A week or so ago I colored my hair a shade darker! I wanted a more natural looking blonde that could grow out easier and could look richer. So here it is! For as long as I can remember I have had blonde hair and will probably always have blonde hair. This is probably the darkest I will ever go and I still consider this really blonde. The thing with my blonde color is it always pulls really yellow, which I don’t love! Purple shampoos often make my hair so dry so I was excited when Kérastase launched their advanced new color correcting system, Reflection Chromatique! This is a personalized hair care system that works for each woman’s unique color. Using the system will help your color stay rich and vibrant while keeping unwanted shades away.

The collection has two shampoos (one is sulfate-free and one is for drier hair), a conditioner and masque. The coolest part is that you can personalize your regimen with the Touche Chromatique color pens. These pens are super interesting because they distribute direct dye to help neutralize undertones and protect your color in between salon visits. You start by picking the pen shade that is best suited for your hair color – Cool Blond: Neutralizes yellow shades, Cool Brown: Neutralizes red shades, Copper: Revives copper shades, Red: Revives red shades. Then you take the bowl that comes with the kit and add Masque Chromatique to the dosage line. Next you add 10 pumps of your Touche Chromatique shade. Mix together. You would then shampoo your hair with the Bain Chromatique shampoo and rinse. I always towel dry my hair at this point to get most of the moisture out. Then apply the mixture to damp hair. You let it sit for 5 minutes and then rinse!

I love this range because it makes your hair so soft and shiny and keeps your hair looking like you just got it colored! Xoxox

*PS Can you guess which 4 photos were taken by Atticus?! He offered to help and I LOVED the shots he got!

Thanks to Kérastase for sponsoring this post

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  1. Hi Amber! I recently got a set of your extensions (which I love) in Golden Brown! They match the deepest color of my hair perfectly and look great, but my hair is naturally lighter on the ends, which means the darker extensions can look unnatural at the bottom mixed with the lighter hair. Do you have any tips to just lighten the ends of your extensions just a little bit? Thank you for the help!

  2. Hello Amber , do you know olaplex ? I ve heard it is very good to proctect hair especially blonde
    I am gonna try, i ve also some jenn Atkins products and it s amazing
    I love so much your blog and your instagram 😘

  3. I love your hair! I have your barefoot blonde extensions, and I was wondering what you recommend for getting your hair to match the extensions perfectly color wise. http://thehuntbundle.com/

  4. Amber, this is a great post! Would you say that this product line would work for brunettes as well? I don’t love the purple shampoos. Ps Atticus did a great job, that little cutie! Xox

  5. Thanks for sharing! Definitely will be referring back to this if I need to in the future.
    Courtney // courtneylivin.com

  6. I love how your little guy is taking an interest in photography! How cool…Also your robe is out of this world! (Do people still use that expression? Im bringing it back)
    Lost this post and your beautiful hair!
    xoxo Andrea

  7. Love a good purple toner & this process makes it even easier! Your hair always looks so gorgeous!! So cute that Atticus got to take a few pics, he did a great job!



  8. This is important, saving it for next time I but shampoo. My hair also gets pretty brassy and I haven’t had much success with purple shampoos either, so I’ll have to try your routine!

    Also, I guess that Atticus took the ones where you’re sitting on the little ledge, including the kissy faced one!

  9. All these photos are so good I never would have guessed Atticus had taken any of them!! He’s gonna make a great photographer one day, and, lucky him, he has a gorgeous model to practice taking pictures of (you of course!)!
    xxxxxxx Isobel

  10. Your hair is very pretty, I love it. The color looks very natural

  11. Okay–your new hair color is SUPER similar to mine, I LOVE. Wondering what extensions you’re using now? Thanks, xo.

  12. Beautiful photos! Have you tried Olaplex? I don’t have blonde hair but I use it as a stand alone treatment and it was amazing to repair my hair while living in one of the driest climates (Namibia). I’ve seen the amazing things it can do to take yellow out of blonde shades without damaging hair. Check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/olaplex/. I thought Olaplex was another product that wouldn’t live up to the hype but it is truly amazing!

  13. Love this post, it came at a perfect time for me! I have been trying to find different ways to maintain my blonde, I might have to invest in this. How often would you say you use it?


  14. I would say really didn’t know that A took couple pix here ha ha so cute.. now I saw second time I’ll say kiss pic and last one 😉

  15. Do you know if this works well on natural blondes? I have light golden blonde hair (naturally) and it likes to get yellow as well. I use purple shampoo to help keep it’s natural colour but I don’t find it always works well. Suggestions?

  16. Amber I love your posts! So cute 😉
    Also! Where is your robe from ?? It is adorable!

  17. What is your natural hair color? So curious about this! Might give it a try! My hair is naturally sandy blonde but I always have a brighter blonde balayage!

  18. I love your new hair! I ironically went a shade darker with my blonde last month. I love that it’s more natural looking for me because it’s easier to maintain for sure. I’ll have to check this line out – I need some shine! xx


  19. You look so pretty in these pics! Loving the new hair. And Attics, way to go bud! He’s a natural 😉

  20. I need to try this! I hate when my hair starts to get yellow and I haven’t found a purple shampoo I like so this came at the perfect time 🙂 Also so cute that Atticus took a few of these, I can’t believe how good he is getting at photography (especially for a 3 year old!) he has you and your husband’s creative genes 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark

  21. What color extensions do you recommend if my hair is a similar shade? Is this barefoot or butterscotch by chance? Getting engagement photos next month and would love to try these out! Thanks!

  22. You have a spelling error in your “Step One” photo. You spelled a color “Cool Blond” instead of “Cool Blonde”.

  23. Love this post! I will definitely be trying this routine – those pens are amazing.

  24. Atticus is so cute wanting to help!! I’m guessing he took pics #5, #8, #9, and #19 counting down from the top! Am I right?! What an eye that kiddo has ☺️ Lovely post, wish this would’ve been around back when I had my hair colored!! Looks wonderful! And loving your darker blonde, it looks gorgeous 🙂 have a lovely day, Amber!! xx

  25. Atticus straight up killed the game with those photos! I can tell a few that I think he took and even still they are amazing!

    Also, absolutely love the new blonde color. It’s still definitely very blonde, but a little more natural!

  26. I definitely need to try this! Purple shampoo does work but it makes my hair SO dry and brittle, which then makes it more prone to breakage. Thanks for the tip!


  27. It’s hard to tell which photos he took. Whichever he did, he did amazing. Talent runs in the family! 🙂

  28. I can’t believe Atticus took 4 of these photos! I have my guesses. I think definitely the one with you making a kissy face. 🙂 The others, I am not so sure. haha. What an eye he has.