SKIRT: ASOS / SUNNIES: Miu Miu / BRACELET: Nordstrom / NECKLACE: TopshopTOP: Zara / SHOES: Zara / LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Cut a Caper’

I apologize for my wrinkled skirt haha- after playing in the backyard, sitting on damp grass, and running errands it got a bit wrinkled and I hadn’t even noticed! But if you are looking for a skirt to buy this summer …. please look passed the wrinkles and buy this now!! I am so obsessed with everything about it! The color, the button detail, the slit in the front, everything. It will definitely be one of my favorites this year!! I want to wear it everywhere.

There is also another version of this skirt minus the slit and buttons: here it is also a bit less expensive!

I have a verrrry early call time tomorrow for a job I am doing so I am checking out early tonight – night ladies! Thanks for reading and love all you sweet girls!

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  1. Hi! I love your skirt! I was trying to order from ASOS but got frustrated with the sizing. Did you find the sizing to be pretty true to size? I am a size 4/6, but from the measurements it looks like I would be a US8??? Did you find that this was the same for you? Thanks!!!

    1. I do find that it is true to size 90% of the time! I have had a couple things that were too small but they were both swim suits so as for clothes I do find that they are true to size! xx

  2. My two sisters and I each ordered this skirt after seeing it featured on your blog, it totally started our obsession with ASOS!! thanks so much

    1. Oh yay I hope you guys like it!! It is still one of my favorite skirts!! The ASOS obsession is rough 🙂

  3. Just stumbled across your blog. Love all the colorful and pretty pictures! This skirt is so cute – I need to give Asos another try. I’ve ordered one thing from there and it just takes so long to ship – but if it’s a great piece it’s worth it!

    1. Hi Lori!! Thanks so much! And yeah it does take a long time to ship, kind of annoying!! It is free express shipping if you order over $140 so I usually try to wait til there are a few things I want and that way I get the items in two days!! And you can return if necessary! 🙂

  4. YAY – This skirt is on sale!! Thought I’d share, cause I’m sure lots of people are as excited as I am. I’ve been dying for it ever since I saw this post!

  5. HI!!

    You look so great in this post- as usual! I just used your hair curling tutorial to do my hair for a wedding I was in this weekend and it looked great!! I got so many compliments…thank you!!!!!!



  6. Once I saw this post, I ran out to get those sparkly sandals! They were the last ones left!! Now I must order this skirt. I have the perfect striped tank from H&M to pair it with! I love your looks. Im inspired daily!!

  7. Hey! i love coming on your blog! your skin tone looks a lot different in this post, than the previous posts, are you wearing a sunless tanner? or spray tan? or just a different shade of foundation? i love your makeup in this post, it looks amazing!

    1. Hey girl! I honestly think it might be the lighting?! I did everything normal like I always do although I did add bronzer to my cheeks!! I usually don’t do that so that is probably it!

  8. I already love looking at all of your pictures but these are just gorgeous.
    I love all of the colors and prints.
    Your hair.
    Your body.
    The loaf of bread.
    Can I just be you?

    1. Shanice!! How nice are you?! Thank you so much!!! Just made my day!!! xx

  9. we need to talk about your camera. Ive got a canon t2i. Im assuming youve got extra lenses, which I don’t. So lets talk about that because I love every freaking photo you take! Looking good girl.

    1. Oh you do?! Yeah I have the t3i but I honestly don’t know if their is a difference – I am not really a camera person! I use a 50mm 1.4 lens though! It is the best, I love it and definitely recommend it! It makes it easy to take good pics when you have not a clue what you are doin! Thanks for your sweet words!!!

  10. So beautiful!! Love the skirt and the flats. Basically every article of clothing you wear is amazing!

  11. You are so gorgeous! Love reading your blog every day! I think it would awesome for you to do a post on all your favorite beauty products (lotions, make up, face wash, etc.) You and your husband seem so down to earth and relatable! Best of luck to the both of you!

    1. Annie that is so nice of you thank you so much!! I will definitely do that post, I think that is a good idea!! xx

  12. Amber,

    I have been following your blog for just about two weeks now and I am seriously in L.O.V.E. with this outfit! My favorite by far… and I absolutely need that skirt! You’re gorgeous!

    xoxo Cassie

    1. Thanks girl!!! Okay so I got my gel nails done at a salon and I have no idea what the color is called – so sorry!!

  13. You and your FLAWLESS pics! Of course being ridiculously photogenic probably helps but I have a question. I know you guys use a GoPro and a Canon Rebel but which do you guys use more for these kinds of shots? Do you use the GoPro primarily for video/vacations?

    1. Aw you are so sweet!! No for these shots we just use or canon rebel!! we use go pro mainly for vacations or outings (camping, hiking, etc.) !!

  14. This post is so bright and cheery! I love the colors of the location and your skirt. Such a pretty combo. And don’t worry about the wrinkles—I didn’t even notice them!


    1. Aw thanks girlie!! Glad you didn’t notice them – they stuck out like a sore thumb to me when I saw the pics!!! You’re so sweet!

    1. I agree that stripes go with pretty much anything!! Thanks for your comment!

  15. Could you list the makeup products that were used for this look?

  16. So amazing!
    What brand/shade is your nail polish?
    You are just an inspiration for us blondes, for real

    1. Aw thanks Emma!! My nails are actually gel ones I got done at a salon and I have no idea what color it is! Thanks for your comment!