes me a loser.”
the conversation continued… but i was so broken hearted that my dad thought for two seconds that because he didnt send us checks that he was a loser.
i dont think he actually thinks he is a loser.. i mean i had to of got my exaggerative genes somewhere right? but i know if he had the money he would give every cent to us and i know it makes him sad at times.
i told my dad,
“look at all the dads who make so much money and have ended up tearing their families apart by cheating, porn, drugs, etc. THOSE are the losers. youre a dad who has been the best example and been best friends with your kids and done everything in your power to keep your family happy and keep the gospel the center of our home and has gone above and beyond to be 100% faithful and loving to your wife… that kind of dad is never ever ever ever a loser regardless the size of your paycheck. that will never matter to us.”
my dad is not a loser.
he will do anything to take care of anyone.
friends come over and ill say “oh no jamie isnt here..” and they say.. “um no i came to hang out with your dad…”
story of my life.
everyone wants to come to our house because we have the cool dad.
i knew this before but i realized even more that i dont care if i have monthly checks, or a nice car or whatever. i would 100% rather stress about money and have the parents and family and blessings that i do have.
money can buy a stress-free life but that is as far as it goes.
p.s. i know there are so many amazing dads who ALSO make a lot of money, im not saying all wealthy fathers are not good dads 🙂
this weekend was super amazing and so humbling.
i didnt train one bit for the 60 mile walk..
i thought “yeah i work out. and i walk daily. plus…. i have STAIRS in my home sooo yeah thats like stair master annnd im totally good to go”
k um yeah no.
60 miles is so intense i dont even want to think about it again.
strep throat. hurting knees. blisters. 60 miles. = not good combo.
it was amazing to see the people who came and supported. hundreds and hundreds lined the streets and cheered us on and brought out homemade goodies or cases of water bottles or candy, just anything to cheer us up and keep us going. it was so so cool to see.
my dad asked me about how many people were walking… i told him 300 hahaha today i found out 1,400 walked… errrr… i guess dont ever ask me how many m&m’s are in the jar.. ill probably get it wrong.
it was so humbling to walk with people who have overcome breast cancer or HAVE breast cancer and to talk to them and hear their stories and to see people who have every right to not walk, to walk anyways.
there was a man who had a picture of his wife on the back of his shirt.. he was walking alone and it was absolutely the sweetest thing to see.
julie was amazing too. i felt so dumb because she just power walked the whole thing and me and sheridan were limping barely getting by haha she is insane!! she was hurt too and still powered through it.. only explanation… her angel (her mom) was probably helping carry her. so cute. we love you and your mom jules.
over a million dollars were raised by the arizona group this year.
so amazing. a cure needs to be found.

the first day opening ceremony

lots of baths with epsom salts

massages from my daddy

my bestest share bear 🙂 thank heavens i had her to walk with i would have died without her!

me and my papsy

last day

closing ceremony

jules. such an inspiration in every way. we will always love your mama 🙂

dont judge me because this was after rain and sweat and just yucky but im DONE!

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  1. jules! im glad we came too 🙂 you were so so amazing!!! and i know right? jonnnie is the best i cant believe he thought that!! lunch next week!! xoxo

  2. so glad you guys came! you were tough! haha way to go! and your dad is freakin incredible how dare he think that!!!!!! rest up friend haha i love the pictures all of them! see you next week!!!